WG Q&A: Fire your questions


Wargaming EU and I have agreed to make a Q&A together which will take place in 2 weeks and there will be a contest with prizes as well (will give more info when the time comes but I can tell you in advance to have Test Server downloaded if you want to participate).

I will be picking questions from this post comment section only so feel free to ask anything but have in mind:

  • This is 9.15 related.

Note: I would like to gather questions by tomorrow. The sooner you make a question the best chance it will get of being picked.


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WG Q&A: Fire your questions

342 thoughts on “WG Q&A: Fire your questions

  1. cpt BabaNovac says:

    My comments regarding WOT.
    -Dispersion is not looking natural at the moment. you can hit targets at 500m with guns that have dispersion 0.55 same as with guns 0.29 or lower with same accuracy.
    -Improve role of light tanks . Light tanks should be faster, high view range, low dmg. What is point to put light tank tier 7,8 with tier 10 mediums that are much better on any way? I would reduce 10% speed and movements to all tanks tier 8-10 and decrease view range with 5%. Increase view range of light tanks to 400, 410. Should be tanks with max. view range.
    -Japonese tanks are huge comparing to rest of tanks . Perhaps size are like projects, but is not looking natural. Little bit downsize them. And decrease little bit alpha dmg but keep same dpm.
    -Add more maps.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to ask if WoT will support DX11 and if so, how do we active/configure it? When I was using the test version I could not find any setting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Also, regarding the Plattoon bonifications, does it include dynamic ones created during the match? And if so, do we get a penalization if one or more tanks have a lower tier?

  4. Angel 'sartox' says:

    I would like you to ask what does Wg havenin mind related to eSports, since I play in silver league and the WoT esports scenarios is quite bad compared to the other games.

  5. onlyme says:

    The dispersion when you move to turret on Grille 15 is garbage. This is the final version of this TD?

  6. Cr says:

    Will the players with more than 2500 battles (so out of the newbie sandbox) have Mittengard removed from their map rotation and replaced by 1 or 2 more balanced maps? ( balanced gameplay-wise, not urban brawlmaps where only autocannons can shine)
    Or even give low Tiers a much bigger map rotation, let’s be crazy. 😛

  7. Jasio says:

    1. When will be there a positive feedback implemented in WoT?
    2. Will be there more enhancements to garage, like 2-3 levels of tank carousel?
    3. It is great we will be able now to inpect tanks which are not yet discovered, but I think it would be great if we could also inpect tanks armour. When I started playing WoT I was misslead that although some tanks have ‘on paper’ great armour, like Churchill, the figures are showing only the maximum values, even if such thick armour is only on very small part of the tank. I think that feature showing tank armour like it was in tank inspector or ‘tanks.gg’ should be implemented in WoT from the start! Is Wargaming going to implement anything like this? If not in the garage, then at least on the official WoT page…?
    4. Any new nation in WoT? What about Polish tanks?
    5. More mods implemented, like a log showing damage dealt and blocked (at least)?
    6. What about adding a button on the post-battle screen which would save the battle on the given name (or with the standard name with tank name, map name and time). What about ‘replay’ loading panel directly in the garage? And then adding the panel of the battle result?
    (sorry for my English)

      1. Teknokraatti says:

        Sweden is most likely coming before Italy, and Poland is already a supertest nation with 2 premium tanks.

  8. 1) Any chance of Super Pershing HP/ton buff, since the armour works only at 200-300 m distance from the tanks shooting at you, and at those distances the gun is just potato (dispersion+pen combo). Or, as an option a pen buff to the 90 mm Murica gun on Pershing/Super Pershing to make it more competitive with the same tier guns. Fact is that the new tier 8 prems are making the SP look a bit like a KV-5 among them (obsolete and grotesque), which is not fair to the only T8 prem med option for the American line.
    2) Some love for the Lowe? That much weight and that lack of armour is not adding up. Fix one or the other pls.
    3) Some DPM buff to the “old” tier 8 premiums. Compared to the newer ones (implemented in the last 2 years), they are lacking in both DPM and mobility/usability. Hence they are very boring to play, and that leaves an impression of discrimination for those tanks. The stupid and greedy answer to that problem would be for WG to say: ” Well buy the new premiums…” Hope to hear a more constructive approach.

  9. DesertStrom says:

    Hi Rita,
    There is something that annoys me for years now and I do not understand why Wargaming never fixed this:
    Situational Awareness skill Crew skill of Chinese heavies:
    110 Commander has Situational Awareness skill
    WZ111 (premium) Commander has Situational Awareness skill
    WZ111-4 Commander has Situational Awareness skill
    113 Loader has Situational Awareness skill

    Why 113 (Tier X Heavy) has suddently Situationa Awareness on the Loader instead on the commander (like in all heavies before it)?

