WGL Grand Finals Q&A Part 2

More snippets of info from the WGL Grand Finals in London:

  • There are no plans for new maps at all this year with the entire team working on converting current maps to HD.
  • No plans for an Italian tech tree this year.
  • CW will resume its season this summer and into the fall. Nothing is going to be added to the current global map.
  • There are some plans for activities/events for the Asian server, depending on player opinion.
  • The AMX 13 57 GF and M41 Black Bulldog won’t be appearing for sale.
  • However, the Pz. IV Hydrostatic will go on sale.
  • The list of tanks available for the tank trade-in feature will be expanded.
  • Neural networks are unlikely to be used for any tank game.
  • STB-1 is converted to HD.
  • “WarGames” has been postponed following an unsuccessful start on the RU and EU servers.
  • WG Fest will come back, the month and city will be announced a bit later on.
  • There is some questions about having the WGL 2018 Grand Finals in Moscow, as that coincides with the FIFA World Cup.
  • WG will sooner allow you to platoon with arty again than bring back cross team chat.
  • The developers consider a “fast” game to be less than 300 seconds and with a 15-0 score.
  • The SU-76i will never go on sale, that’s something that definitely needs to be nerfed.
  • The MTLS hasn’t been properly configured for two guns, so don’t expect to see it with us.
  • We look very closely at the Type-59. There are some plans for it, but nothing radical.
  • We’re not planning alternative guns for premium tanks.
  • 9.19 will bring a new wave of fixes for the servers, improving ping and other things.
  • Erlenberg is a terrible map, we’ll very likely remove it from rotation.
  • The Bat-Chat 25 t will likely be made HD during the last batch of tanks.
  • Statistically, less than 5% of shots are gold rounds.
  • Advertising at the Druzhko show was pretty cheap for us. Only cost a Chrysler K GF and some giveaway codes for Blitz.
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