World of Tanks: 10 Years In The Making

The idea to create a MMO about tanks appeared exactly 10 years ago. In December 2008, THAT FAMOUS MEETING took place in Piotr Bityukov’s apartment in Moscow. Still… Who invented Tanks? Victor? Slava? Bityukov? Or maybe SerB?

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World of Tanks: 10 Years In The Making

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks: 10 Years In The Making

  1. Sturmi0545 says:

    Just one extremely lucky pick, that tank idea. Soviet backwards-minded militarist/nationalist superpower steel-fantasy meets a demographic of well-earning history/tank enthusiasts that grew up with video games and have been waiting for a decent tank game for quite a while. Ships and Warplanes were logical and related attempts to further that success, but “ideas” like pagan, hybrid wars and the rest of the crapwork portfolio shows that WG has no clue about anything.
    Bigger question than who came up with tanks would be, who at WG decided to fu*k things up that hard to make WoT so unenjoyable.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Also ~ why does Wargame the Company need over 4000 employees? that’s how many people work now at Wargame Corporation in Minsk and Nicosia & World wide

      reason I mention this that ALL those 4000+ employees salaries MUST be epically huge!
      quick calculation shows just salaries are alone over $130 million a year, just salaries?

      suppose that’s why the spam of Premiums Vehicles and Premium etc is at epic levels

      in the last 4 years WG has been incredible poor in its Public Relations with its
      player community so bad in fact its WOT active player base declines by over 20% every year on year … if I was the CEO of Wargame I would be worried

      and yet it still needs 4000+ employees, say again 4000!

      what do they ALL do?

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