after yesterday crazy night I’m finally in a state that could reach the PC and this is the first thing that popped on my screen (turn sound on):

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14 thoughts on “Wolfpack

  1. That is why the game needs a reballance, you might as well play a med instead of anything else and that will take you far.

    Td – Too stationary
    Heavy – Slow, average mobility and weak armor vs heat but more hp.

    Why medium?

    1. Decent/good mobility overall
    2. Good alpha, slightly less than heavy’s but faster reload and aimtime. That a heavy tank has more HP don’t mean a lot, yes you CAN stay alive longer but if you get circled by a decent med driver you don’t stand much chance.
    3. Good armor and due to the size of mediums they aren’t as big as heavy’s so you have to aim better at weakspots. Forget penning turrets, aim at cupola if you can!

    Mediums and wolfpacks have taken over the game, most wolfpacks these days are meds. Figure out why.

    1. Laserguided says:

      Agreed, meds should have worse stats than heavy in every way except speed and turret traverse rate. Worse armor, worse gun ( dpm, penetration and alpha), and worse view range. Meds are smaller heavy after all.

      Need to move away from current meta, and make lights useful again.

    2. i have been telling people most tier 9-10 medium are OP
      camo check
      dpm check
      pen check
      better accuracy and gun handling then tds/ht on avg check
      mobility check
      small target and hull down capability on most check

      1. Dreadnought_VN says:

        DPM check???
        Camo check???
        Small target and hulldown check????
        try E-50M before making any of these statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        p/s:i’m a E-50M unicum

    3. Anonymous says:

      old WoT HT rule with strong armor – World war 2 meta

      new WoT medium rule with mobility, good firepower – Modern war meta

      seem legit right ?

  2. TDMIllard says:

    Now I’m not sure whether this is my favourite version of the lizards licking the food video or the one where they edited in Yoshi sounds.

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