  10. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    When are the British getting a real tank at Tier 10, and why won’t it be the Chieftain Mk 6 that has already been created?

  11. Robert says:

    Will premium tanks such as the Kanonenjagdpanzer, the M56 Scorpion or the FV201(A45) be finally available permanently in the shop and ingame?

  12. Colin Church says:

    As a suggestion to rebalance Arty, Would it be possible for Arty to only earn full xp on targets hit due to a team requesting fire at that target. all other targets only earning half xp, or something on those lines. This would encourage arty to become a true support component for the team. Maybe Arty can only see ‘reported’ vehicles instead of ‘spotted’ vehicles… this would also then bring lights back into play….

    1. party1c says:

      look how lights behave ingame. some camp behind arty, some suicide, some play for dmg (statspadd) and all together only one of 50 lightplayers actually does his job. so you want to reley on them when you play arty?

  13. Pcosa says:

    After playing Wot for 5 years I feel like 1) The development of the game have stalled. We really have enough tanks for now. We need more content; 2) I will be unpopular here but for me ovebalancing kills the joy, with every tank being average the fun is gone, I so miss old Obj 268, Hellcat, KV1S, Hetzer and Sherman with 150mm pen HEAT; 3) so many cool tankI will never get as I don’t have time to play CW. We need more rewards for random players i completed all PMs almost a year ago.

  14. Paulo says:

    When will you fix the Spectator cycling – it has been broken for ages. I’ve worn out 3 mouse’s trying to spectate my platoon mate. Will WG compensate me?

  15. Gabriel aka e4gl3m4n says:

    What about introducing the discount for reset the main job of a crew member (from radio operator to gunner), 500 gold is too much and we already have discounts for skill reset and retrain so it will be nice to introduce this feature too!????

  16. SlayerBR says:

    with the 9.15 change to gravity of tanks, will we not be able anymore to access different areas of the map? since right now, fast and light tanks, and smaller tanks, all can access areas others tanks cant, and this new way to use the maps makes the game better and more dynamic, but with the new gravity system i fear we may lose that dynamic way to play the maps (example: hills where it was possible to climb using the “low” gravity system becoming inaccessible)

  17. Black_Baron says:

    please ask them if they have plans to change the marks on German tanks. We can’t understand wen the tank has 2 or 3 marks…..

  18. Enigma says:

    Q. With the Grille 15 replacing the WT auf. E100 in 9.15 will their be any compensation? We got the FV4202 premium when the Centurion AX was introduced, will the WT auf. E100 be turned into the T8 premium “Skorpion”?

    1. AHNAHNAHMAHS says:

      Hell no. WT auf E 100 was a totally fake tank. The only reason T34/FV4202 players got their tanks back is because the tanks were made historical

  19. Xavier says:

    Why wasnt the FV215B replaced in 9.15? The Chieftain was supposedly “100% coming” wen the Centurion AX was to be released. I feel some players would at least like to try it out on test server. Perhaps splitting the British heavy tank line to have 2 Tier X heavies, one being the Chieftain, the other being whatever it is WG wants to add as a Tier X heavy

    1. Scoutkid says:

      According to the Chieftain at the recent WG meetup, they couldn’t find a way to nerf the Chieftain so it was balanced for tier X

    2. Ramenrasengan says:

      They also decided not to replace the FV215b with the Chieftain, but to create a new “Branch-off” line from tiers 6-8 leading to the Chieftain at tier 10. That’s another reason it is taking so long.

  20. Helloimpossibility says:

    Make the maps more open to movement more covers from artys more dynamic for mediums and ligh tanks a little armor push for heaviest tanks cause they have no role now just go and die … There is no places for destroyers and remove gold ammo for credits will be more interesting and rebalamce the MM .. I play on 3 maps from 2 weeks ago. And not cool

  21. Elliott Hall says:

    What was the reason for choosing the Grille 15 over any other tanks as the replacement for the Wt Aug E100?

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      What good is this multi line carousel anyway? Does it display multiple classes at once? Nations? Dafuq?

      1. thesherbet says:

        the idea is to have 2 rows, so that you’re seeing more tanks at a time and dont need to scroll as much. It’s easily doable as XVM has done it for ages but it really should be incorporated into the game

  22. dragokar says:

    Can we switch between the DX9 and DX11 renderer in the ingame settings or is it straight DX11 in HD Client?

  23. Antonije says:

    Can we get Yugoslavia line / line in soviet tree. There was quite a few interesting tanks Made in Yugoslavia… 🙂

  24. Any release date for the AMX M4 Mle.49?

    Looking forward to a non-autoloading French Heavy besides the AMX M4 45, ARL 44 and FCM 50t.

