WG’s Romulan Cloaking Devices


remember when Storm or one of his acolytes said that WG was going to improve their ancient render system? Over a year ago and this is still happening:


This was emailed by Zezti, he says:

This guy rendered after he passed my reticule and fired before I could adjust my aim.

Just another example of WoT’s brilliantly broken game mechanics.
Gladly, they have announced that by 9.16 this will change, I honestly hope it gets fixed for good.
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WG’s Romulan Cloaking Devices

53 thoughts on “WG’s Romulan Cloaking Devices

  1. Mark Bevis says:

    The third reason why I’ve stopped playing at the moment.
    The other two being the broken matchmaker and randomly being one-shotted by artillery.

    Having different game modes would also make it more interesting.
    There was talk of a player-v-computer mode, what’s happening with that?

      1. GU7 says:

        Wargaming doesn’t see the light in the matter when it comes to PvE content, they are only feeding one half of the community that plays the game, If you broaden your field, you will collect more customers. They have been ignoring this fact not only out of spite, but out of laziness…

      1. Chris L. says:

        Yeah for about 5 minutes until you realize that it’s still completely broken. I won’t go into too many details but: tier 3 meets as low as tier 1, scouts will see two tiers below themselves, allied tanks are all fully upgraded/all premium while enemy is all stock, and the AI is campy as all balls.

    1. madogthefirst says:

      I think I was in Chaffee and went to climb the hill to the big brawl section of El Halluf and right as I turned the corner and Cromwell was coming around, got rammed to death by him before he even rendered.

    2. I and another player in a random battle match were killed by invisible tanks that had not rendered. In my case there was a Jagtiger 88 and a KV-2 right next to me, that would not appear unless I directly looked at them. The other player was killed by invisible Cromwells.

    1. qwertypresser says:

      Just because WG says that they are going to fix this in the next patch, doesn’t actually mean that it will be fixed. And even if WG does manage to fix it, it doesn’t mean that the fix will be an improvement. This is WG after all.

      1. Nya-chan Production says:

        This is why community is so toxic – they can’t be happy about any upcoming thing anymore, there’s always someone like you who will take all enjoyment away.

        Good job.

      2. qwertypresser says:

        I am sorry if I rained on your parade, but it has nothing to do with me being toxic. It has to do with the manner that WG deals with their community, and in the way WG seems to unable to fix the issues with their game, that has plagued their game for so long.

      3. Hence the ‘supposedly’ in my post. I just wanted to know if this sort of thing was what they were talking about. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess…

      4. whitesample says:

        This is why community is so toxic…
        awwwww, what did you expect?

        I think that the community is toxic because the game isnt fun at all, the devs are annoying, the promised changes never happen and stuff like:
        -Artillery one shots.
        -Overpowered vehicles like IS3, T110E5 and tier 10 soviet meds.
        -Underpowered vehicles to make you pay to skip them because the grind is awfull.
        -People statpad all day long.
        -Accuracy means nothing because softstats. (hence the Russian Bias)
        -Sandbox being dissapointing…
        -Oh yeah… Havok engine lololol

        If you play WoWs and compare it with WoT you will understand why:
        -Carriers are balanced and are fun to take down. (Yeah they throw torps at you but you can evade them) compared to artillery forcing you to camp and one shotting you in tank destroyer mode.
        -No drawing distance… yes, we need to improve this.
        -Feel of progression. (I went from tier 3 to 4 and woah…) while the tier 10 Leopard 1 in wot feels… meh 1.9 secs of aim time that feels like 2.3… -u-
        -Admirals! (Theyre better than the crew and hability system in wot by a lot)
        -Weeaboos! (Arpeggio collab with Wows… WoT Blitz did the same with Girls und Panzer and Valkyria Chronicles) This is a good way to make the game fun. (Yeah I discovered wot after watching GuP)
        -No scout mm! (Yeah, spot with a pz38t kiddo…)
        -A good Q&A department… (without Serbs humor)
        -A good accuracy mechanism. Shots will miss even fully aimed. (I dont want IS6s sniping from the other side of the map and even less hitting targets reliably while they move at full speed… seriously whats this ****!!?)
        -No gold spam. (T54s dont need to aim at all because softstats+330mm Heat=Disaster)
        -Big Maps… WG thinks that 1km engamements in WoT are “pixel hunting” as stated in their sandbox targets… Well, its 2016 and lots of games have bigger maps like WoWs where engagaments are done in lots of kms and guess what? Theyre fun!
        -Lack and nonsense balance. Why does the Leo 1 have 410 view range while the Ru251 only 400… who is going to scout then? (Because scouting in a Leopard 1 is a dead sentence lol)

        WoT is slowly improving but until that is done toxicity will happen, take it easy lel

  2. Alexander F. says:

    I remember on Pearl River once upon a time, I was behind this rock, my teammate spotted this guy on the other side, I poked out and shot him and so did my teammate while the guy shot at me. So this guy and me were both a one shot and had about the same amount of reload, mine was should be like a second faster, my teammate had a much longer reload. Right as I pull out to place my shot on that guy he got unspotted less than 0,5 sec before and I knew I was looking right at him for at least 1,5-2 sec, I felt it took forever, I didn’t want to miss my shot but nothing happened on my screen, but when he finally popped up on my screen I was already dead. Thanks WG.

