World of Tanks-Developer Diaries

Polish Tech Tree

After so much discussion some real information.Enjoy.

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World of Tanks-Developer Diaries

15 thoughts on “World of Tanks-Developer Diaries

    1. Anonymous says:

      tbh it is still better than having more cancerous rusky tanks into the game…I swear it felt like I got a migraine after the release 268 v4, and 430u….

  1. Kyros says:

    “Pudel” Polish Tank *vomiting voices*

    “pure polish tree” *vomiting voices*

    “no Tanks for Tier 8-10” *steals other german Tanks and claim them Polish*

    Im guessing they stole Panther2,Leopard PTA and Leopard 1, swapped guns from other stolen Tanks and claimed them their own build Tanks. Maby some stolen 122mm,107mm guns from the Soviets.

    1. DickHerMax says:

      Pudel was one of two Panthers captured during Warsaw Uprising. Premiums since very beginning were supposed to be unique tanks in a way. Thus all Lend-Lease to USSR are premiums too. I know that people like you got used to OP premiums so they can rekt people. Back in the day they were just normal (even weaker) machines with often interesting story. So go whine somewhere else, I don’t see you complaining about T-55 in the nazi tech tree.

      They just said they dropped the idea of other nation adaptations. These will be Polish tanks. Go complain about Chinese tanks. Mashup of US tanks, soviet tanks, adaptations and OP fake tanks.

    2. Pay2Win says:

      Yeah, thats exactly, what the Poles did the whole WW2 – they stole german panthers and leopards and than equipped them with stolen (also) soviet guns. Of course they claimed them all polish tanks….

      What a stupid dumbfuck you are dude… ­čśë

      1. Anonymous says:

        Actually they do a pretty decent job at tying to balance things out compared to other games. But even if they have a perfectly balanced tree, someone like urself will find a way to bitch about it.

  2. barakuda says:

    we are releasing a premium MT of a new nation, after a time we let out a branch of the same nation and the top in it is HT. In this scenario, I retrain the crew from the premium MT to the top HT, with a fine for silver or no fine for a gold, but then this one crew can fine-tune only the top HT, but not the premium MT. With this option, the Pudel becomes useless. Bravo wargaming!

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