World of Tanks 2017 Schedule

Good day everyone,

Slow day (as are most weekends) but we have a bit of a schedule for upcoming for update 9.20, and a few other events (subject to change and other specifications):

July 25 – 9.20 patch information
26 July – Official announcement for 9.20 on the WoT main page
27 July – 9.20 ends supertest phase
24-30 July – Beginning of the new season for the Global Map
August 2nd – 19th Birthday for WarGaming
2-3 August – First public test server phase for 9.20
August 12th – World of Tanks 7th Anniversary
August 16th – Second public test phase for 9.20
End of Summer – Tentative window for 9.20 release

That’s it for the time being.

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World of Tanks 2017 Schedule

16 thoughts on “World of Tanks 2017 Schedule

  1. Berto72 says:

    Yeah! 19th Birthday for WarGaming+World of Tanks 7th Anniversary… this mean a new, fantastic, amazing gift: a tier II tank! …I can’t wait…. …for the weekend to begin…

    1. Eqro says:

      FUCK THE RANKED goldspamcamp battles fucking give us cw campaign already or even season to play on for fucks sake cw people have waited for so long already

    1. JohnJr says:

      It’s already been said by WG that they don’t plan to “rebalance” the Bat-Chat. Maybe you should follow this blog closer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can somebody find out if there is any chance of the T-45 returning soon? I missed out on getting it and really want it for the collection

  3. Anonymous says:

    huh…. maybe next year they can finally rework the american medium tech tree…. like, seriously buffing the m46 and m48 was totally unnecessary! why couldn’t wg just down tier it and add the m60a1!!!!!

    look at all other nation tech trees… they all have mediums that were made in the 60’s… the m48 was made in 50’s…. adding the m60A1 would not need any unessary buffs to make it historical… plus you can have the option of switching to m60a1e2 starship…. please wg give the u.s medium tech tree the proper attention.

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