WG SEA 9.14 Patch Date


For those who are in the SEA, it came to my attention that you still don’t have the 9.14, I checked around and its planned to come in the 15 of March.


WG SEA, maybe would be best to warn your players and add this information on the Portal and Forums?

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WG SEA 9.14 Patch Date

26 thoughts on “WG SEA 9.14 Patch Date

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wew. Thnx for not advising, announcing, or whatsoever at all WG. Sure made a lot of people here confused and disappointed.

  2. Jurrunio says:

    When new patches arrive with only new premium tanks, it always apply right before the weekends so I cant enjoy the game with my mods.
    When new patches come with new features so good that I dont care if my mods work anymore, the only live server with my progress is the ONLY ONE not updated
    Hope the server will stay fine and not PUFF after the patch applies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    its total crap that the SEA server gets EVERYTHING last. But don’t say anything about it in Gen chat the nazi mods will chat ban you. 😛

    1. SEA Survivor says:

      Yes, Tanitha seems to dislike having the SEA (VN 2.0) server’s shortcomings pointed out…Almost as though it’s an indication of how poorly he manages the server…

      Having said that, his approach to mods on the server (anything goes) following VN “integration” shows how much he really cares about the players…And how much work he is prepared to do.

      1. From what I’ve seen so far Tanitha doesnt do too bad of a job, but I dont know what’s up lately, seems like SEA forums are dead and the only thing being posted by staff is the amount of players who get banned. Also, its never good to censure constructive criticism if one wants to grow.

      2. I’ve only ever had one BAD problem, but Tan was able to get it fixed inside of 10hrs … which I thought was amazing, so full marks to him.
        Out here, at the very far depths of SEA, us Aussies (and our friends the Kiwi’s) are used to being last with everything … last time I looked its still 1966 and the Beatles are still playin’ on the Radiola.
        Anyway, must go, I’ve still got to get the last few kangaroos back into the top paddock, & then put on my protective suit to wrangle the Drop Bears into their cages before nightfall.

  4. InvaderNat says:

    Bah…I figured it’d be because of stupid e-sports. A competition held for 0.0000001% of players shouldn’t delay a patch for the entire server, it’s fricken annoying. Seriously, pro-players should be more than capable of adapting to any changes in a new patch anyway, most of which are inconsequential anyway.

    Either that or they should stop organizing pro-events during patches, seriously…it can’t be that hard to prevent a clash of dates.

  5. TingTong says:

    The only news on the SEA website that gets updated quickly is stuff that is posted to all regional websites. The local SEA info gets posted at the last minute by the janitor while SEA staff play armoured warfare. It would be better if NA or EU staff had remote access and did the upgrade for SEA, so WG could make the SEA staff redundant and save money on people that do not know what they are doing.

    1. Loch7009 says:

      You, TingTong deserve a bloody medal. You said everything that the SEA server wants. A power takeover would work. On the other hand they could combine the SEA and the NA West servers if that’s even possible. However what ever happens the SEA server governors need to get off their f*@king asses and tell us what is happening 2-3 days before they patch it.

  6. Jacob Tan Jing Hong says:

    I hope the server just stay on 9.13 for the SEA server. The number of autistic ridden ppl here are huge and Idw mentally retarded players flipping in their BatChats

  7. Vrisvi says:

    I think its safe to say by now that when it comes to WG, they don’t give a toss about SEA. We’re always treated as the ginger step child….

  8. Nick says:

    As I see it WG are doing it wrong, they’d be much better releasing to SEA where they have a smaller proportion of “cash cows” to piss off with bad releases than to risk losing the EU,RU or NA players.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Rita, i just want to put this out there, i have made a LOT of mistakes in my life but by far joining SEA instead of NA was the worst. Clanwars is controlled by those who use illegal mods to compensate for their lack of skill and sportsmanship.
    Mods will not hesitate to ban you when you show the the smallest hint of personal opinion about anything.
    and the NOT much of the players are good and thats a very small much. the server rewards ignorance and this is the nicest way of putting it.
    Ping is bad if your not in singapore
    we are usually the last to get patchs though [personally im not psyched for 9.14

    What angers me the most is you cant transfer because the staff and mods want people to join the server but they the main cause of people leaving with their abuse of power they cant handle..

    If this sounds in anyway harsh, sorry but i really want to expose this server for how i think it is

  10. wolvenworks says:

    i do admit, they are unusually late about warning us abt 9.14. normally they say when the update is around a week back at most. guess they forgot

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