WGL Grand Final 2016 Hangar


this is the special hangar for the 2016 WGL Grand Final that will take place in Warsaw:

Doesn’t look too bad…

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WGL Grand Final 2016 Hangar

18 thoughts on “WGL Grand Final 2016 Hangar

    1. Anonymous says:

      all “esports” are cancer.
      but on the other hand, WGL means, while some 15 years old nolifers will try to lie themselves that they achieved something important by beating other kids in a video game, we will get a promo codes and discounts. wohoo.

  1. Lostmymarbles says:

    not really impressed with it at all imo could have been done better or different isntead of this way but thats my 2cents worth on the matter

    1. I do agree, watched some matches in the past too and did learn from some top teams pretty neat tactics for some tanks and maps.
      What I do not like is, that its basically mostly the same tanks and maps being used and played on, makes it quite boring very quickly. Wished they would have battles using all nations, all tank types incl TDs and from Tier 2 – 10

      1. Anonymous says:

        really ? What I saw was 7v7 rushing to middle of map and shooting at each other. No tactics. Just rush and kill. It looked like Quake 3 arena with tanks.

  2. WG WGL total waste,
    This money on WGL is wasted on something nobody watches or most not even know about it
    could and ~ SHOULD ~ be spent on fixing the Match Making system or making New Maps and Bigger Maps which everyone would benefit from!
    But hey! its WG heads in the sand and lets throw millions down the drain and ignore the ‘Golden Goose’ that pays for everything WOT
    ps, the ‘Golden Goose’ is the EU server community please tell WG that

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was 1917. My great grandfather was fighting in the trenches of Verdun. As the artillery pounded the ground, his division knew that end was near. “I need fucks to give” he said. His friend said “take mine, I will die soon. Keep this, and pass it on your descendants, they will know when to use it, do it for me”. I still have that fuck and no, this is not the place I am going to give it to.

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