World of Tanks 1.0 Review and more

Since 1.0 is just around the corner, Wargaming has released a series of videos looking at the new Core engine, the new HD maps, the new Soundtrack and of course the Review video for 1.0

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World of Tanks 1.0 Review and more

23 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.0 Review and more

  1. Steven Woolham says:

    Just icing on the cake, as usual using bullshit tactics to disguise the real problems with the game, RNG and gun accuracy.

      1. Steven Woolham says:

        Blatant yes,whining no, every time someone tries to address any problems in the game the Fanboys jump straight in to defend WG.

  2. The new graphics engine and the improved visuals might win me over, and make me download WoT again. However, the game, behind these visuals, is riddled with problems, like the awful RNG, bad matchmaking, unbalanced vehicles and just poor developer’s communication with the community.

    1. GG WP WG says:

      not worth the bandwidth. trust me.
      especially since the last saturday when the Kolya’s days started(you don’t want to know or try to understand what that is)

    2. Robopon says:

      Funny how with all those problems WoT is still somehow the best tank MMO out there. Well to be fair, RNG is not really awful? especially if it works in your favor. MM could be better, but it could be MUCH worse too. Unbalanced vehicles, eh, it’s a game, who really cares about that? True balance in impossible to achieve, something always will be unbalanced. Poor communication is the only real issue imo and it’s grinding my gears. But then again who do they need to listen to? Normal players? They don’t know shit. Top players? They’re the minority. There is no win-win situation when it comes to running a big expensive mmo game.

    3. TovarishTony says:

      I’ve been playing War Thunder for awhile already after being too frustrated from WoT last Winter and I have seen the improved visuals on WT first. If the gameplay in WoT is still the same then I would stay on WT, sure WT had its own problems but they are more bearable than WoT.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A full patch of “pretty” that many people can not even take advantage of, and not substance. After playing for 6 years, I am finding it harder and harder to want to log in. WG PLEASE fix the real issues.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      “Issues? There are no issues in WoT! Just look at these pretty shiny tanks and shut up, stupid cash cow!” (c) Wargaming

    2. Partybooper says:

      […] that many people can not even take advantage of […]

      I still have my old, 9 years old computer. I only upgraded the graphics card 5 years ago (nVidia GTX 770 with 2 GB).
      I can run 1.0 with maximum settings (EVERYTHING on maximum settings) at around 80 – 100 fps in a full battle.

      Loading times have improved as well. Visuals are much, much better. Overall, the game feels more fluid as well.

    3. Trololo says:

      The real issue with WoT are the bazillion of players who are uncapable or unwilling to truly learn the game. I can live with every weakness of WoT, just not with 10 retard teams at a stretch that will make you perform miserably just because you don’t even have a chance to do really good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    They screw the “better graphics” when the whole gameplay is broken and balance is an unknown word. This “update” was totally useless and was a waste of time. Good job Wargaming, you guys did it again.

  5. lywellyn says:

    Has nobody else noticed the massive gun accuracy nerfs across multiple tanks? Just the three tanks I looked at today, the M46 Patton, Leopard 1, and Obj 705 all had accuracy nerfs since 9.22. (.37 –> .39, .29 –> .3, and .38 –> .4 respectively) At least, that’s what shows under research. The firepower panel on the right shows all the same accuracy as the 9.22 settings. Something is off here.

    1. Matthew Vargyas says:

      Research is probably nominal with 100% crew, while the panel shows crew bonuses with equipment, commander bonus, etc

      1. lywellyn says:

        Research is the only thing that affects accuracy. Your crew can make bloom less, but not a more accurate gun. Also, if you check or other such sites, the accuracy doesn’t change from 9.22 to 1.0. Finally, while 9.22 was live and 1.0 was Common Test, I noticed the same discrepancy between the 9.22 research numbers and the 1.0 research numbers.

  6. anyone have issues with long load times and game freezes early in the match?


    I’ve heard a solution is to put the game on a SSD instead of a HDD or SSHD, but having a laptop limits me to only one of those, nor do I have the money to throw into a new SSD at the moment. The only other solution I’ve come up with is running the game on low settings and hoping for the best. Help?

    1. Saša says:

      Benjamin, check if your laptop supports M2 Sata. You might be able to use that slot for small SSD (120-240 GB), which should be enough for C (and WoT), while your other files could stay on HDD. That’s what I did on my T440p.

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