World of Papoj Needs help

Read the captions in the cartoon and maybe you feel like helping out.

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World of Papoj Needs help

14 thoughts on “World of Papoj Needs help

    1. A Dude says:

      You use a cry for help by another WoT Youtuber to advertise your own low quality videos. What a rude and shameless method to attract viewers, and if only it worked! Karma in your ugly face right there.

      If you continue this ridiculous nonsense I can assure you that your account will lose viewers even if it had none to start with, understand what I’m sayin?

  1. Bolzenkuss says:

    Just buy him an HDD, you cant see what he already got with that Paypal and Streamlabs…
    I like his Videos and i would Help out with some Bucks but i will not send anything without knowing how much he already got.
    I dont like to get tricked into giving Money when he already got enough and gets greedy.

  2. GraphZaal says:

    Go working or place ads in your youtube channel and soon u will have the 30 bucks required. sounds pretty rude, but there is enuff crap happening in wot, so at least i dont need ur vids!

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