WG Tankfest 2017 Q&A

Good day everyone,

At Tankfest this year, a few Community Contributors had the opportunity to ask questions with a couple of members of the WG NA team, discussing everything from communication between developers and players, overpowered premiums, and HD maps. Here are some of the key points of that Q&A:

–  Part of the goal with the Defender and the Chrysler K was to build armor back into the game. This was accompanied by several changes to other high tier, heavily armored tanks such as the Maus and Type 4&5 Japanese heavies.

– While the Type 4&5 heavies will see some nerfs with the Maus, the Defender won’t be brought back for sale for a long time. At least not until some changes are made to armor mechanics.

– “The Chrysler isn’t as OP as some people are thinking it is. It’s just not meant to be shot from the front is all.”

– Even in the hands of lower skill players, the Defender 252 was overperforming. Particular issues where the turret and lower plate.

– Balancing tanks involves looking at simulated expected performance values, actual meta data from millions of battles. The issue with meta data is that you actually need battles, and to be able to interpret that data. Most of the time this is done right, sometimes it’s wrong, or very wrong. What happened in the case of super heavies is that data became less clear with the changes in armor, super-heavies , light tanks, and matchmaking all at once.

– The devs will be looking at overhauling the way they introduce tanks into the game and how tanks are expected to perform when they get here. While it won’t be perfect, the need is recognized for more balancing checks before introducing new tanks.

– The devs believe that the introduction of the recent high-performance premiums is the result of not communicating the ideas they wanted about making armor relevant to the game and bringing premium tanks on par with their tech-tree counterparts.

– While Sandbox has been successful in opening up dialogue between players and devs and gathering feedback in a development stage where things can actually be changed, the developers admit that it’s been difficult to get the right kind of feedback, and the kind of players at that stage don’t necessarily represent the average player, and matches in testing rarely play like battles on the live server.

– “The suspicion/anger about premium ammo is an underlying question of ‘Are you purposely designing the game in a way that forces me to burn loads of credits?’… We’re definitely not, but mathematically there’s you can find observational points in the data that’d make you question the sincerity of what I just said. So we need to take another look at it.”

– According to Slava, one of the biggest lessons learned from Ranked Battles is that the overall economy of the game needs to be looked at, and reworked. The player should want to buy premium tanks and time because it feels right, not being forced into it do to the game’s economy.

– The recent matchmaking changes have been working well in terms of gameplay, however there is need to rework the credit income do to the effect it has had on the amount of hitpoints, and thus damage, are available in battles now.

– The devs admit they made a huge mistake regarding communicating arty platoon changes. When given the choice between not implementing the changes, or letting select groups of players wreck the new system through platoons, they chose to remove the platoon option so the changes could move forward. What they failed to communicate was that they had planned on platoon system changes allowing one arty per platoon in the future.

– Also on the note of communication, the devs admit that they needed to emphasize that they had always intended bonds (and thus Improved Equipment) to be available outside of ranked battles in the future.

– On Ranked Battles, the developers emphasize the point that this was just an experimental mode and will be subject to changes in the future, particularly involving the logistics of ranking up.

– The new MM changes also introduced a new map logic, hopefully cutting down on seeing the same maps in quick succession during sessions. This also treats map variants (ie. Ruinberg & Winter Ruinberg) as the same map. This has led to a huge reduction in the number of repeat maps according to developers data.

– Once HD maps are introduced, WG will begin looking at tweaking and possibly reintroducing old maps, as the HD maps have the map team bogged down currently. As well as new maps, and possibly introducing maps from Console.


Those are the highlights. For anybody who’d like to see the full stream, you can view it on the World of Tanks Facebook page here.

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