  3. ive had moments where i get attacked by an invisible light. its so freaking annoying. i went in a dual with another ELC once, and i spotted him in an ambush area,so i rushed him,we both bounced each other, i ran off, returned after he became unspotted, and he proceeded to stay unspotted while he was 5 meters from me, luckily a cromwell B came and saved my ass, but his corpse was still invisible……………..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happens to me frequently, even more since I have a new graphics card ( GTX 970) and play with very high settings.
    Allways wondered how my platoonmate saw enemy tanks 0,5-1 sec before me, while I had a better ping.

  5. Dalroi says:

    The spotting/view system is the worst thing about WoT by far. When you’re covering an approach and suddenly a tank pops into view that was clearly driving towards you completely invisibly before entering your stupid view-range limitation and suddenly appearing is a total joke. No other commonly-played esports-type game does this ( ditto RNG crap ), which is why WoT will never be taken seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but only because no-one else has come up with a better armour game. It could be so much better though…

    1. Nya-chan Production says:

      “but only because no-one else has come up with a better armour game”

      WT:GF tried rendering all the time. It basically kills e-sport, since you lower your details = you win more.

  6. None of your buisness says:

    Rita … i kinda regret to say this but: you sound like a girl that buys iphones.

    Its inferior in any regard, yet you hold onto it, like your life depends on it, no matter how much they run it down – strip features, just to bring them back (and be praised for it!)

    I still got ONE time “Dreadnought” access code for beta if you want.
    The mouse speed still sucks, but aside of that, it does work and you can SEE the enemy.

      1. Bob says:

        Mother owns my old k610i
        Very durable….

        So… I will put ur status email in my code thingy. Enjoy!

        PS.contains 10€ prem ship and stuff

  7. SMGJohn says:

    This is why I stopped playing, the spotting system is completely fucked maybe even more than gold ammo and low standard people with tiny e-penises using XVM

  8. GEORGE says:

    this thing happens a lot is a compination of bad programing (spoting and fog of war system), gaming ring (gpu / ssd / cpu / lan bottleneks) and internet line quality. In wot i dont mind it after this years of play even if a was made furius from time to time. in my opinion this problem will not be solved the worst thing is that they use the same code on world of warships that is bad.

  9. hmmm but yet his render seemed to be working perfectly.
    WOT waste of time. They won’t fix anything in 9.16. They’ll promise the moon and deliver sand. Why because they are wargaming. Havoc engine, Match maker, Chieftain and what other thousand other things have they promised with NOTHING. Crappy physics, laser accurate 1 shot arty, won’t do a single thing enforcing illegal mod use on every server. Game is a JOKE. because wargaming is a JOKE.

  10. hmmm but yet his render seemed to be working perfectly.
    WOT waste of time. They won’t fix anything in 9.16. They’ll promise the moon and deliver sand. Why because they are wargaming. Havoc engine, Match maker, Chieftain and what other thousand other things have they promised with NOTHING. Crappy physics, laser accurate 1 shot arty, won’t do a single thing enforcing illegal mod use on every server. Game is a JOKE. because wargaming is a JOKE.

  11. Uggala says:

    That gif is a very tame example of the spotting mechanic bullshit going on, imho 😉

    Can’t tell how often i died in my T-54 lwt because i sit in my bush, 5, 10, 15 seconds, think it’s safe to go, move 5 meters forwards the open field and… *bibing* a KV-4 with friends (or similiar camo champs) appear in the middle of said field 200m in front of me. Which – of course – see me the very second i drive out of my bush and snapshot the shit out of me…

    Really hope it gets fixed for good.

  12. jim says:

    This shit happens so often it’s ridiculous. Tanks just magically appear in front of you and have already spotted you before they show up anywhere on your screen. Just one of the many things wrong with the game.

  13. The_Georgian_One says:

    ..it can get worse Rita…since 9.15 for me it’s not only a matter of late rendering (i.e. TVP T50/51 can shoot me 3 times before it gets rendered), but also a massive lag when new tanks are spotted…well introduced patch indeed.

  14. This is a very common issue and 9ne that has been in the game since the very beginning.

    Just yesterday I was chasing down the last enemy tank the T54E1 in my Bat Chat AP. I knew roughly where he was as he had just killed a teammate who spotted him. He disappeared just before I created the ridge. I came over the top and lo and behold spotted nothing. I came down the slope trying to look to the sides to see where he was and at that moment my tanks stopped dead and took 500 damage from no obvious reason….and then PING he appeared right in front of me. Put 2 shots in and killed me.

    Before the ram I was a good 4 shot and he was a 2 shot. Thanks to the retarded spotting system I lost a ridiculous amount of hp and got killed because of it. Luckily we still won but it’s still broken.

  15. dr.zharre says:

    This is by far the worst thing at the moment in WoT…
    I’m waitin for my man and he shots me in the face and there he is!!!!
    Rather silly

  16. Anonymous says:

    I was creeping up the hill in Himmelsdorf in my Churchill VII when a LT suddenly appeared in front of me. I don’t think he saw me either, as he rammed me at full speed…

    More seriously, is this the same issue as tanks not appearing for up to 10 seconds (TEN !!!) while in artillery view? I get a 3-4 second delay almost every time, sometimes worse…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Happens to me too. I’d say about 10% of the time…really stinks when scout ahead in the first 30 seconds of the game, anticipate an enemy location, only to get shot (sometimes 2x!) before the enemy appears. Often it seems clearly a rendering problem, for example if I have an LT hidden in bushes and the other LT is out in the open. Other times it is the pop-out MT from 50m, similar to the above.

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