Why Rampage Failed by QuickyBaby


QuickyBaby made an interesting video, voicing his opinion on why the Rampage mode failed:

Thanks to Jerry for sending this in.

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Why Rampage Failed by QuickyBaby

64 thoughts on “Why Rampage Failed by QuickyBaby

    1. Anonymous says:

      As Rita said: Opinion. This is not source of news, info. Its just an opinion. And i agree whit it. If you’re not a really good player, you cant play rampage, becouse you will lose a lot of money. If you dont have prem account, you wil lose money.

      1. I know and understand what you are saying and I actually do agree with him on this occasion.

        However I love being a sarcastic prick.

    2. wfschepel says:

      Quick to cry may a bit of an ass, I certainly don’t like it when he shows up in my teams, but that doesn’t mean he is always wrong. I largely agree with what he is saying here.

    1. Same here. Why would I watch Quickybaby when Orzanel for example is usually streaming at the same time? I feel like Quicky reached his skill roof, his statistics are more or less the same as 2 years ago, recents and overall. There are alot of streamers that are way better players than he is, and they also explain better what they do and why they did certain decisions in game. But at the same time, Quicky is the go-to streamer if you’re a beginner in this game. Hands down the best.

      1. I still watch QB livestreams, he started streaming only a few months before I did, nowadays I lurk his channel when he is playing with IK the King of Norway. I adore IK, he is a great friend of mine.

      2. I watch both pretty often. Orzanel is funny and stuff but doesn’T explain shit. Apart from the occasional “I will drive here so I can shoot them in the butt.”
        QB is not funny, but he really explains a lot. His “content” is much better. Especially his Youtube Videos. And as you said for Newbies, QB is really a very good starting point much better than Orzy.

  1. Infernal969 says:

    WG is awesome. Unicums make shitloads of money, tomatoes lose shitloads of money, they put both of those groups in a bag, see what the average income is and say WORKING AS INTENDED MATH DOESN’T LIE.
    This game mode show that not only they are absolute morons, they don’t even play the fucking game.
    Also, make more OP Russkie tanks, that will be healthy for tier 10 gameplay and will make experienced players play your game even more, I’m sure of it. Who doesn’t like having his ass handed to him by a rigger in a completely broken tank right after he unlocked his new tier 10, right?

    1. BatelGeuce says:

      So what ? Unicums will make more in the random battles too, tomatoes will lose money in random battles too … They don’t get more because WG makes them get more, they get the money because they earn it. Why should everyone care about players who can’t learn a shit about the game ? If you really like the game, you always learn something that makes you play better. This Unicum/Tomato income shit is really annyoing …

      1. BatelGeuce says:

        And this kind of math works everywhere … They use it when they need to get average wage in the company. It does not matter if you are CEO with 100k per month or janitor with 8k per month …

      2. Gkirmathal says:

        You sure Rita….he doesn’t say which currency xD and 8k Rubles ain’t that darn much 😛

      3. Dreadnought1906 says:

        “Why should everyone care about players who can’t learn a shit about the game ?”

        You are just assuming they are stupid. I happen to know several of these “tomatoes” and they are often retired guys in their 60s and 70s. They have plenty of money for premium accounts and converting free XP, so they get their tier 10s, but they simply don’t have the reflexes that you and I have. I really get pissed off at all the assholes in game that like to wave their dicks around and insult “tomatoes” calling them shitters etc.. It could be your father or grandfather, and he just likes to play tanks.

      4. @Dreadnought1906: Thank you for saying that! There are sooo many people who play this game simply for entertainment and fun. And they don’t even have to be older retired people. Like my sister for example. We platoon in this game because it is fun to play together, nothing else. Just because she’s red instead of purple doesn’t make her presence in the game suddenly unwanted. Not everyone plays games to be the best and to win.

        You should really understand this is JUST A GAME. If you want it to be competitive, you are in the wrong branch mate.

        That being said, I really do think it is also WG’s responsibility to make sure teams are even. Right now complete destruction of teams happen way too often, be it because of unbalanced platoons or whatever. But a 3-15 loss (or win for that matter) in less than three minutes should be rare…

      5. Infernal969 says:

        I don’t care that tomatoes lose money, you donkey, all I’m saying is that people complained to WG countless times that the rampage mode is completely unprofitable for some people and their response was “WORKING AS INTENDED EVERYTHING IS FINE” while we can see that instead of evening the income out, you have players that earn shitloads and players that lose shitloads.
        Try learning to read, you might address the right issues in the posts you are replaying to next time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not possible to profit… It was pretty hard to be in +. Sithout premium it was almost not possible… I think this was biggest “fail” of Ramapage

  3. Gkirmathal says:

    Opinion be opinions, whether one likes the man or not, I think he is spot on.
    Personally never bothered with the mode to begin with. To me it added nothing of value, in terms of wanted content, to the game.
    Also seeing the low population of the mode, besides the mentioned pitfalls, I think a lot of folks share the above and the thoughts of QB. It is good WG is going to remove it.

