WG & Sabaton

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WarGaming has announced a partnership with the Swedish heavy-metal band Sabaton. Exactly what this partnership will bring in the future (other than the inevitable ads) has yet to be announced. That said, this is a pretty natural pairing as far as celebrity partnerships and World of Tanks go:

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WG & Sabaton

8 thoughts on “WG & Sabaton

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Probably cooperation for trailer musics ; some merchandising ; and a special in-game crew or tank of some sort.
    I don’t see many places in this game where music would be important enough to require a cooperation with a metal band: in garage there is a looping calm BGM, and in battle, sounds and effects are more important and a too strong music may lead people to turn it off (if it’s not already done by now).

    We probably won’t see much about any result of this partnership.

  2. Huguenot says:

    I wonder if they are adding soundtracks for some of the tanks. I already have Ghost Division queued up when I platoon in my Pz. 1c. This is probably one of the best decisions WG has made.

  3. wolvenworks says:

    i’d be more suprised (and giggling with happy madness) if they collab with Daisuke Ishiwatari (that guy behind GG and Blazblue)

  4. Anonymous says:

    And they deem this an enhancement or important to the game or gamers? hmmmm – isn’t there more important things they could be doing with their manpower? Here is an idea for Wargaming: Find out what the community would like to see with the game…

  5. Akagidemon says:

    Trust me,there will be a sabaton tank crew with a premium tank package with custom sabaton paint scheme at a premium price..

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