Why we cant have nice things…


Its official, next patch Wargaming will be pulling the plug on the Rampage mode.
The personal missions for Rampage mode will be disabled (there wont be compensation for those still trying to complete them) and the players who earned the T-22 sr. will maintain their tanks, however, the tank will undergo into some changes and get nerfed.


It’s a shame really, the mode was promising at the beginning but it was so badly applied with nearly impossible to complete missions and with a reward so appetizing which lead most players to rig the matches. Even after WG made the missions easier, some players still kept on rigging because as usual, when staff didn’t ignored people reporting on the forums about these issue they would redirect them to Costumer Support instead which consistently copy-pasted the same message, that “there is an Automated System in place so do not waste their time”. An Automated System that if it really exists (because WG refuses to disclose any information about it) it clearly doesn’t work as we already have established. Riggers don’t respect WG’s authority because there is none.

All the rigging situation also drove the good players away from the Rampage mode, not only it destroyed people’s fun but also the reward tank became so infamous that even if someone legitimately completed the missions everyone else would assume he/she was a rigger as well and receive harassment

At the end, I agree with WG’s decision to remove the Rampage mode although I wish they had done it sooner, I also believe that they are giving some poetic justice by nerfing the T-22 however, they say that there is a chance that they will introduce the tank in the future after the nerf but in my opinion they shouldn’t… instead I hope they nerf that vehicle to the ground and reduce compensation values to give riggers as little as possible.

And this is why we cant have nice things… But at least we can finally give it closure, over a year later.

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*Edit*NA office, you probably should check with your Portuguese translator, he/she seems to not understand the difference between buff and nerf. It happens.

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Why we cant have nice things…

103 thoughts on “Why we cant have nice things…

  1. berkeli says:

    Just saw on wot-news that they will be fixing personal missions for domination mode in 9.15.. Do you know anything about it?

  2. 21Blackjack says:

    The mode was never good, it was garbage, the fact they needed a tier 10 that was also OP just get people to play shows how little faith they had in their own creation.

  3. RolandCaster says:

    “Rigger” – Group of players organized to get an OP tank, that would be impossible to get otherwise.

    “Anti-rigger” – (AKA “Perma-whiner”) Group of envious/jealous players that couldn’t get enough mates to rig rampage mode, get a CW reward tank, earn gold from tourneys, or learn how to play, good enough to stop crying for nerfs.

    DIsgusting hypocrites everywhere…

    1. Viking says:

      So, where does that put you then? In the “rigger” category? Your giving only two classes here mate and by the tone in your O.P., it indicates that your neither good enough to for fill the requirement, hence why you indicate that your position is in the “rigger” camp.
      Yet, when people call you out on your inadequate game play, your turning around complaining that they don’t have it either and they need to “git gud”.

      If I’m reading this right, you just propose a paradox by being a hypocrite yourself.

      So, yeah: “Git gud, scrub” XD

  4. darkduke says:

    just go rigging the mission ,,,,, i need to say ,,,at least you guys play in EU,,,
    you can play rampage games everyday,,,in ASIA,,,you want play 1 game is super hard ,,,
    you need gather all your friends or clanmates,,and add some another players , then you can play 1 game ,,,,by the way , this mod is so fun ,, especailly i like domination,,,,,i am very sad WG cancel it

  5. Sharkyy says:

    Meanwhile aw, %100 weekend, happy hours, panzerfest and god knows how many great events we will see in april

  6. Anonymous says:

    On NA server you get no one in rampage.
    If you want to play it for the reward, you should really get some company.
    Now, being in a match with your gang, I see no reason why they wouldn’t fix the games to get the missions done. I really don’t feel it’s rigging (I never did it, but if they want to pull the tank from the game, I might start to)

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