WG ‘Tank Aces’ Official Position

Good day everyone,

Straight from the RU portal, WG has stated its official position on its actions regarding the Tank Aces event winners after one was found to have won the event through illegal means.

Additional Checks for Winners

The material prizes from our “Rostelecom” partner caused increased activity on the part of dishonest players, so when checking we will pay close attention to the category “T-44-100 (P).” If a violation of the game is confirmed, the composition of the winners of this award will be revised. Known violators will be excluded from the list of winners and will receive a restriction to access of the game, and the award issued will be charged.

In addition, we carry out additional checks winners in all other categories. We will inform you separately about its results.

Additional Checks for Blocked Players

Only the automatic test for unsporting conduct has been implimented and transfer your account to third parties were not sufficiently effective.For this reason, in addition to rule breakers being blocked a few innocent players were as well.

At the request of Customer Support Center, these players will be further tested in the manual mode. If the lock was unlawful, then they will be unlocked by assigning awards, corresponding at the time of imposition of restrictions. As an apology for the inconvenience innocent players will be compensated, the amount of which will be set on an individual basis.

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WG ‘Tank Aces’ Official Position

3 thoughts on “WG ‘Tank Aces’ Official Position

  1. Sounds like the wargaming event in Moscow had some good loot. Also it’s a shame that some innocent players are getting blocked from the game if they’re tagged too many times with the unsportsmanlike conduct complaint? I’m cautious of the word innocent because wargaming is making it sound like these players are saints who got banned. Then again, you can’t have a bunch of friends or clanmates coordinating complaints on players to get them banned either. It’s a tough situation. Could just be fixed by some served checks for prolonged vehicle collisions and a key word check for extreme profanity etc etc. whenever a complaint is filed, more checks to filter things out for the community reviewers is good indeed. I certainly do enjoy these design puzzles.

  2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    If there’s anything I learned from introductory psychology and social psychology classes from my university, it’s that certainty and swiftness deter illegal activities much more effectively than severity. So what does this mean to WG? Do your job right and you’ll get more employees. With more employees, you can better and more quickly catch those who break the rules.

    1. I really like that saying,”certainty and swiftness deter illegal activities,” out of curiousity though, how does wargaming get more employees by doing their job? I thought that was a budget thing for hiring the people they needed.

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