Why we cant have nice things…


Its official, next patch Wargaming will be pulling the plug on the Rampage mode.
The personal missions for Rampage mode will be disabled (there wont be compensation for those still trying to complete them) and the players who earned the T-22 sr. will maintain their tanks, however, the tank will undergo into some changes and get nerfed.


It’s a shame really, the mode was promising at the beginning but it was so badly applied with nearly impossible to complete missions and with a reward so appetizing which lead most players to rig the matches. Even after WG made the missions easier, some players still kept on rigging because as usual, when staff didn’t ignored people reporting on the forums about these issue they would redirect them to Costumer Support instead which consistently copy-pasted the same message, that “there is an Automated System in place so do not waste their time”. An Automated System that if it really exists (because WG refuses to disclose any information about it) it clearly doesn’t work as we already have established. Riggers don’t respect WG’s authority because there is none.

All the rigging situation also drove the good players away from the Rampage mode, not only it destroyed people’s fun but also the reward tank became so infamous that even if someone legitimately completed the missions everyone else would assume he/she was a rigger as well and receive harassment

At the end, I agree with WG’s decision to remove the Rampage mode although I wish they had done it sooner, I also believe that they are giving some poetic justice by nerfing the T-22 however, they say that there is a chance that they will introduce the tank in the future after the nerf but in my opinion they shouldn’t… instead I hope they nerf that vehicle to the ground and reduce compensation values to give riggers as little as possible.

And this is why we cant have nice things… But at least we can finally give it closure, over a year later.

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*Edit*NA office, you probably should check with your Portuguese translator, he/she seems to not understand the difference between buff and nerf. It happens.

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Why we cant have nice things…

103 thoughts on “Why we cant have nice things…

  1. Its sad to see the tank go. I really was looking forward to getting it but since the rampage mode was always dead, never got the chance to complete the last 15 missions.

    1. I stopped playing rampage as soon as I realized what some players were doing… last thing I wanted was to have my nickname involved in a rigging match even if not participating in the act.

      1. noname says:

        weren’t you who cried about that t 22 could be reward for only 1% of the players? (as reward for clanwars) and now you are relieved that the missions will end. . . maybe because you have no chance to take it? i have nothing against you but remember one thing, every action has consequences, in this case was your (ppl who twich) fault that they put this tank as reward for missions, btw you don’t even got the stug tank… try play real tanks not kv1 and t67

  2. siralexice says:

    Should have done it sooner, rampage mode was shit. You did not get credits or xp to make it worth the time spent.
    WG are idiots, if you want players investing time in a special game mode, give them a decent and accessible reward. Like consider those fights in premium vehicle and premium account when determining bonuses for credits and xp.

    1. pixywing says:

      I liked Capture the Flag where I would afk in my tier 8s and come back to see me getting 1000+ exp or 300 exp on a lose.

  3. this is just lame.
    they actually admit how that T-22 was OP.
    they admit they cant fight rigging.
    they advice the players to rig battles more and more when they still can and get that tank as soon as possible.

    i dont know how much they will nerf that tank but the first thing to go have to be that armor…

      1. Spitfire1911 says:

        I hope it gets nerfed into the ground and nearly unplayable. It’d teach all of the riggers a lesson and for the players that got it completely legitimately (I doubt few did). They are in the minority and the complete nerf would be for the greater good.

  4. Migsaec says:

    The terrible profits and the need for T10s(Seriously what the hell, why T10s? Rentals help, but still, it means people that don’t have T10s need the rentals to play) kind of drove me away from Rampage mode early on so its not much loss for me.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      Having to complete the daily missions to gain the rental tanks didn’t help a bit either. I have limited time for daily playing and am grinding through a number of lower tier tanks, which means that by the time I had unlocked the rental tanks I was already out of available time for that day. This, combined with the fact that I consistently lost credits (Not huge amounts, but about 10-20k per round) while playing the mode, pretty much meant that I was not able to play it. Damn shame. I was very interested about the T-22 and the female crew members. Hopefully the next mode/event like this will have some thought for us who don’t have multiple T10s and a lot of time. Might actually give it some longevity.

