WG SEA you there?


well, as promised, I kept achtung mode in case if SEA staff would give any updates on the 9.15 patch. Its over 3 am here and I did a last check for you -SEA readers- before going off for the night and there is nothing at all. Or SEA is having 9.15 later or staff is under the banana tree, we will see in a few hours.

*Beams out*

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WG SEA you there?

44 thoughts on “WG SEA you there?

  1. DeadArashi (@DeadArashi) says:

    They probs forgot about us. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time that we haven’t gotten something the other servers have

  2. Muhamad Adhi says:

    Tan is busy with cleaning T22 medium owners and farming upvotes.

    Well, he could have just drop a bomb and take all of T22 medium since good chance they are not deserve it but can’t be too cautious.

  3. The monkey that runs the SEA server never seems to do anything on time. We are always the last to get the new patch, new tanks, and always get the worst sales in the gift shop. Ugh…

    1. dieroten says:

      Wow that too offensive by calling them “monkey” here. But yeah you got the point, worst sale on the premium shop when the majority of the ASIAN country is a lesser country. But that’s the reason to squeeze up the money from the rich to feed those that you called with “monkey”

      1. Sorry, but it’s true. If you have ever played on SEA you would understand. But it’s better then calling them Gooks and apparently calling the Japanese “Japs” will get you a warning and then a ban if done again on the forums… They are fuckin monkeys running the server, no ifs or buts about it

      2. darkduke says:

        he dont know people got chat-ban 1 or 2 weeks by spelling wrong english in public channel , lol ,
        asia sever set in asia but WG asia staff seem dont like non-english players,lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    We only just finished Clan Wars Typhoon yesterday. So I think it will be a few days before we get it here.

  5. Q30169 says:

    We have only just finished Clan Wars Typhoon here. So I think it will be a few days before we get the new patch.

  6. Loch7009 says:

    Rita, I thank you for taking such an interest in the SEA server. In my own opinion is should be merged with the NA west but hey.
    PS. Get better soon

    1. Synvy (Tea) says:

      Well… At some point I don’t think this is a good idea.

      First, merging SEA and NA increase latency of all except Aussies and Kiwis and probably Japanese. From the point that I am currently living in, it will take ~70 ms to reach the West Coast, and 70 is darn good number already, it can goes double.
      Second, I am not sure how VN players are going to mix with NA players… I think there are VN players here that will have more accurate comments on it.
      Third, they don’t tend to speak ASCIIs, and I mean really no, because they just don’t know. Some languages just have their problems crossing the Pacific and so it is. Square is the most popular word.
      Fourth, I don’t think we are going to enjoy messing with the International Date Line, SEA uses Hotel and NA uses PT/ET, one side of the world is going to suffer the event timer.


      1. well, Aussies already have shit latency with SEA server… I live on the east coast of Straya and I have bloody 140ms on a good day, up to 200ms on a bad, I legit have the same ping on NA server

      2. Anonymous says:

        An option to switch my account to NA would be good, poured a lot of dollars into it and just use it to troll asians now.

      3. Anonymous says:

        HA, Fuck here is New Zealand we get 200ms ping on a good day and that’s with ultra fibre. We are sure get ignored by wargaming all the time. AND we have to play with the shittiest players who speak in squares

    2. TingTong says:

      They need to just remove the SEA staff and have everything controlled remotely by the NA staff. Then use the money saved to replace the laptops running the SEA server.

  7. Noob says:

    Why complain!?
    You cab enjoy each old patch longer, since it “” kept getting worse”” if the average comment is something to go by.

      1. blub says:

        T-22 driver? dont own one. Fail.
        Havent logged since months. Playing Overwatch and some AW if im bored.
        (Broforce too)

        I know, Mindblowing that there exist other games out there.. Its like… going outside for the very first time, feeling the hot sun on ur skin and realizing, that there is more to life 🙂

        You are welcome /)

    1. The Isolationist says:

      “You [can] enjoy each old patch longer”

      Nope. We get the patch later than other servers, so we don’t get to play it immediately, but we also get to new update to replace it later, so it’s just the same time period really.

  8. SEA just finished its CW campaign last night, so they might be still busy with that.

    While we’re talking about SEA, why don’t cover the Tanitha’s upvote farming a.k.a The T-22 Ban Apocalypse Trilogy? Might be good to cover a good news for a change.

  9. Hi Rita .. You can now call the SEA server as Asian Server if u prefer, as wargaming have merged most servers such as JP, Vietnamese and AU’s in one cluster server… Yup were also waiting down here since the last global map freeze, pls keep us in touch with our lousy staff in the wargaming office In Singapore… Those guys are either to quiet or have many alibis in the wargaming Asia Facebook page not answering and responding to our questions especially patch and update ETA’s..

    Again Mabuhay po kayo and salamat sa concern..

    Wot pH player..

    1. bazooka056 says:

      the rewards can be given after the freeze; the point is the SG staff office are too lazy giving announcements on delays of patch deployment.. those rewards can wait and can be given after the 9.15 updates.. the point is that they announce the delays.. thats the bad thing about these SG staff they have many alibis..

  10. Migsaec says:

    Eh, SEA/ASIA is always late to get updates. Not surprised here.

    I’m really grateful for the free 30 gold everyday though. Free gold is always good.

  11. darkduke says:

    i play in asia , they possible upgrade to 9.15 after they finish typhoone campaign jobs,
    the campaign just end they still need few days to give rewards

  12. Anonymous says:

    SEA was planned for 30 or 31 May
    Typhoon campaign length was reduced to ensure it completed before 9.15 rolled out.

  13. Anonymous says:

    9.15 was expected to be rolled out on about 30 or 31 of May
    Typhoon campaign was reduced to ensure it was completed before 9.15 rolled out.

  14. Yukikaze88 says:

    I only heard from the regular SEA/Asia mods (neokai, wasaabi, etc.) that the patch was scheduled for the “end of the month”. I think initially I saw them say around 28th as well, but it probably got revised… so yep I suppose it ties in with what the others have said above.

    I am personally not in a rush for the new patch, just taking it easy.

  15. bazooka056 says:

    really may 28?? your kidding?? make sure of your announcement or give us a link on it.. and yeah Miss Rita; the staff at the WG Asia office is always monkeying around with us players I dont know if even Tanitha is doing his job and I hope you can tell Mr. Kslyi his employees especially Tanitha in the SG office are too lazy giving announcements patch and update delays and even give an apology for the inconvenience and keep the Asian Server players from expecting .. right now we cant voice out similar issues in updates and patches coz these lazy staff at the Singapore office wont even give a damn hell a small announcement even in the ETA of patches or anything about delays in patch and updates, it could be better if Tanitha always gives announcement of delays in issues like these to make Asian Server players from expecting..

    also from the Philippines..

  16. Loch7009 says:

    Rita, Just a quick question for you. IS there any leverage you have a WG HQ about getting them to make SEA say something about the patch?

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