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Update 9.18 Trailer

Let’s see if what they say is true.

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World of Tanks

20 thoughts on “World of Tanks

  1. Anonymous says:

    No matter what the arty retarded fansboys say, or the statpaders that cant pad in tier x light anymore the game is better now than it was yesterday, its faster, more fluid…

  2. cyber_pagan says:

    I’m on NA. 9.18 fixes nothing, and makes a lot of things worse – that’s why matchmaking was already “fixed” with the current micropatch. Until they balance med/heavies in the match making, pretty much whoever has the most mediums wins.

    1. I’m sorry you liked getting instantly killed by a single/platoon of orbital sky cannons, losing because of fail platoons, missing in artillery, fighting 14 tanks two tiers higher than you, being on teams with 14 tank destroyers against a non-tank destroyer teams, light tanks not giving an xp boost in platoons, slow ass light tanks, getting the same map 4-5 times in a row, being bottom tier 4-10 times in a row, etc. They definitely did not fix a thing.

      I definitely liked the shit mm and random ass artillery better before the patch as well.

      That said, 9.18 is by no means perfect, it’s an improvement, but more of a two steps forward, one step back as usual. Balancing mediums and heavies was considered in the next mm but since they rushed the 9.18 patch in, it looks like they’re taking changes by increments. I don’t know of a nice way to say this, but don’t make things up out of your ass when you act like a bitch. Otherwise, keep on voicing your opinion.

      1. Marc Schreiber says:

        The negatively about still hold some ground. But the patch has also it strong points:

        About arty:
        – the premium sexton I is still kept original (no stun, for the tier III arty premium.
        – It is hard to make a profit if you stun a lot of tanks but do little dmg….
        – you can still have modest dmg games, but huge ones are rare, due to the missing AP.
        – stun through solid objects is just stupid.
        – It is easy to hit a target, hence you can spread your shots and help those teammates in need to win games or….
        – annoy those competent players by spamming shells all day on their position, yeah…… no this is bad, got constant clicked by arty, in a lt. because I was selected the “only” competent player. and although the dmg is low, it sure is annoying. The problem here is actually xvm, showing who is the “priority” target.

        About the mm,
        It has some flaws. Theoretically, you can get a maus platoon as top tier, with a lot of tier VIII tanks to rape. But being lower tier stock tank is surely not that fucked up anymore. I believe that the team that can push one flank the fastest wins, which often is driven by the number of heavies or mediums, depending on the map. Sadly a lot of city map prefer a push of heavy tanks (e.g. paris). I like the idea of med/heavy balancing, but I would rather see more balanced maps for all tank classes.

        About LTs,
        – it is not the viewrange that is bothering me it is the horrible aiming time and the inability to reliably put in the shots due to the accuracy and pen.
        – the type 64 was OP, it is even more OP with vertical stabs and mm.

        To conclude:
        I have mixed feelings about the patch, yes it fixes everything that LUCASGREENCEESECO said, but it brings some new issues pointed out by countless others. But perhaps that the “ranked” system of 9.19 fixes one of the most annoying things in my opinion: incompetent teammates. Let’s hope that they do not fuck this one up.

      2. Marc, you have a lot of good points, well written man. If there isn’t anything I responded to, it’s probably because I agree with you and nothing needs to be said. Fun read šŸ™‚

        -Making a profit in artillery is entirely dependent on shooting tanks that your team are shooting and not shooting those you want your team to shoot. There is a big difference I think you already know but otherwise, I haven’t noticed any serious change from before the patch where I could have games where I missed every shot I fired. Maybe it’s just me but the cost at tier 8 is on par with the Obj 416, AMX 50 100, and 110 at worst. It most certainly could be a lot worse at tier 9 and 10 but I don’t have any arty at that tier due to my previous distaste for the class.
        -Splashing through solid objects. I would like to note that wargaming renders a lot of cracks in buildings for tanks to shoot through and the nature of stun in a spherical blast radius will bleed through those cracks and over small barriers. I recommend you fiddle with your graphics if you have trouble seeing them but watching a replay from a fresh angle is best. I’d be happy to discuss this more in depth if you’re still not sure what’s happening.
        -I agree xvm is quite an awful system and at best a double edged sword. But as a player with more than 2k wn8, I’ve noted that I don’t really xvm snipe anyone because I don’t have the time and if anyone does attack me, it was more down to me being the only guy getting myself spotted or in a crossfire. Maybe because I am a bit of an optimist but I think xvm snipping is just an egotistical thing most people make up as an excuse. Certainly not impossible, just can’t do it myself so I don’t think most others can do it either kind of deal.

        -I think the Maus was over buffed, a problem that needs to be addressed separate to mm.
        -I think a lot of maps favor heavy pushes because playing medium tanks require more coordination. Paris can be won by a medium rush to mid and pushing the north but it’s that coordination problem that really kills it.

        -I find it interesting that your complaints for light tanks are that they don’t behave more like medium tanks. I agree view range isn’t the killing problem. Overall, light tanks have better soft stats and aim times from the last patch. They are not an overpowered class like those at tier 8 where they made mediums competitively irrelevant. It’s probably best solved with a multi class rebalance. Expensive, but much needed in the long term. I do not believe your ideas here lack merit and could very well solve the problem entirely. Just that there are many ways to bake a cake and the final product is what no one can agree on.
        -Sadly, I think light tanks at tier 5 and 6 were unfairly beaten on. I would not say the Type 64 is overpowered, absolutely miserable tank in a fight because of HE rounds, ram threats, lack luster camo and mobility. Can’t even reliably pen a T-34-85M reliably without gold. Let alone trying to penetrate an O-I at a safe distance. What makes the type 64 great is more of that it didn’t get one of its balls chopped off in the rebalance. Vstabs help a ton, but overpowered would imply a team comp. of nothing but type 64’s would beat a mixed comp. of cromwells, VK 36.01H’s, and type 64’s. If you have any quarrels about such, I’d be happy to duel you as demonstration.

