Where’s my gold?


if any of you been having the bug that shows your account’s gold incorrectly, a following statement was given:

“This is a known issue and a fix is currently being developed. There is an update error with the account management profile as it attempts to synchronize with the game client to display the amount of Gold and credits in the account, but is displaying incorrectly. Anything shown on the website is not a clear representation of what’s actually on your account. The error is reproducible when you log in and out of account management, which will give you different Gold and premium amounts each and every time. ”

Hope it helps.

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Where’s my gold?

6 thoughts on “Where’s my gold?

  1. marianr87 says:

    I thought I had won something when I saw I suddenly had 325 gold and 288 days of premium on my account. I did think the values were rather random and not like any of the packs in the shop. So i wonder where do these values come from?

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