WG Q&A with Anton Pankov and Konstantin Soldatov

Good day everyone,

Quick Q&A with WarGaming COO Anton Pankov  responding to LiveJournal questions (big thanks to Ctacello for his assistance):

– The system of incentives for old beta players in the works, not only for the “Alpha-Beta” testers, but for all testers in general.
– We’ve had some employees leave us.

* Anton, can you comment on when the third iteration of the test will be? 

– Minimally. What is on the test now is almost the final version of the patch.

* Anton, if you can answer this question: The T95E2 has 181 mm penetration. However, it has exactly the same turret, gun and other performance characteristics of 59-Patton, which has 190 mm penetration. Can you make them the same already?
– Yes, it is in the plans.

* When will the T26E5 added to the list for comparing on the site? And its strange that it was found that the IS-5 can not be compared in a hangar (9.16). 

– We will fix it.

* So it is necessary to alter Personal Missions. For example, potatoes are saying that it facilitated the task and what you think they did? Setting SPG-10 for the Obj.260 was to facilitate basically killing two arty. 

– It is normal logic. For the 260 you can work hard. When we last looked at Personal Missions, we relied on the statistics of executions and the number of attempts made players and based on this made some tasks much easier, such as arson.

* Anton, you’ve made some compensations on the stats for the Kranvagn, and buff vertical angles at 50b. I expect something like this for the T57 Heavy, he’s no longer the same as before. 

– There are plans for the Heavy, but not in this version and not the next. The tank fits the general standards, but it could use a tune up.

* This year you’ve  been working on buffing/balancing premium tanks at this time, which is logical and reasonable, but for some reason you missed the obvious ones, why not work with T-34-85M? You will recall that the situation with the tank, when the players have been waiting for premium Soviet medium and then were basically given a turd play, but people bought it. Though after selling the T-34-85 Rudy, an analog line tank, those who bought T-34-85M were left out in the cold, not a very good move by management. 

– We simply have not reached the T-34-85M yet.


From Konstantin Soldatov:

– In secret, female voice for tank crews has already been written, but we did not like it, it’s between us.

– When something is absolutely ready to be a feature in game will we start talking about it. We do not want a repeat of 2014: Havok, the situation with HD tanks, which we’re still working on or haven’t implemented in 2.5 years. For one simple reason, worldwide large companies make the product roll out and preparedness, we have the same people want to know everything at once, in advance, even if it’s not close to being done, but they are confident that it will be done. And this is not right, because It creates false expectations.

– T-54 first prototype – is now nothing is planned with him to change.

– Panther / M10 – It will be looked at a bit later. Now we’re mainly focusing on the Tier 8 prems. One by one, not all at once.

-In December, a lot of things will be sold. Skorpion G just finished selling.

– E-25 should not be commercially available.

– We can’t disclose any info for the new year.

– A market of used tanks not will be implemented, as it demolishes the whole concept of the economy.

– The population peak is now around 620-630k online, lower than last year. We are waiting for the usual increase online at the New Year.  Last year we raised the population decently online with E25, but it left a definite negative impact in the game.

– New unique individual on camouflage tank, it is a good idea. We really want to do customization, but can’t right now. Now we’we’re focusing on solving the other problems.

– A second US medium branch very far away and not a priority.



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