WGL Grand Finals 2016 Teaser


WG SEA uploaded a WGL Grand Finals 2016 teaser:

If you remember something I posted recently, this is a “re-enactment” of this year’s special WGL Grand Finals hangar:



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WGL Grand Finals 2016 Teaser

7 thoughts on “WGL Grand Finals 2016 Teaser

  1. Well no matter how hard they push this I’m not about to watch with any real interest. I did see much of the parallel stream last year where Jingles and QB were doing a two man commentary. With respect to both of them (I am a great fan of both), a lack of experience meant it was less than sparkling. The problem is that these WGL games aren’t easy to watch. I often wonder if they’d be better just following the team commander’s stream and alternate between screens from one battle to the next.

    1. Woolgun says:

      There will be a “newbie” stream with Anfield (former WGLNA player), Ectar (EU community manager) and Luke Kneller (Replays of the week) casting. Should be easy to pick up, funny and hopefully Anfield will help to explain stuff. I recommend watching this.

      1. I’m prepared to try to watch if the personalities of the presenters are a draw. I’ve a lot of time for Anfield given his mod packs. The other thing is that since last year’s GFs I have a second monitor, so I can still be playing myself.

  2. It doesn’t really excite me to go and watch it to be honest, the clip is a bit dull in my opinion. The only thing that is nice are the bonuses and giveaways if you are lucky enough to be chosen.

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