WGA Office Closure + Relocation

Official announcement from Wargaming NA. As broken by us in this post.

Wargaming is reorganizing its U.S.-based development and publishing office structure.

The successful North American publishing efforts will now be relocated and incorporated into two existing U.S. Wargaming locations. North American publishing for World of Tanks Console will now move to the Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore studio. North American Wargaming PC publishing efforts will be based in the Wargaming Austin office.

Wargaming’s Emeryville, CA office will close March 31, 2018.

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WGA Office Closure + Relocation

14 thoughts on “WGA Office Closure + Relocation

    1. DIADTEC says:

      You know that’s not gonna happen until there is less than 500 players left or so. OR, they will make us pay a considerable amount. It’s in their best interest not to let us transfer, and rather purchase all our stuff again

  1. Seth H says:

    “will now move to the Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore studio.”

    Ummmm…. that’s a huge studio to cover from Chicago to Baltimore.

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