WG’s new head of PR


The UK has been warm today and the aircon broke, now that temperatures have lowered I’ve crawled out of a cooler hole. Doing an all-nighter for you. Anyway…

There’s a new PR department head at Wargaming,  Finn Juuso Millirinn (Juuso Myllyrinne) will be substituting Nicholas Nebyshintsa who has held his position for 10 years.

Juuso has a considerable experience in the area, he has worked previously for  McDonalds, Nissan, Nokia and Mastercard.

He says: “I’m glad to be a part of Wargaming. The company was one of the first to work with a model of free-to-play, has created its own niche in the market and confidently holds the leading position in it. I have a constant desire to seek new opportunities and have the willingness to take risks. Besides, I’m an avid gamer himself ” …  “I am confident that with this team we will achieve truly great results. “


Good luck!


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