        Finally, I do not doubt ranked systems have their merit. Just that dividing a community for a ranked system is only going to show players how easily the mode will get rigged. First two weeks I guarantee the community will die to less than a hundred players as people complain about being matched up against better players all the time. Otherwise, the 50% winrate that will be born from fixed equality will have a negative impact on a lot of players looking to win in competitive games. Ranked systems really only should be used to reshuffle 70% chance to win games which almost completely exclude half or more of the players from getting damage and thus experiencing the game.

        I speak negatively of divided communities due to the failing qualities of rampage and ranked team battles. I might be entirely wrong because this is just an assumption from design principles but I would not put much faith in the system as anything but as a “I told you so” from wargaming that ranked systems do not work.

  3. Worldatwar2 says:

    I was really looking foward to 9.18, with the new matchmaker, arty changes and the new LTs. And so far the MM works great, the LTs are fun. But Artillery….. its annoying to play and to play against. The stun mechanic renders heavy armoured tanks a bit useless, thd splash can hit you wou while you’re standing behind a building and altho they can’t oneshot you anymore, the permanent stun is painfull :/
    On the artillery side: the price of the shells hasn’t changed (looking at my Obj.261), which makes the profitability on tier X (Haha “profitability = -30k on a defeat) even worse :/
    Im wondering what their next move will be. What do you guys think?

  4. VladCelTroll says:

    Just like the others, I have very mixed feelings…

    Remember, I’m a non-arty player, but I gotta say: they are nearly OP. Hopped in into one of my old tier 6 arties and started wreaking havoc even in tier 8. It’s surprisingly accurate, compared to back in the day when you would barely hit anything. It also doesn’t feel as sluggish as it used to. Besides all of that, it became a god at shotgunning.

    Tested a few of the ‘new’ lights, namely the RU 251, LTTB (which I received for no apparent reason), T-50 and Bulldog.
    Some of them feel just like they were (LTTB), but barely make any money. Uptiering them automatically lowered their profitability. Not the same applies to T-50, which now feels like a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ machine. RU 251 received possibly the biggest buff: APCR shells. Their flying speed is million times better than that of the AP shells. The first game I hopped into my RU, I did great (over 3k dmg, lost money due to the repairs). The HWK and ELC were sold right away. Didn’t even try them once.

    The new MM clearly solved any problems that the old one had. Besides sometimes placing you too many times in bottom tier (experienced this in my Lee), it feels pretty fair. Sometimes it places too many similar tanks on the same team (eg: our team has 3 Ikv 90, enemy had 2 E-25 and one SU-152), but that’s not much of a problem. It also sometimes places, for instance, 2 TD’s as follows:
    Our team has 2 bottom tier.
    Their team has 1 bottom tier and 1 mid tier.
    This can affect the outcome a lot and happens quite often.

    As for arty platoons, well… it sucks when you’re literally 1vs29 but it’s for the better. Having 3 arties in a platoon and focusing you isn’t that fun.

    I think that’s it. Still, there are some things that I’d like them to change. Anyways, I’m sort of in-between: let’s say 65% satisfaction rating.

  5. z33dho says:

    first of all I have to say I enjoy this new patch. With all the nerf/buff news flying around I had a feeling that it is going to ruin the game. So I downloaded the patch and took out some of my favorites that were affected by the latest changes (ELC, T-50, S-51, FV-304, T54-ltw, T37, etc) So far I see no difference in the ELC, can do my usual damage/battle, T-50 is more than usable again, S-51 slight drop in damage but still able to get 2-3 kills per battle, one-shot a RHM :D, FV-304 feels a little bit worse than before, Ltw – could not experience significant drop off.

    What I noticed, that I had at least 1 arty in each battle I played, with arty(s) getting 2-6 kills per battle. I know it is a small sample size, but it is not reflecting the big arty nerf yet.

    Played some T10-s and I noticed that sometimes one team has 6-7 meds/heavies and the other one has 4-5, which affects the meta. I have been on city maps, where the extra heavies facilitated a push to the cap and fending off the mediums coming back to reset the cap. This happened a few times.

    On the other side have played on some more open maps where the extra mediums meant that they would swarm an area and rendering 2-3 heavies obsolete in less then 1 minute, then just finishing up the other tanks, getting an easy victory.

    All said and as stated above, based on limited battle sample, the patch is not atrocious.

    – not getting one-shot by arty (yet)
    – T-50 usable again
    – somewhat balanced MM (still does not compensate for the skill/experience of teammates)
    – being able to reset the cap more while blind firing with arty, due to the increased radius

    – since T54-ltw was moved up, need to grind for the Chinese T8 light to have something decent in T8 CW/SH
    – still getting the odd game crash 1-2 times a day

    All in all it could have been way worse. Happy hunting.

  6. Marc Schreiber says:

    He LUCASGREENCHEESECO, thanks for the reply, I have nothing to add to the discussion. you said: “Iā€™d be happy to duel you as demonstration.” (regarding a duel with a type64)

    I think it is map and tank dependent, who would win, but I like the offer. Note that it now also has +-2 mm, which make the tank more relevant. Of course, HE kills the type64 fast, but because of the low HP, getting shots off without being shot at is a priority in that machine. The type64 is a good tank for good players, much like the t67

  7. qwerqwer says:

    “Re-join the battle now”

    Feels like WG is losing players and is desperate

    I myself don’t log in often nowadays

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