WGL: HD maps preview and Misc. information


there’s a few more bits and ends from the WGL finals that I thought was worth a mention:

HD maps preview:

TLDR: Rocks have been buffed and they are now OP.

-Milos Jerabek, one of the WoT product directors has played 14k battles for the past 6 years.
– Obj 268, IS-7, Obj 140 and T-62 + KV-5, IS-6 will be optimised (buffs).
-There will be a Hall of Fame for each Tank.

And this change of tone that caught my attention:

-“We put out 5 major updates in 2016, we feel pretty good where we have been going and we tried to change the way that we develop things, Making more improvements and efficiency to the team itself and structure and the way we interact with everybody out there with the team, with the community, with the players. I will tell you just very briefly, there isn’t something we always get perfectly right, I gotta admit that. But its something that matter to us a lot and I hope that people can realise that we are doing a lot better now than we were a year an half ago than we started” – Thaine Lyman 28/05/2017


“We know there’s been some real concerns that have come up in the community recently around our premium tank strategy, and we wanted to take a minute to address that (…) Yeah, from now on the balancing, looking exactly into the areas where they should actually be performing and communicating this way more, so that you guys, the players, can understand what are the strengths. What are the weaknesses. What were the thoughts behind the creation of these tanks. And I think that’s a good point. Look, to be honest I think that the other thing that we can and need to do a better job, and we will do a better job with, we need to involve you guys, the community and our contributors especially, in both of those processes.” – Thaine Lyman 26/05/2017

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WGL: HD maps preview and Misc. information

77 thoughts on “WGL: HD maps preview and Misc. information

  1. Liam says:

    Put my Arty back into the platoon option so I can play with my buddies again. Such a bullshit move. I didn’t grind this tank out to be thrown in pug platoons..

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      I would rather being able to talk to enemy side again… first months or so I kept forgetting it was no longer allowed when I simply wanted to type GG WP or say hi to a familiar nickname.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I completely agree with you Rita. I would razzle some ppl on the other side all in good fun and platoon with them the next game. I like a sense of humour :-). Met some good tanning buddies that way.

      2. Liam says:

        I completely agree Rita! I used to razzle ppl on the other side all in good fun. Next game we would platoon. I love a good sense of humour :-). Met a lot of good tanking buddies that way. Game seems so quiet now..

      3. Rita Sobral says:

        It has come trought now! for some odd reason this comment only appeared pending after I cleared all new commenters in, should stay fixed. 🙂

      4. wolvenworks says:

        miss the times when i can hail the opposing team with 07 and reminding them that their mother is a hamster, and that their father smell of elderberries

      5. Ragnarokbazil says:

        T62a and the Soviet meds Dont need a buff wtf wg they are too op already… If anything lights need the buff more… Soviet meds are not light tanks and your making lights obsolete you jackasses

    2. Worm318 says:

      Yeah. I can understand the no multiple arties in a platoon argument about it being frustating.

      But platoons with one arty + 2 other tank classes should be allowed as platoon with other tank classes can lead to the same problems described with full arty platoon (focusing on the same thing, neglect rest of the team/map)

      1. Liam says:

        Fair enough. I agree, limit 1 arty per platoon, that would make me happy. 3 arty platoons would be a little excessive. I ended up selling my arty including 1 of my T10 arty and stop my Russian arty grind at T8. Good call on the one arty per platoon.

    3. Ulysses says:

      Don’t be a scumbag, play something that requires at least some skill.
      Other wise, no platoon for you (and rightfully so)

      1. Liam says:

        Lol, I don’t even know how to comment on this response. Not sure if I can remember how I used to argue with people in preschool 😂.

  2. Marauder1981 says:

    Yes, bring back arty platoons. If we’re going to take away platooning from something that breaks the game, how about those insane 25t batchat platoons? now *that* is truly gamebreaking. don’t think I’ve ever seen a team lose with one of those abominations in tow.

  3. Charcharo says:

    I dont see how 140 and T-62 need a buff. The IS-6 needs a game design revision along with most premium tanks at this point (since some are boring and OP, others are just OP, some are boring and bad, others are … fun and mediocre ironically enough).

  4. “Yeah, from now on the balancing, looking exactly into the areas where they should actually be performing and communicating this way more, so that you guys, the players, can understand what are the strengths. What are the weaknesses. What were the thoughts behind the creation of these tanks.”
    In other words “We’re going to carry on creating OP Premiums, but we’re going to find excuses for it.”

