Wg’s latest Rip Off


The Wargaming Store has launched their newest joke.

We can now purchase a World of Tanks fire extinguisher collection, for only 99€ each.


These are the designs available:


While this is a an odd thing to be selling, it’s no news that the WG’s Marketing Department has, for the past years shown multiple signs of being working high on banana lands.

-My favourite was that one time they thought it was a good idea to make torpedo plushies and they even made Steven Seagal hold what it looks like a massive phallic plushie for PR. It still makes me giggle to this day.

But I am writing this urging you to not buy that crap.

First of all, they are charging you 99€ for something that can be bought for 20€ or less (Same weight 2.5 kg), if you don’t think that is a rip-off enough, the retardant material they chose for these extinguishers, Dry Powder is of the cheapest quality and definitely not aimed at gamers.

Just like the player, Cobra6 said on the forums:

-“Having a dry powder fire extinguisher (the cheapest kind) is absolutely terrible when used on computers because it corrodes the components not affected by the fire.

  • FYI: CO2 extinguishers are the best viable option for electrical fires.


Also, these extinguishers do not meet the European BS EN3 law standards which state that “A minimum of 90% of the extinguisher body must be red”.

Do you know why fire extinguishers must be at least 90% red Wargaming? I shouldn’t have to explain this but is so that if we wake up with our house on fire, Red is the colour that stands out the most, unlike these WoT fire extinguishers that are literally of the same tones as the fucking smoke and walls!


As someone who lost family members by fire, this shit is insulting. This is the first time I’ve actually felt anger towards Wargaming, one thing is to make stupid changes and playing with our money, another is to play with our safety.


Stay Safe People.

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Wg’s latest Rip Off

53 thoughts on “Wg’s latest Rip Off

  1. Anonymous says:

    And we wonder why we can’t have things like proper mm or game balance and the games is full of bots… Apparently for wg it’s higher priority to design fire extinguishers….. The stupidity of human kind has no limits. Wg this is a message to you : I don’t care that most of my premiums are powercreeped, what I need most of all is wg logo condoms!! Make it happen.

    1. WhiteBaron777 says:

      You do realise that the people responsible for shitty merch like this have literally nothing to do with the development of the game, right?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Of course i do!The only thing i say is that if i was the CEO of WG and was hearing of all the complains players make about my games the absolute last thing i would think about would be fire extinquishers with the logo of my company. For example about a month ago 2 community contributers made videos about mm being broken and WG made no response,but they found the time and money to make and post this… Make the game good and then sell all the shit you want,but you cant have a broken game with people leaving left,right and center and you spend time and effort making WG logo pencil sharpeners…that’s all i say….

      1. Anonymous says:

        Imagine loading your premium condom expecting to overmatch her armor and you hear “we didn’t penetrate their armor”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The price is indeed very high for these extinguishers, but in other news, Viktor Kislyi has become a billionaire recently. Do people think there is any connection with WG pushing ever more premium tanks and products for inflated prices?

  3. MoonEyes2k says:

    Wait, what….they’re selling actual fire extinguishers, painted with WoT graphics….and charging HOW much?! Ok, seriously….is there a case of highly contagious, galloping shit instead of brains over there?

    1. Does the Amazon one have a free and unlimited refill service for 10 years? Which, unless you are getting it for personal use, you obliged by law to do at least every (in NL, but I imagine it’s not very different in other countries).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Careful Rita WG will ban you for disagreeing with them in public how’s your school going my best to the mr who’s got Spurs that jingle jangle jingle

  5. Anonymous says:

    U can buy that size fire extinguisher for roughly $35 USD. But the problem is, they don’t last 10 years like they claim. Here in the US, u need to replace them every 5 years or at least have them serviced which usually require a refill regardless if it’s used (it loses the pressure). I like the free refills on it, and that’s like $30 to $40. So with that being said, it’s not really that much of a ripoff. It’s like a buying a fire extinguisher with a refill and paying $20 overhead for a paint job.

  6. legoassassin57 says:

    While this is somewhat unrelated, it’s just occurred to me that fire extinguishers would perhaps be better in bright blue or green, because, well, fire tends to be orange which isn’t far off red. As I said though, not really relevant and fire extinguishers are a ridiculous thing to sell as merchandise, regardless of colour or quality, but with the safety repercussions it’s just down right stupid.

    1. What about the fire repercussion exactly is stupid? They are certified, functional and come with a warranty and free\unlimited refill service. Try that with your ordinary ones and see what is cheaper.

  7. Muahahahahahaha… oh wait.. they’re serious!! WHAHAHAHAHAHA…

    Omg… ok jokes aside… this is serious the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen put for sale… Its also kinda insulting that they consider their fans/players/community stupid enough to fall for that.

  8. you can’t use these as legitimate replacements for fire extinguishers, in Europe at least, so the “omg so unsafe” is pretty much null and void, considering the only people who will buy this are going to buy it for the pretty pictures on it. Besides, it costs 99 euromoneys, if somebody wants a good fire extinguisher they will buy one for half the price or less.

    1. Not true. They are certified for use in Europe. I also have been trying to find a law or regulation which prescribes the actual appearance of a certified fire extinguisher, but I haven’t found one so far. Only guidelines based on Ajax’ designs, but those aren’t required by law.

      So, assuming you are allowed to use them, €99 for a fire extinguisher with a 10-year warranty and a free unlimited refill service is really not that expensive actually. For comparison: you can buy a regular powder-extinguisher for around €30 here. Maintenance costs about €25 a year. That adds to a total of €280 for a regular one…

      (This is in NL by the way, it’s probably different in other countries.)

  9. Akagidemon says:

    They should have just sold it as collectors item at a lower price instead of trying to sell it of as an expensive custom design fire extinguisher

  10. Anonymous says:

    A: why is this in my cell feed?

    B: why is someone actually expecting that something that is basically an overprice gimic to function as the real thing?

    An C: no the best fire extinguisher for class c fires is a surge protector that cuts power an a clean environment, the class c fire extinguisher has a hard time putting out electrical fires that still have an active power supply, the more you know….

  11. Shiva says:

    Fire extinguishers for homes.. Atleast in Sweden they are allowed to have other colours than red.
    It is better to have a fire extinguishers, than not to.
    Computer on fire? I’ll count that as a total loss. Regardless of what fire extinguisher used.
    I’m not counting on custom design/colour fire extinguishers to be as cheap as regular.
    This 1 looks red to me.

  12. SirBushman says:

    Not sure if you noticed – look at the third from the right pressure indicator.
    Already broken.
    That proves one thing – it really is WG quality product.

  13. m_knox says:

    Before you start calling it a “WG rip-off”, check these links:


    And answer these questions:
    1. Are the first two Wargaming-related?
    2. Are the prices the same?
    3. Who is the manufacturer of the device (*not* the design printed on it)?

    So stop raging at WG, please (at least in this case).

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