World of Tanks’ 10th Anniversary: Join the Celebrations!

Are you ready to party, Commanders?

2020 is a very special year for our project—World of Tanks celebrates its 10th anniversary! You have played your part and completed the Countdown missions as a prelude to the celebrations. Now we invite all of you to join the party and take part in the engaging activities specially prepared for this wonderful occasion. The 10th Anniversary will consist of five thematic Acts beginning, of course, with Act I. Let’s dig into the details.

Act I: Battle!

April 22, 08:30 UTC through May 18, 05:00 UTC

How It Works: Acts, Active Phases, and Anniversary Missions

To get access to the activities of the 10th Anniversary, click on the banner in the lower-right corner in your Garage.

World of Tanks’ 10th anniversary will consist of five thematic Acts, each of them corresponding to certain milestones of the game which have left their mark in the hearts of players. Each Act tells us of the history of our project and its legacy, broken into two-year sections. Veterans will smile and remember the early days, and novices will be surprised to learn some curious facts about our game.

Acts, in turn, will consist of an Active Phase and a Breather.

  • The Active Phase will run for one week, during which you can take part in special Time Warps (more on them below).
  • After completion of an Active Phase, a Breather kicks off. It will last about 20 days, depending on the specific Act.

During both Active Phases and Breathers, you can fulfil Anniversary Missions in Random Battles (including Grand Battles). During the Active Phase, you will have access to a set of 9 missions, divided into 3 consecutive blocks (3 missions each) each of increasing difficulty.

Completing each of these missions will reward you with special game currency, Anniversary Coins. You’ll get more Coins for completing harder missions. After completing the entire set, you’ll unlock an additional daily mission.

During a Breather, you can complete one simple Anniversary Mission in Random Battles (including Grand Battles) once per day and get Anniversary Coins as a reward. Exchange them for valuable items and exclusive customizations in the special in-game Anniversary Store (more on this below).

Anniversary Coins 

You can earn and exchange Anniversary Coins during the 10th Anniversary event.


Special Anniversary Inscriptions to choose from, which you can purchase with Anniversary Coins.


Special Anniversary Emblems to choose from, which you can purchase with Anniversary Coins.

Projection Decals

Special Anniversary Decals to choose from, which you can purchase with Anniversary Coins.

Having completed all Anniversary Missions of the Active Phase of an Act, you will receive a special Gold Key that brings you closer to the ultimate reward (see below for details).

To grab the 10th Anniversary main reward, you need to earn three Gold Keys, so plan your schedule ahead of time!

Redeem Your Rewards!

After earning three Gold Keys, you can get your hands on the mind-blowing 3D style for the  IX T30  , the legendary American Tier IX tank destroyer. World of Tanks veterans may remember that in the very early days of the game, it was a top heavy tank. Over the years, it has changed its vehicle class, but the Т30 still remains a redoubtable adversary on the battlefield. Complete Anniversary Missions, get 3 Gold Keys and outfit this mighty tank destroyer, if you own it, with a truly exclusive custom look! If you don’t have the iconic T30 in your Garage yet, this is a great occasion to research it.

In addition to the 3D style for the T30, you also have a chance to earn:

A medal for participating in the celebration of the 10th anniversary. To do this, you only need to complete one Anniversary Mission during the Active Phase of any Act.

    A cool Act Award for completing all Anniversary Missions of the Active Phase of each Act. There are 5 different Classes of this award available, with the highest Class available only to those who complete all Active Phases in all five Acts.

       A unique badge for completing all the Anniversary Missions of all Active Phases in the five Acts.

       Anniversary Coins received for completing each Anniversary Mission in both Active Phases and Breathers can be exchanged for a bunch of great customization elements.

Anniversary Store

You can exchange Anniversary Coins earned for completing missions in the Active Phase and Breathers in the Anniversary Store. It will be available in a special section of the in-game shop throughout all five Acts—here is where you can find it.

The Anniversary Store has three tabs offering the following:

  • Anniversary gold bundles, supplemented with Anniversary Coins. You can choose one of three packages containing 5,000, 8,750 or 12,500 gold and 100, 200, and 300 Anniversary Coins. Their value in real money will be the same as if you bought this amount of gold in the Premium Shop. But in addition to gold, in each Anniversary bundle you will receive a number of Anniversary Coins for free.
  • Unique customizations, carefully holding the memories of the past. Each emblem, decal or other item in this section is unique and a real collector’s gem. You can purchase the contents of this section for Anniversary Coins. For each Act, new exclusive goodies will be added to this section, including some that have never been offered for sale before. Check them out.

  • Bundles containing legendary vehicles and unique 2D styles. During each Act, a different selection of three iconic vehicles, each with its own exclusive custom look, will be up for grabs. Act I will feature the  VIII M6A2E1  , the  VIII KV-5  , and the  V KV-220-2  . In addition to the personal style for each tank, these bundles will include an additional all-season custom look, made up of fragments of World of Tanks mini-maps relevant to a specific Act.




Useful battle supplies, including consumables, directives, Personal Reserves, and more.

Take Part in Time Warps!

For each of the five Acts, we will launch special Time Warps. These are engaging and unexpected activities for the tank community, related to something significant from the history of World of Tanks of a certain period. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the early days of our game!

Time Warps will only take place during Active Phases. The first of these will be the return of the General Chat in Act I—you can read more about it in a separate article. There will be other exciting Time Warps during other Acts, so stay tuned!

Check Out the Latest Updates on the Info Hub!

The most up-to-date information regarding the 10th Anniversary will be available at the Info Hub, which will become the key access point for this grand celebration. There, we will publish global and regional news, announcements of upcoming Time Warps, etc. Be sure to check it on a regular basis to be on the same wavelength as us!

Learn More About World of Tanks Legacy!

We will also be periodically adding new videos to the Anniversary Archives available in your Garage, on a separate Anniversary Hub tab. They will introduce you to the history of the project and its most significant events and features during each of the five Acts.


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World of Tanks’ 10th Anniversary: Join the Celebrations!

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    Why can’t they just make this easy for everyone. All they need to do is provide a discount on everything for about four days and sell the never released A-32 and M4A2E4 and maybe the T23 that you never see anymore in the game. This is far simpler then the stupid cool downs, on\off phases, codes and lame keys that you have to collect in this silly event that they are running now.

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