WGL Grand Finals “GF” Camo


this is how the “GF” version of the leKpz M 41 90mm looks like:

So I have to ask you:

I find it better than last year but just like last year, I want the tank but only without the WGL logo plastered over it. Wargaming would sell more vehicles if they allowed us to change the emblems just like they did on the Sentinel AC I(*).

(*)Wargaming sold the Sentinel with a couple Australian Emblems that can be changed for free at any time and they also allowed us to chose British emblems if we fancied them more.

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WGL Grand Finals “GF” Camo

41 thoughts on “WGL Grand Finals “GF” Camo

  1. x says:

    I collect german tanks, BUT NO WAY I’m gonna pay to be a walking advert for a retarded event with retarded rules. Fuck you WG again for a disgusting move like this. Adverts on a FREE tank is okay. Not when I’m paying for it. Fuck you, greedy pieces of shits.

    1. Z says:

      “Fuck Wargaming with their attempt to promote a part of their own game through the game itself. If only I can not be forced to spend money and buy this tank hurr durr” /Sarcasm off

      “Adverts on free tank is okay”
      Well you musn’t mind if they turned every single free tank in you garage into advertisements do you. Fucking retard just don’t know when to know enough.

      1. x says:

        Yes, I don’t mind if they turn free tanks I don’t have in my garage to walking adverts. But I do mind when they want money for a fucking WGL advert. Logic is not your strongest point, retarded paid WG troll….

    2. Anonymous says:

      Because anyone who supports WG’s actions must be paid by them. Your reply is ironic in itself. No one is forcing you to buy the tank. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to buy it. Bitching only makes yourself look stupid.

    3. Z says:

      Because anyone who supports WG’s actions must be paid by them. Your reply is ironic in itself. No one is forcing you to buy the tank. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to buy it. Bitching only makes yourself look stupid.

    4. OopSAA says:

      Guess you don’t have anything from Nike, Levi, PME or any other known brand, otherwise you are a walking billboard…..

  2. Duck_of_Death says:

    tbh. i couldn`t care less about the WGL inscriptions,i mean they just give you free camo don`t look extremly horrible.

  3. wheeledtank says:

    While the GF “camo” is still there, it isn’t as much of an eyesore as it was on the 13/57 (a small emblem vs the entire side of the turret). Much like the Sentinel, WG should have the GF emblems/inscriptions on as an option, but keep it blank (or using the post-war German cross)

  4. Nerdy says:

    It’s okay, not really obvious like last year. If it’s cheap for a tier 8 prem, might be worth it. $35 USD is the most it’s probably worth

      1. Dumbass, it’s not Toyota symbols, it’s Coca Cola symbols, which you are forced to use. Like an eternal obligatory advertisement.
        And those are computer/internet adds on a 50’s tank, which makes this even more stupid.

      2. wfschepel says:

        A better analogy would be you buy a car and get it painted from top to bottom with ads for viagra, female hygiene products and all of those in colours that don’t match your car’s paint.

        Simply put, I don’t want to pay for a tank with ads for something I neither like, nor support. Especially not if it stands firmly in the way of the tank’s authenticity. If you buy a Toyota, its Toyota symbols match with the car. If I were to buy a Soviet tank, it comes with red stars. Those match. But there I can actually buy different symbols if I don’t care for the red stars. This GF camo? I cannot even get rid of it.

  5. Renarde Martel says:

    Would have been perfectly okay for me if not for the right (viewer left) side of the turret. Huge-ass writing is bleh.

  6. IRSanchez says:

    Couldn’t care less. The tank is garbadge. Useless premium shell, poor pen and crap accuracy.

    Protip: RU 251 says hi.

      1. Yeah, good luck destroying hordes of Mauses, E-100’s, IS-7’s, IS-4’s and ST-I’s with your 170 pen in sides/ass. Even against weaker tanks there are so few possibilities nowadays to flank on these awesome maps, that you are either forced to shoot gold or show kind of poor results by waiting for some flanking possibilities, which may never appear due to your poor team.

    1. nyso88 says:

      This tank is interesting for tier8 strongholds. IS5 and M41 90mm only while booster activated, 50-100k credits every ~5-7mins. Do that one evening, 1-3mio credits profit without a problem.

  7. Crazytony0 says:

    wouldnt it be better if the tank was without camo, but those who won it in the competition got the special camo?

  8. piledriveryatyas says:

    I like that everyone is pissy about it personally. It just means it will be another “rare” tank in my garage. And when I’m driving my tanks I’m not concerned about whether I’ve pimped my ride enough and look cool or not. Paintjob, silly though it is, counts as camo in ALL 3 seasons – saving me about 750gold alone, so keep hatin and I’ll keep rollin’.

  9. Deano says:

    the paint job isnt as bad as last years monstrosity of a paint job but i wish they would just have 2 separate options 1 with it and 1 without it last year i wouldve bought the amx 13 57 without a second thought without the camo but because of the camo i refused to go near it. i also dont like the fact you are basically to be an advertisement for an event which 90% of the player base couldnt give less of a shit about and paying to be focus fired more because your a different tank (i know last year if i saw a 13 57 i always shot it first not just because of the autoloader but because its a wgl tank and i will do the same to this and i know for a fact im not the only one who did it last year and will do it this year too)

    1. pixywing says:

      Yeah, Wargaming is wasting money on their “e-sports” and thus felt like I would be supporting something that I wish they would stop supporting if I bought it.

  10. Patata Caliente says:

    The logo is not as ‘in-your-face’ as the one on the AMX 15 57, but I still hate the idea of paying for a mobile advertisement platform. Besides – this is an American tank, there is no “Balkenkreuz” or other German insignia of any kind, and the colour is very much un-German. It fits into the German tree like an elephant into a bicycle shop.

  11. S the K says:

    I love my M41 Walker Bulldog on Xbox. Unfortunately, I’m still grinding the Chaffee on PC, so I am a very very long way from the M41. I’ll probably get the German M41 so I can have fun in a Walker Bulldog without redoing the mind-numbing grind again.

    I agree with the other commenter about the WGL camo on the leKpz M41 and AMX 13 57 makes as much sense as the bear camo on the Mutz…. or as much sense as the Stars and Stripes on the Freedom version of the Super Pershing, or the Tricolor on the Liberté version of the FCM 50 t or the Union Jack on the Knight version of the Cromwell B.

    The advantage of the PC version is if you don’t like the WGL camo, just load the mod that removes camo and you’ll never have to see it again. Problem solved! Next topic of misplaced outrage.

  12. unable2pwn says:

    I liked the camo on last years personally, that said too many people thought u could get gold by killing one

  13. As much as I dont like the camo, I still dont regret my 13 57. Really fun to play and amazing credit maker.
    If people get pissed by camo know that there are skins availables, and in the end that’s still more okay to me to sell a tank with special event camo because it is sold for said event, than selling complete copy-paste of existing regular tanks, or removing a tank module because it’s OP and selling it for real money after that with all its modules (PzIV S was a good exemple but they moved it a tier. T28 85mm is a joke…).

  14. Quaksen says:

    Ah, the joy of using a couple of braincells, two free programs (7-Zip and Paint.Net), and voila, “WGLEAGUE.NET” gone from the tank. 😛 Can do the same to the logo.

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