  5. Alex Knight says:

    I’m actually happy about them removing that game mode :/ It generated so much hatred, and negativity, it finally collapsed under it’s own mass :S. Well done to the people who earned the tank without cheating, you’ve earned it! As for the riggers: be ashamed, and thank you for ruining a game mode ( even if it was cr*p ).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Side armor on T22 is good, but the weakspot is too big for it to be considered OP. I think ppl just have better stats in this because most riggers are from clans with an above average player base. The front upper plate on that tank is a weakspot and you can damage the tank through the gun mantlet. In addition its reload is a full second slower than the other soviet mediums. What actually makes that tank OP in a sense is its mobility which is far better, giving it better flanking shots aided by the side armor and ability to hold key positions which make it OP in the right hands.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The fact you have to say that the fastest Soviet medium with the best gun handling in the game has some weakspots is exactly the issue.

  7. Thousand says:

    Side armor on T22 is good, but the weakspot is too big for it to be considered OP. I think ppl just have better stats in this because most riggers are from clans with an above average player base. The front upper plate on that tank is a weakspot and you can damage the tank through the gun mantlet. In addition its reload is a full second slower than the other soviet mediums. What actually makes that tank OP in a sense is its mobility which is far better, giving it better flanking shots aided by the side armor and ability to hold key positions which make it OP in the right hands.

    1. pixywing says:

      After watching QB just drive it straight down the field like it was a doom turtle that could do 50 and farm 5k damage, it’s definitely OP.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Anyone can play one good game and calla tank OP. t22 is a great tank but not op if you know how to fight it

  8. Anonymous says:

    Simple, give everyone the tank, then toss the Rampage out the window, that way no one suffers from the cheating, since not much got done about it, no one is out of pocket.. there should be minimal grumbling, look into the cheating fully, those that were found beyond any doubt ban for life.. end of story, enough pandering.. they know its wrong and did it anyway..

  9. Simple, give everyone the tank, then toss the Rampage out the window, that way no one suffers from the cheating, since not much got done about it, no one is out of pocket.. there should be minimal grumbling, look into the cheating fully, those that were found beyond any doubt ban for life.. end of story, enough pandering.. they know its wrong and did it anyway..

  10. Nikolaevna says:

    Rampage was fine when it was first introduced. Tier X rentals were already available to all players for the duration of the event, meaning anyone could play and so the queue was always nicely packed. But they wanted to fix what isn’t broken. The rentals expire after only 24 hours, and the only way to extend it was to complete some tedious missions (win a few random battles while placing in the top 5 blah blah blah). Then they substantially reduced the XP/credits rewards, introduced impossible missions which only encouraged rigging. Brilliant WG. Screwed up both Historical Battles and now Rampage Mode.

    1. Nikolaevna says:

      No tier X tank? Then fuck you, no rampage mode! No tier 8 tank to complete the rental missions? Then fuck you, no rental tank!

      1. Phentarus says:

        Sorry, but this was intended as end game mode for players with several high tier vechicles in their garage. And those rentals shouldnt even be available.
        Profitability and rigging on the other hand… Thats what kiled it.

  11. Charcharo says:

    You are making too big of a deal out of this rigging…*sigh*

    I hope it gets back though. I want it in my garage but did not find the mode fun.

    1. pixywing says:

      When I can play 3 games and rampage and not have to report any of them for rigging (its usually 3/3 right now) then it might be a smaller issue. 40% of the games you play on that mode shouldn’t be rigged even 0.4% is too much let alone 40%+.

