WN8 Value Changes

From May 6th there is a new version of WN8, V30. The Table of the exact changes is Here.

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WN8 Value Changes

22 thoughts on “WN8 Value Changes

  1. Anonymous says:

    So IS7, 50b, t57, IS4, type5… all have same expected damage values?! are they fkin kidding us? and AMX AC mle. 48 and skorpion, for expamle? what are they smoking?!!!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      They are smoking the “I dont want to spend all this time doing this any more” pipe. If you want things to go back to the old ways you are welcome to spend the time updating the values on your own.

    2. They are doing it because basically nobody wants or has time to do all the individual tanks anymore. At this point they should just get rid of WN8.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        That’s actualy the best thing they could do, and that would make the gqme such a better place too…

  2. nuke97 says:

    Great -.-” I just lost about -50wn8 when every one of my tank wn8 grew. ( I had 1891wn8 now i have 1856 wn8 -.-)

  3. This is the death of this rating because by this update WN8 breaks his own definition. WN8 was the first rating that considered stats on individual tanks, now it does not because the values are the same for all tanks on the same tier.

    1. It’s all damaged based anyway. A good scout trying to be a scout can’t be rated this way. A good heavy shouldn’t be rated this way. Good for mediums and TD’s maybe. Not sure how arty has been adjusted now that damage is much less a factor.

  4. Interesting. Looks like they are associating a given expected stat for all of a certain tank type at a given tier. All Tier 10 meds are expected to have 1.03 frags, 1882.27 dmg, 1.43 spotting, 0.80 defense, and 49.60 win rate. Am I correct that they then adjust the values per tank using the deltas? If so, wouldn’t the value for the 121B be different than the 121 since there are few 121Bs in the game and the stats that it will have compared to the 121 (vbaddict site shows differences in the numbers)?

  5. In_Memory_Of_Bud_Spencer says:

    I guess many of the values will change soon. They stacked tanks (Type (Med, Light, Ari, …) and Tier and gave them the same values.

  6. VonOhlnhausen says:

    The site just seems to be giving a lot of not responding notes. So I’ll ask here, are they changing their ridiculously small sample size finally, or better still doing a full population statistic, to improve their accuracy to a reasonable level?

  7. sixense2 says:

    Until they include assisted damage in WN8 (they might as well make WN9 for all I care) it’s become useless. Having a 4k spotted damage battle give me 300-odd WN8 just because I made 150 damage on my 13/75 yet got a Scout medal, Spotter, and over 4k spotted damage on half of enemy team. Apparently that’s nothing but hey, those 150 damage REALLY matter.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My wn8 was 1263 before the 6th of may and when i looked my stats today my wn8 is 1250 🙁 wtf ? Is it due to these changes ? Did they change the “good” “average” “above average”… rating also ? Please give me some explanation. Thks

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