World of… Mechs Console

Just when you think you won’t hear about it again, World of Tanks Console pops up once more with something nonsensical. This time a (admittedly) limited time event featured around mech suit combat. Here’s the trailer:

Now, this is a bit of a throwback seeing as WarGaming Chicago-Baltimore used to be Day 1 Studios before being bought by WarGaming, and were responsible for several mech games back in the day.

Granted, seems a bit odd to take away resources from a main game with all the problems of it’s PC counterpart and then some. The response from the community seems to be the same.

That said, it’s nice to see something that isn’t just a bunch of random tank parts cobbled together, and there’s a sort of retro aesthetic that I am personally a sucker for. So some props are to be given. I just hope the development didn’t take too much from the main game.

And definitely a step up from that Mercenaries thing…

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World of… Mechs Console

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