  4. RGO77 says:

    They could have done Rampage a mode only for same tier tanks. And to play next tier rampage you would have to do good in current level. That way there would not be this mix of Unicums and terrible players in same battle with people in premium T8 in T10 battles. Of course if you would play a low tier rampage that mix exists, but then you would have a choice. And People could enjoy T8 rampage with the premium T8 tanks as well. Just the idea of having games with all same tier tanks could be a plus for many.

  5. no the fact that you allow platoons in a “one vs all” gamemode, and allwo platoons to fight solo players, is already stupid, and I hope the guy who had this idea got fired. I mean who ever thought this would be a good and balanced idea has severe brain damage in the first place.

  6. Shtuka says:

    I honestly would have played the Historical Game mode in the past, but that died as well. For the same reason: good idea, poorly executed.

      1. Shtuka says:

        Exactly. I played both German and Allied or USSR tanks during those times. Even PVP, if the German team didn’t play as a team, they lost. It was fun because premium ammo was limited too, so you really had to choose when to utilize it carefully. If they would have rewarded players choosing lower tier tanks a bit more AT LEAST for their effort…So many possibilities… Ahh.. you can’t have everything! 😉

    1. Yndy says:

      Because after a while every green and above player that is interested in the game knows all the “news” that QB delivers month before and also playwise there’s not much to learn from him.

    2. Infernal969 says:

      He caters to mouthbreathers too much, but hey, it’s income for him so I can understand.
      But the goldspam and the way he justifies it is cringeworthy at best. Not to mention retarded shit like “here’s a tank preview that you cannot play yourself, let me show how it DOES NOT perform by stacking up premium consumables”.

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        Yeah, his overuse of premium consumables for the reviews is annoying. Especially because he already gets test accounts where his crew will also have basically every skill to further push the performance beyond what is to be expected.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Or his whining on stream when get killed and yet every video on YouTube is him owning the battle. Also his advertising at some point was so blatant that I think of him as Serb whore. Dez Games (ShipTheNutz) is one youtuber that is has much better content than Quickwhiner and with lot more humor added to it.

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

      Bad players mad cuz bad
      Gud players hate because he has plateaued in skill and alot of his opinions that he touts as gospel are simply untrue. plus there are alot of higher skilled players that you should be listening to.

    4. He and a number of others have become little more than “used tank salesmen” every new prem that is out, gets a great big WOW from him and others and then after people buy it and it sucks as most of them have lately, the next one comes out and he talks about how the old one was a dog and that this one is WOW GREAT… and so it goes his credibility is shot with me. Please dont get started on his “cheating video”…

  7. Anonymous says:

    In the end Quickybaby said he is going to giveaway at least 5 Type59s for the 5th Anniversary. I know It’s not going to be me but at least I can have a supertiny hope. 😉

    1. Dreadnought1906 says:

      The Type 59 was nerfed hard a couple of years ago, and with all the new mediums that have been introduced (and gradually buffed little by little) the Type 59 is not very competitive anymore. Sure it makes money, but the Mutz is a far better tank.

      I’ve had a Type 59 ever since it was introduced, and I think the Mutz is a far better tank.

      1. AHELPFULSOUL says:

        Sure the Mutz is a fucking better tank, because IT HAS TO BE, but some people like you like to compare apples with oranges.
        The major difference between Type 59 and Mutz:
        Type 59 will never ever see a fucking T10 match, unless fail platoon. The Mutz on the other hand will see them fairly regularly.

        Compare all the prem T8 meds with the Type 59 and you see what you got: The only tank with armor, mobility, gun depression, a workable gun AND limited MM.

  8. BattleBudgie says:

    Man, this guy really loves his voice. The first 6-8 minutes of his monologue can be said in two sentences: 1. The credit income was terrible. 2. People ruined the mode by constantly cheating in order to get the T-22.