    A battleship besides Himmelsdorf though… wow…

  5. razor blade says:

    Sorry I think The Game is less Toxic without the chat to the other team also also stops the bad losers giving team mates position away.
    The only way the chat should come back is if you had pre maid messages Like Good game or well played on the Function keys.

    1. Rick says:

      As well as 10 complaints per day I would like 10 official compliments per day.

      Unfortunately I’m British, and not that good a player, so I understand Sarcasm. Most of the GG I get are when I have f’d up Royally – and thats how complaints to the enemy would end up being used.

  6. Oh while you are buffing all the Russian tanks some more why don’t you look at merging all the germans. They aren’t shit enough. Same goes with most of the french, british etc etc…

    Then we will all be playing world of Russian premium heavy tanks…..

  7. leggasiini says:

    Translated incorrectly.

    It was stated on Wotexpress that Obj 140 and 62A will rebalanxed to be more different from each other, not buffed.

    IS-7, Obj 268, IS-6 and KV-5 were stated to be buffed, though.

    1. Nafre says:

      I stand by that. Though I feel the 3 tier 10 Russian mediums are too alike. Wish the 430 was rear mounted like the rest of the branch, I love those rear mounted things

      1. ROMBAT says:

        Obj 430ii the tier 9 is a lot better than obj 430 tier 10. Maybe they should put other wise.
        If is6 buff suppose a full mm maybe they should leave it alone.

    1. Nafre says:

      Please don’t buff my favourite tank. It’s easy to play as it is. Has 212 pen and limited mm. And as I have it kitted out I’m a wrecking ball, controlled impact + spall liner. I squashed an elc before without losing any hp or being tracked, I just kept going lol

      1. Anonymous says:

        why would you not want a buff on your favourite tank? Its my second favourite and I do agree it doesn’t need buffs because of the limited MM, but a bit better camo considering it pretty much is a medium would be really nice, cause no armour + no camo can be quite annoying.

  8. VladCelTroll says:

    God, that commentator’s voice is so annoying.
    The maps seem to look good but will they play the same?

    1. Ulysses says:

      Obj 140 and T-62A aren’t getting buffed, they are getting changed so they are more unique from one another. It was a translation error.

    2. WhiteBaron777 says:

      The 268 and the foch are considered to be the worst tier 10 tanks overall, and the is7 is overall worse than any tier 10 heavy other than the is4. I agree that the 62 and 140 don’t need a buff tho

    1. Nafre says:

      Someone said above that the mediums are getting tweaked so they feel more different. The others are receiving some buffs. I assume is7 needs a stronger lower plate *rolls eyes*

      1. WhiteBaron777 says:

        Doubt it, the places where the is7 is really lacking are dpm and terrain resistances, so my guess that those are gonna be buffed, maybe along with hp

    1. Nafre says:

      After being on the receiving end and seeing people mention locations of my team to the enemy, I’d say all chat is good Riddance. If I like anyone I can message them after a battle. Had a nice conversation that way with a light I clipped with my arty (he made it easy by driving straight lol)

  9. Anonymous says:

    it seems they completely missed the point with foch his video.
    it isnt the general stats per se but more the removal of all armor weakspots
    armor that can be penned by equal tier goldshells is not a weakspot

  10. Nevermind says:

    Life is better without cross team chat, If I really want to say something I can when the battle is over.
    The 268 Buff is long over due, all it really needs is shell speed buff and its pen back. HD maps… ok, but some verity would be nice, all the new MM is doing is cycling the same shit map every night, before you could go a week or even a month without seeing Stalingrad or Ensk, now every night… For artty,
    I do miss being able to play in a platoon for a game or two, but just having it gone would be nice too.
    MM is still jacked If you dont get the top tier HTs your screwed most games, tring to take out a Mause with an IS 3 is not at all fun now.

  11. These HD maps are fantastic!! But, I must stop and wonder y WG thought it would be a good idea to just stop implementing new maps for months to just reconstruct them into HD. You see, WG has been gradually implementing HD tanks for a long, LONG time now. So, why couldn’t WG just add an HD map per patch for a while? At least do just one map and release it to see the response from the playerbase. Sure, having a patch with all the maps being updated would be awesome, but it comes at the price of having to wait without new maps for a long time. Anyway, that is just a question I had

    1. Liam says:

      Yah I agree! They removed all my favourite maps and left most of the shit.. maybe we need Foch to lose his mind again and get us some new maps ;-).

