WGFest Extras: What to expect next year


these are some of the sneak peaks for next year in WoT, besides the Sandbox return you can expect the following:

  • There will be Tier 10 LTs released, tech tree (Sheridan):
  • Limit of 3 arties per team.
  • Speed limit buffs for the T28 and T95 
  • MM Improvements (Read previous):
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WGFest Extras: What to expect next year

29 thoughts on “WGFest Extras: What to expect next year

  1. About bloody time they gave the T95 some loving, will be interesting what speed they decide to give it… but then again anything will be better then what it is now. Personally I want them to improve the 120mm gun on it, preffer it over the 150mm, just let down by benetration an accuracy

    1. jetpowerfie says:

      Something bigger than the Ford GAF would be fantastic! This is virtually an experimentals simulator lots of times ways, so why not put a practical engine in it!

      Super happy (and I’m fine wth the 120 since it cuts through everything normally anyways)

    2. I feel that. I’ve already sold the T28 twice in my efforts to get the doom turtle. The thing is a relic of a game that no longer exists, or at least not by the title of World of Tanks.

      1. jetpowerfie says:

        The Doom turtle is still a monster, you’ve just gotta set it up differently. I just recorded off a game on Derpinberg where no one but me and a scout went towards the castle so I hunkered down and held the side and won with 4K blocked and just under 6k damage IRC. It may not be the absolute immovable death machine it once was, but don’t count it out yet.

        (Sorry for my zealousness, but the only reason I started WoT a few years ago was to drive the T28 HT/T95 GMC/T28 etc…

      2. I have kept my T28 as a reminder of the effort taken to reach the Doom Turtle… the DT now stands as my most played tank at 1,449/9,576

        I do hope they remove the “chin” off the the T28 though, it’s in need of a buff other then mobility

    1. Looks like the XM551 and not the actual Sheridan. I predict a super-T49 but no ATGMs. At least this gives us some hope to see higher-tier British LTs as well. It’ll be cool to see something like the FV101 and maybe the Iranian Tosan as a premium (hell, if the French get the M-51 Super Sherman and the Americans get the Ram II…)

  2. SMGJohn says:

    – Limit of 3 arties per team.

    Honestly not sure whether to cry or laugh, I forgot how long its been since we requested this on the forums, and they are doing it just now??
    So glad I am done with this game, the developers are more interested in making Tank for Speed Mario edition than listening to the actually older generation of players who WG was targeting to begin with, now they make games for little children and they are losing their older players like mad, what a disgusting shame.

  3. Rocketeer Rockstar says:

    T10 LT’s….and what about the maps for that tanks? I get 90% city maps in meds and lights so what should it change to get T10 Lights?
    3 Arty each side limit and WG thinks thats cool? Even 1 Arty is pure cancer so what will change when they are limited to 3? NOTHING!

  4. Brett Brakefield says:

    I spy a Sheridan <3

    Tier 10 LTs would be neat, possibly dangerous. Depends on what Wargaming does to them.

    Limit of three arties per t- oh for god's sake. *facepalm* Ah well, at the very least, the stun mechanics would fit in better, as you have less arty focusing on some targets anyway.

    Also T28 and T95 speed buff? What, should we strap jet engines on the tops to have them go 5 km/h faster? And if that's the case, should we put outboard mortars on the TOG to make it go faster, too?

    1. Jet engines wouldn’t be enough. They’d have to make the two Autobots, let them run around the battlefield. Camo would drop to negative zero but with the trade off being able shoot down onto the tops of all enemy tanks.

      As for the TOG, my vote is to add oars to both sides. Whenever you press “R” to lock acceleration, you hear the cry of “Battle Speed!” “Attack Speed!” and “Ramming Speed!”

  5. Brauer says:

    limit arty to 1 or 2 a game – I play arty and would not care if I have to wait a bit longer to give others a fairer game experience – no one likes 3,4 or 5 arty per side – not even arty – the other arty just steal my damage 😉 therefore 1 or 2 per game max is fine for eveyone 🙂

    1. The only thing I don’t like about a limit to arty of less than three is that sometimes friends and I like to arty platoon in Bishops or Berts normally. Yeah…there has been the occasional CGC or BC155 58 platoon..lol. But generally I agree, 1 or 2 artys per team is enough on the current maps. For me personally, I like it best when I am the only arty on my team.

  6. salty_mike says:

    Wondered why they came by the three arty per game, must be for platoons. I’ve seen only a couple of three arty platoons, but I’ll take any arty limit then none.
    Tier 10 lights cant wait to see how they will increase them stat wise AND not be OP…not being seen while shooting feels good!
    This game has its problems, but has better MM than life, so its still a good waste of time.

  7. TommyGunTomic says:

    I just want my fuckin chieftain already….fuck they can release 2 new nations and im still sitting here wondering where my chieftain is

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