    Hoping for a 9.15 release but not holding my breath.

  25. Galloping- says:

    You’ve been giving away free gold and making it easier to win gold with 1v1 tournaments so my question is when are you going to add the bonuses for inscriptions and emblems

  26. Sman1020 says:

    As we see new features such as garage carousel improvements and mini-map features added to the game will more common mods used on the game such as hit and damage logs used by most players become standard and be part of the game files?

  27. galloping_ghost says:

    You have given away free gold recently and made it easier to win gold in tournaments. example 1v1. So my question is when are you going to add bonuses to inscriptions/emblems.

  28. vladceltroll says:

    Question 1: Will we get to see a fully working PvE mode, kinda re-introducing the Historical battles?

    Question 2: Why are there no new Personal Missions, and why do the current ones still require a lot of luck and RNG? It’d be cool if the next set would be more balanced.

    Question 3: When you will rebalance all classes, does that mean heavily nerfing and uniformizing them? Since, to be honest, that would totally break the game, this is why tanks like 50 100 and SP I C, for instance, would be hit hard by it.

    Question 4: When will we get a new tank line? I’m really waiting for the second French TD and HT, not to forget the 3rd German TD line.

    Question 5: (sorry for this language) When will you pull your head out of your a*ses and finally nerf premiums? Really now, E 25 and SU-122-44 need some serious nerfs, not to mention T-54 mod. 1 and Cromwell and Rudy, which should have way lower pen/be balanced by bullsh*t dispersion values.

    1. havris7 says:

      Cannot agree more with question n. 5. Especially Cromwell B is pissing me of – get a regular vehicle, or pay for its improved version…but the game is definitely not even close to pay to win

      1. vladceltroll says:

        Clearly not close to it, but it ain’t too far until it may fall in that pit. *looks at WT* *switches to the Caliope*

    2. lameminator says:

      SU-122-44 is very inaccurate, and slow to aim with, also has very bad view range, and has lots of TDs of the same tier has guns with better penetration (American,French and German ones), so it’s just hopeless against lots of higher tier tanks (it has no limited mm). The only good thing is the dmp. But I agree with the rest of the 5th question.

    3. GameGlitch says:

      About the premiums, I would like to say that the Cromwell B is not better than the Cromwell. They’re about the same, if slightly different. The track traverse shown on tanks is when using the stock engine. Even through the stats show the Cromwell B has better track traverse, the Cromwell turns faster. See proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fLzw3pIi6Y

      The Rudy is basically a normal T-34-85, and the T54 Mod 1 sucks against higher tier heavy tanks. Neither of these three tanks really need a nerf, as they’re by no means better than their same tier counterparts.

      The E-25 and SU-122-44 aren’t outright OP, but they definitely have some OP features (Camo and DPM, mainly). However, people paid real money for these, so WG won’t nerf them. It sucks, but how would you feel if the tanks you paid money for were nerfed? At least, unlike the Type 59 during its initial release, you can still win against them.

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        Except no. I still regularly (though not as often as back when they first appeared) get ghost shells, where I can see the shot tracer go through a vehicle and into the ground behind it.

  29. I dont know if this has already been issued/ is in the works, so I’m sorry in advance.

    Could you implement the “Automatic return crew” function from XVM into the main game?

  30. Imre says:

    Dear Rita and WG staff!

    What will happen to those who bought the 112 for its original price?
    Will we get a refund, or will we recieve the difference between the two prices?

  31. Rump_Wrangler says:

    Was the Grille 15’s performance on the test server satisfactory, or will it have to be nerfed/buffed before entering the game.

  32. Michael Meli says:

    Outside of polish and italian tanks, what other nations do you plan on introducing into the game?

  33. jamda10 says:

    I want to know why WG is as dirty as to increase the prices of premium tanks in the gift shop, just before a massive sale (due to Military Parade special). I mean really, are they just as dirty as steam is? (This is a retorical question:p).

  34. kamperos says:

    Why there is no compensation to Grille 15 switch like British med had? I bet wtf e100 is more popular then FV4202 and WG made it a premium tank. Why it’s so quiet about it?

  35. 2 questions about the sound system.

    1. Will it in the future be possible to disable certain sounds? For instance the sound when you get spotted or the sounds of modules being damaged cause i find some of those sounds quiet annoying.

    2. Gnomefathers engines sounds mod had an immersion element that when you were zoomed in in sniper view you could hear the radio in the background. You could hear messages like requests for fire support. All on a lower volume than the engines and the gun sounds. Will this kind of feature be implemented in the future?

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