    I couldn’t convince myself to keep watching after that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would agree with everything but tiers that should be allowed. Tier 9s and 10s only. Because let’s be honest. The tier 9 Foch is better than the tier 10

  10. Yndy says:

    These news are 3 months old, video is completely boring, nothing new.

    Truth is, game modes are not that different, why play a different game mode than Random? There is little reason even if there is a different play style between Random and Rampage.

    There is room for a team based mode, it used to be Company, it was Team Battles for a short time, now it’s Skirmishes.

    All other styles are fun only for a short while, even incentives are not sufficient to draw people. Look at even Encounter and Assault modes in Random, most people disable them.

    The only thing that would probably prove popular and make lots of people happy is a PvE easy-mode. I played that in AW and lots of people there play only that. That would probably remove permanently a part of the kiddies from Random and give them a permanent base.

    None of these things were in QBs video, instead we heard about T-22 rigging, 10.0 Rubicon failures, bla bla.

    1. kilo_india_alpha says:

      Yeah, but skirmishes are literally an ungood replacement. You cannot play with a friend from another clan, which is a pretty bad mechanic and there is no real reason why it is prevented. I mean I can play SH in EFE-X but I cannot play with friends from F15 and so on unless I leave my clan… That is retarded.

  11. siralexice says:

    Rampage has been broken ever since it was introduce. But he has an opinion only now? He had to wait for WG to let him of the leash to say something.

    1. nemokeine says:

      Its funny because I distinctly remember him streaming the crap out of rampage when it came out and him going on about how much he enjoyed it and seeing him working at the missions. Stopped following him around that time for various reasons, that being one of them.

  12. SeppC says:

    I think this is not the only Problem with this mode. TDs and Artys are nearly useless in this Mode, the tactical aspect is far less then in random. Many Voices i heard said, that the enjoy the tactical part in WOT – this mode is simply an Ego Shooter, where other games are far better in…

    1. kilo_india_alpha says:

      And randoms offer you tactical aspects? You should google that word. Tactics is the art of organizing a military force on the battlefield. How are you supposed to do that without any efficient way to communicate? And how the fu*k do arty and TDs help with that?
      If you want tactics go for team battles or CW and stay away from the scrub klanus and you will see what the word tactics really means.

      1. SeppC says:

        You are right, that tacitcal aspects are not that good (like e.g. in Teambattles). But still some tactical elements (like TDs and Arty) are more useful in Random.

        And (for sure, it´s my opinion and from some others too, didn´t need to fit yours) – if you don´t drive a Medium Tank or a good Heavy in this Ego Shooter Mode, you´re … meh.

        If you enjoyed this mode – I feel bad for you that it´s going. I´d rather have the Chaffee Race Mode still available.

      2. KILO_INDIA_ALPHA says:

        That was no personal attack. TDs and arty do not offer any kind of tactical element. The tactics is only how you combine and use them in the field. And that is where WG sucks at present. The same problem do the light tanks have at present.
        WG introduced maps where vision became unimportant. The max. engagement distance got reduced and the view range of tanks got increased. All T10s have 400m view range +- 5% and most reduce firing distance to ranges between 0 and 300 meters.
        In such an environment you do not need vehicles that rely on view range and/or camo (lights and TDs). And now look at the maps that were in this shitty game mode – only cities. Do you need tanks with the aforementioned strengths there? No.
        The problem at present is that the maps are bad and the balance between classes suffers from it, but even if they fix that – what I do not believe, this will not mean that there will be any tactics in WoT pub battle modes.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So, Rita, anything interesting happening in world of tanks na. You know like anniversary stuff coming up. Like 3xs durring the week and 5xs weekend. Rare tanks for sale. You know stuff that should be in your blog….just sayin.

  14. Well, he certainly makes a good point about the missions.

    I also wonder if just reducing the repair costs (maybe even down to 0) would be enough to balance the credit making.

    The thing is, the credit balance might be equal to tier 10 matches even for an average player, taking the play time into account. However, you’re also likely to spend less time on a lost game than in rampage, so it certainly feels like you lose more cash in rampage. And that’s no good for motivation.

  15. Thag O'Mizer says:

    For me, Rampage failed due to a flawed strategic business decision by WG. They decided to go down the social gaming route, and thought forcing platoons on players (in-game platoons, personal missions for platoons, and Rampage for platoons) would make players more social, because they would have to platoon to get anywhere. What WG failed to realise is that us un-social players would just decide the modes and rewards are not for us, and carry on in our own sweet way. WG needs to realise that most of its players are solo pubbies, and are going to remain solo pubbies.

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