  12. Bjørn says:

    I played 2-3 games right after it came out, after getting shot by team and then getting fed to the enemy, I stopped and have only played with my friend when he was in need of some fast credits.
    Personally I think they should completely remove the tank, compensating the players

  13. PCosa says:

    I have stopped playing WoT because of the impossible mission D15. Last game played in January. I just lost interest, the mode was so badly implemented. I prefer modelling tanks now. I already have Panzerkampfwagen IV Aus H, Marder II and BT 7 on my bench now. How relaxing without all the internet hate around 🙂

  14. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I played Rampage for a bit when it was released. I even completed first few missions even before the requirements were lowered. But it just doesn’t have anything worth coming back for. I couldn’t care less for the mode itself or the tank.

  15. Me says:

    It is very nice to see how this game is getting more and more fucked up because of that greedy belarussian trash and people are migrating to Armored Warfare. In AW is very strong protection against sealclubbing cocks, so gayclubs like FAME and others are staying in WoT where they have doors open for sealclubbing and rigging.

    1. pixywing says:

      I used to play WoT back in 2013 when it was good around 20-30 games a day and spent $100-200 every payday on the game as it provided me with so much entertainment. Now I average 2-3 games a month and I haven’t spent any money on the game since February 2015.
      T-22 RIGGATE, E-25 giveaways after removing gold compensation (thanks for stealing $35 from me Wargaming), destroying on-tracks, 2015 weekly missions were horrendous just like the patches. It’s not hard to see why the game has lost so many players over the last year alone.

  16. General_havoc says:

    Hang on… Speaking as a general Bob wallet warrior- rampage almost worked- it was nice t10 end game non CW content – a reason to get some 10s for an edge over rental tanks… A different t10 meta, respawns, repair spots, air strikes, few arty, new maps… It will be tweaked (nerf 22op to the ground make missions 55a normal) and parked for a few patches then back by September). the missions were a bad call – once the rigging got exposed the population collapsed and the expense killed off the rest. With its immanent demise the population will increase which may make it viable for bobs like me to get a straight game and try do a couple of beginning missions… Next patch still some way off….balance dept busy! New physics work ok!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I dont think that problem was in RIGGING. IN this mode, was hard to be in green numbers with credits even with premium account. Without premium it was almost not possible to have at least small profit. -30000 credits per game was normal, sometimes even -50000 without using GOLDS! (without premium acc ofc). I think that economy of this mode was really bad and this was the main thing which destroyed that mode

  18. Jan says:

    Rampage mode was a huge failure completely regardless of the missions and the reward. The reason it was pulled has nothing to do with t22 rigging. The missions and that tank is only a symptom of the actual problem: The mode was massively unpopular in the first place. Hence wg introduced a set of retarded missions with a reward too good to be ignored – in essence to force players to play a mode against their will.

    Good riddance!

  19. What do you expect? You have a big power and you used it in a bad way. After your posts about rigging, everybody was reported because of playing T-22, rigged or not rigged. I got my tank legaly and I posted the replay in the forum. A friend of mine decided to play only T-22 and was banned 3 times in a row (up to a week just by playing the tank). Think about it!

  20. thedutchduck says:

    Rita I personally think you are a bit salty, I understand that a lot of people didn’t get it in a legitimate way or don’t want to play the mode because you might play in a rigged game. But there are those who got it though hours of trying and puting in effort. Some people might get it just before they remove the mode and all your time and efforts were for a piece of trash tank.

    If you really mean this than I guess you think the same about every cw reward because you don’t want to play cw but still want the excusive tanks. And that its not fair to other players we don’t want to or can be in a clan.

    1. Let clan wars tanks be played in clan wars and not against pubies who can’t get them. If you can win it in random pub matches then fine. just let the tank be played in the mode it was won in.

  21. ステトガイ says:

    I think it is a bit harsh to say ‘nerf the vehicle to the ground’, because there are people who actually worked their guts of to get that thing, it is not fair for then to have their vehicle suddenly become useless (obviously a rebalancing of the vehicle is necessary). Instead what should be done is a more strict and effective system to actually crack down on these riggers with harsh consequences in order to deter anyone from doing it, and to make it very clear to everyone what the consequences will be.

  22. Muddy Side says:

    I wonder what will happen to maps that were only available for the Rampage mode. I would like to see them in random battles, maybe they need some changes but it would be sad to see them wasted.

