Wg’s latest Rip Off


The Wargaming Store has launched their newest joke.

We can now purchase a World of Tanks fire extinguisher collection, for only 99€ each.


These are the designs available:


While this is a an odd thing to be selling, it’s no news that the WG’s Marketing Department has, for the past years shown multiple signs of being working high on banana lands.

-My favourite was that one time they thought it was a good idea to make torpedo plushies and they even made Steven Seagal hold what it looks like a massive phallic plushie for PR. It still makes me giggle to this day.

But I am writing this urging you to not buy that crap.

First of all, they are charging you 99€ for something that can be bought for 20€ or less (Same weight 2.5 kg), if you don’t think that is a rip-off enough, the retardant material they chose for these extinguishers, Dry Powder is of the cheapest quality and definitely not aimed at gamers.

Just like the player, Cobra6 said on the forums:

-“Having a dry powder fire extinguisher (the cheapest kind) is absolutely terrible when used on computers because it corrodes the components not affected by the fire.

  • FYI: CO2 extinguishers are the best viable option for electrical fires.


Also, these extinguishers do not meet the European BS EN3 law standards which state that “A minimum of 90% of the extinguisher body must be red”.

Do you know why fire extinguishers must be at least 90% red Wargaming? I shouldn’t have to explain this but is so that if we wake up with our house on fire, Red is the colour that stands out the most, unlike these WoT fire extinguishers that are literally of the same tones as the fucking smoke and walls!


As someone who lost family members by fire, this shit is insulting. This is the first time I’ve actually felt anger towards Wargaming, one thing is to make stupid changes and playing with our money, another is to play with our safety.


Stay Safe People.

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