World of Tanks 2017 Overview

Good day everyone,

Things have been very slow past few days with the New Year, but WG released this with a few highlights from WG Fest showing off what WG has planned for 2017

Just don’t get distracted by the dancing ladies.

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World of Tanks 2017 Overview

14 thoughts on “World of Tanks 2017 Overview

  1. No matter how many times it I still hate what WG plan to do with the German HT line. I say leave it as is if they aren’t smart enough to think of a way to improve the HT line without making their fake VK72.01 a regular tank

      1. 2goxd says:

        Maybe we should play as dirty as they do.
        Spam them with this type of tickets and let them see how retarded they are.

    1. I derp so many shots into the ground because of that, game wining shots are lost due to my reticle jumping up a full inch because I hovered over some object. It’s especially annoying when trying to shoot at someone who is firing through some window, as my reticle refuses to actually stay on the target.

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