  23. Piratastur says:

    And, Rita… where is the “poetic justice” for the people (5%, 10%?) who gets the tank doing that hard missions without cheating, fighting vs. the riggers, and have finally gotten the tank???
    Do they also deserve a tank nefred to the ground?
    And what about people who are going to stay one or two missions to accomplish after playing a lot with honesty?

  24. The T22 was very OP. I doubt there is another medium tank that can do 11,000 damage, 10,000 bounce from tier 10s shots!!! and still been alive at full health.

    And the rigging was so extensive that even my clan were arranging the games on Friday & Saturday night on EU2, alongside two more other clans. I always called them pathetic cheaters, but what else to do when reporting doesn’t work?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yes, remove the gamemode and missions from the game now that all the riggers have gotten their hands on it. That’ll teach the people who were actually trying!

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Rita you have contacts with WG right just make the tank a tier 8 nerfed to to the ground and put it up for sale as a tier 8 prem make it a crew trainer not a op tank.

  26. Rita I think you are a bit salty in my opinion. I understand that a lot of players didn’t got the tank in a legitimate way but there are those who did get it by putting in a lot of time and effort. That you don’t play the mode because you might end up doing missions legitimated in a rigged game is a choice. But that does not mean that because you don’t have the T22 they can nerf it into oblivion because “only riggers have it and don’t deserve it”.
    I think they will nerf the ground resistants and the bloom on the gun but the armor will probably stay the same making it a bit more of a brawler.

  27. Good. Now no more overpoweres crap that only cheaters own. They should have simply removed it from these player’s account and replaced it with Obj907 or gold if they already have the tank.

    1. piledriveryatyas says:

      This is smart actually. All of the idiots that say “give it to everyone” are just that – idiots. Giving scrubs rental t-10s was bad enough, but giving every moron in the game a T-22 might seem like justice, but in the end everyone will suffer from their horrendously bad game play at tier 10. Those that say nerf it to the ground are equally dumb – WG is going to balance the tank. That means a nerf, yes, but they are not going to turn a tier 10 tank that their developers worked on into a useless pixel tank, regardless of what you want or how much you cry like children. Removing it and giving everyone a 907 is smart for many reasons. It removes the stigma of the rigger tank; it’s already balanced (at least better than T-22) and it allows WG to re-introduced the re-balanced T-22 later as maybe the next set of personal missions; and many of the guys that rigged to get it already have the 907 so they’ll just get some credits and that’s that. But this won’t happen. And to the folks with pitchforks clamoring about the “nerf” – ever seen WG nerf something quickly? I’d expect to see those T-22’s in their current state for at least another 3 months or so.

  28. There was almost nobody to play the stupid mod, so the missions were almost imposible, it is terrible to see how WG in so many years has been unable to succed with any game mode (except our classic 15 vs 15 PvP), seems to be tru that world of tanks is a great idea developed by a bunch of tards.

  29. If the rampage mode was good and worked and was enjoyable there was no need to make it toxic by have a reward god tank as an invitation for the most scumbag clans to cheat to get it. In fact Rampage had less of the elements that make random game play interesting and gave more of an advantage to platoons than the normal game without even cheating and thus making it zero fun for single players.

    It is sad for those honest players who got the t22 by their skill alone.

  30. Anonymous says:

    rita im sorry but you are misguided. 1. the t-22 is not even remotely op its just that so many bad players dont know how to pen it, honestly the TVP 50/51 is a much better tank. the tank has significantly worse dpm then the other russian mediums has only 5 degree gun depression, and shitty frontal hull and turret armor. 2. There is no meta in rampage, it doesnt matter how good you are the mechanics of the mode made some of the missions even made easier impossible. 3. Rampage brought the community together more than you could possibly imagine, many clans got together and worked together forging new friendships to spend the time and energy to earn the tanks. Since u did not rig let me explain, it is not easy it takes a lot of time and effort and coordination, its very stressful and there was so much more teamwork in rigging then there ever would be in “legit” games.

