WGL: HD maps preview and Misc. information


there’s a few more bits and ends from the WGL finals that I thought was worth a mention:

HD maps preview:

TLDR: Rocks have been buffed and they are now OP.

-Milos Jerabek, one of the WoT product directors has played 14k battles for the past 6 years.
– Obj 268, IS-7, Obj 140 and T-62 + KV-5, IS-6 will be optimised (buffs).
-There will be a Hall of Fame for each Tank.

And this change of tone that caught my attention:

-“We put out 5 major updates in 2016, we feel pretty good where we have been going and we tried to change the way that we develop things, Making more improvements and efficiency to the team itself and structure and the way we interact with everybody out there with the team, with the community, with the players. I will tell you just very briefly, there isn’t something we always get perfectly right, I gotta admit that. But its something that matter to us a lot and I hope that people can realise that we are doing a lot better now than we were a year an half ago than we started” – Thaine Lyman 28/05/2017


“We know there’s been some real concerns that have come up in the community recently around our premium tank strategy, and we wanted to take a minute to address that (…) Yeah, from now on the balancing, looking exactly into the areas where they should actually be performing and communicating this way more, so that you guys, the players, can understand what are the strengths. What are the weaknesses. What were the thoughts behind the creation of these tanks. And I think that’s a good point. Look, to be honest I think that the other thing that we can and need to do a better job, and we will do a better job with, we need to involve you guys, the community and our contributors especially, in both of those processes.” – Thaine Lyman 26/05/2017

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