    2. Marc Schreiber says:

      HD maps are a good move. But it also holds some disadvantages. Warthunder is infamous for players playing on minimal settings to gain tacktical advantages; better do it right on the first try.

      I myself play with the grass of in sniper mode as a tacktical advantage in WOT. I hope that the HD patch ensures that these “problems” cannot occur.

    3. Shadowhunter says:

      Maybe because if WG only releases one map per patch, it kinda feel ‘not right’ where you play one map in HD and then the next in standard graphics. Also, considering all the maps they need to rework into HD, they would probably finish releasing the last map around the same time if WG releases all the new HD maps at once

    4. Mkoo says:

      They say they have to make all maps HD at once (false by principle). Then it also gives them a good excuse, so they can say “Look, we did something.” While new visuals are due for WOT, the game does have much bigger problems. Though I think the new visuals will help them maintain popularity because people generally like eye candy and the average player will feel like “WG did something!”. Anyway, if WG wanted to solve the actual problems WOT has, they’d probably have to kill off WOT and just make a new game.

      1. Liam says:

        Can wargaming do anything right in anyones eyes? Every patch for the last 5 years have caused so much rage, yet ppl stick with this game. 1question, why?

  12. Anonymous says:

    – Obj 268, IS-7, Obj 140 and T-62 + KV-5, IS-6 will be optimised (buffs).

    Are you f**king kidding me ?

  13. echo says:

    …i dont care about HD maps, i dont have the time for sightseeing during the battle FFS, total waste of time and resources IMO which should have been put elsewhere (new maps, new tanks (REGULAR, NOT PREMIUM), more HD tanks, new events (or even PVE), etc…) As far as im concern, u can put your HD maps u know where…

    1. Liam says:

      Ok so let’s just put the 8 bit graphics into play instead of the graphics currently being used. Sounds stupid? Yah, so does your comment 👍🏻

  14. WhiteBaron777 says:

    Yeah, the is7 and 268 need a buff,the is6 and kv5 don’t necessarily need a buff but they do need a revision, but why on earth do the 62a and 140 need a buff?

  15. Andy says:

    About the change of tone, as I said in another post, I’ll believe WG when they start to make changes. That apology of theirs was nothing but hollow empty and cheap way to placate the media firestorm that hit them, and now when things are quieting down again it’s back to business as usual.

    Their Q&A, both at the WGL and the other video posted on their Facebook, clearly shows them to be very happy where they are going and that there’s nothing wrong with the game.

    I don’t really know why they have community contributers, forums, Q&A and other public channels because they are just a bullhorn with their marketing and not an ear that’s listening. I do know that I’m extremley, extremley disappointed at WG though. And that’s an understatement.

  16. DIckHerMax says:

    Platoons of arties removed due to them not focusing on support.
    Now single arties supporting even less than before, because with new stun mechanics if they want to earn anything they just need to stun tanks where lemming trains rush. Trying to create an opportunity for the team by stunning enemies in poorly defended areas (with allies nearby having problems to push) gives no benefits. Just as well as slowing down enemies on poorly defended flanks of our own.
    And shell prices are awesome. My Obj. 261 cannot deal more than 150dmg to T110E4 and direct-hitting E100 from a side gives 74dmg (Bishop would do more).
    GG WG.

  17. PUNISHER989 says:

    These maps have nerfed HE/HEAT now with all the new objects it can detonate on now.

    Also that Woman explaining the graphical changes was one hot geek.
    (don’t worry Rita, you still our favorite bomb shell)

  18. Mkoo says:

    Hm even I have more battles than that Milos guy (oh god his English is so bad) over the 6 or whatever years, and I had periods when I didn’t play the game at all, and during the last year I played about 200 battles. Not that it means anything, though I’d expect people at crucial positions at WG to play the game more.

  19. Anonymous says:

    T62a can have his historicla gun, 115 mm. A bit more alpha then 140 and 430 but lowest dpm of all of them.

  20. VonDvtch says:

    I’d like to see an option to not only report someone but to like or compliment on playstyle. So cooperative play and team play is encouraged. Maybe have a badge for that like Battle buddy for not shooting teammates. Or even awarding XP after a match for it. And please let this go for your own but also the opposing team. I hope this will get the negative reporting system a nice balance and positive play.

  21. Rick says:

    Wow..ddnt see any comments on new graphics..and no wonder ,because I saw nothing new except some time wasted making waves in the water which does nothing for game play which says WG knows nothing about game play.

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