    1. Joesph K. says:

      If the pro players choose the T22 as their medium tank of choice playing in WGL, I would think it is either OP or best available compared to the other options. If there is a Russian medium or 2 in the battle, i’d say 90% of the time, they are T22’s. Remember that WG said premium tanks should never be better then it’s non-premium counterpart’s.

      1. Anonymous says:

        here is where ur logic fails, just because ppl use it in gold league does not mean it is the best for pubs, gold league has a completely different meta and even in t10 clanwars you will still see mostly 140’s used (at least on na, havent played other servers) for example the only td u ever see in clan wars is the t110E3 when the Jagdpanzer E100 is by far the best of the t10 tds for pub matches. I am a super uni player but because ive previously admitted to rigging i shall not give my ign.

  31. I think I’ve completed TWO missions for the T-22 sr, and both of those were on the first day. After I realized how bad the mode was with all it’s problems, I quit playing it.

  32. Viking says:

    I’m will admit it sorta sad it had to end this way.
    Unlike others, I enjoyed the Rampage mode when it was introduced as it was something different the standard random battles. However, when I saw people from different teams go into a corner and started to rigging, I quickly lost interest in the game mode.

    However, I’m will be controversial by saying: It’s really hard to detect rigging in this game with a “automatic system”, as well as giving everyone a T22 may not be suited as it would encourage more Rigging in the near future.

    I’m no game designer, but I can think it must be a nightmare to encode systems that detect this kind of behavior. If it is not possible to encode it, it means it need to be manually, which I already had made a proposal with a system like Overwatch from CS:GO… however, who will be watching these clips? The “good stats players” who is caught doing it, as they might have a bias toward the judgement due to ex. Clan, friend or them self, or Employers in WG which would result in either a) mass hiring of people to watch or b) delay in certain area cause of lack of man power.

    The “Giving everyone the T22’s” is also flawed as it gives everyone free stuff, which mean that some people may lead to the conclusion that: If we rigg more matches, WG will eventually give us more free stuff!

    1. Me says:

      You really dont get it, dont you?? There is NO FUCKING AUTOMATIC BAN SYSTEM, its just bullshit fed to people like you.

      1. Mel C says:

        You really are a foul-mouthed, condescending little piece of scum aren’t you? “People like you” indeed.

      2. Viking says:

        I had to chuckle a bit when reading your comment: Why did you think I said it must be difficult to encode such a thing? It’s subtle way of saying: it can’t be done, therefore it’s not present.
        Something tells me your quick to jump onto something rather then reading in-between lines, I guess?

    1. Historical battles were a failure, because it pitted in small maps Tiger against 15 IS. Or VK36, VK30D with KV2, KV1S (the old ones) and T150s.

  33. wolvenworks says:

    i actually stopped playing rampage because of my general preference to avoid hightier battles. they need a pile of creds to run, and for little gain. and now since you need 3 for Rampage, you run triple the repair bills for something like one tank’s worth of gil.

    being a tanker that is always in a perpetual need for a mountain of credits (i always run out since i’m constantly buying tanks and modules), playing Rampage serves me no point, especially when you play shit at t8 and still lose less than rampage

    1. wolvenworks says:

      on a sidenote, i’m interested on how WG is going to nerf T-22sr, and how are they going to let us get it. i just hope there’s a bypass for the normal missions since i’m still stuck in Stug IV (i’m absolutely terrible in LT, and arty’s Great Nerf isn’t helping my itchy trigger finger)

      1. Laserguided says:

        Yeah, I hope they do that too. I found arty related missions are harder to complete due to low arty population. It’s rare to see arty party now.

      2. RagnarokBazil says:

        Ill help you at light and arty im a jack of all trades 🙂 lights and arty are my favroites though im on na server RagnarokBazil is my name 🙂

  34. madogthefirst says:

    What ever the nerf they are thinking they need to double that number and give it an ammo rack like an arty, any shot and it’ll blow up.

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