World of Tanks Birthday


today marks exactly 6 years that World of Tanks was released.

It’s impressive that the game managed to survive this long, it can be rage inducing at times, things may be “how terrible” and “when its done its done” and sometimes even go”Rubicon” but at the end of the day, they have built a really good formula.

I personally, been playing games for as long I can remember and never spent this much years interested, passionate and playing a game on the weekly basis.

Happy birthday Wargaming, Happy Birthday World of Tanks!


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World of Tanks Birthday

25 thoughts on “World of Tanks Birthday

  1. Conrad says:

    Agreed. Never invested as much time and money in any other game. Long may it continue. And thanks Rita, for all that you do with this blog. Appreciated.

  2. docbassie says:

    Lets hope they will not stop expanding and improving 😀 (#new engine #more tanks #mm #stock tanks #noobs #gold shells)

    1. Anonymous says:

      in the future they have to stop at one point since they can’t add any more lines then bevause then they don’t have any left over blueprints or other things to use. and then they will have to resort to fantasy tanks lank the vk.72 lowe

      1. wolvenworks says:

        i can say it’s not indonesia. we never had anything of that scale (giant one-piece LED screen, lots of WG girls, photographers lining greedily, 2 dudes in a black jacket)

  3. yurrasickpark says:

    With bullshit like current state arty, gold ammo, roulette levels of RNG and such poor balance I too wonder how it stayed popular for that long and how anyone sane is still playing. From what WG Minsk has shown so far I have very little faith that they can fix the game, instead of milking the dying cow with countless premium tanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I started playing computer games when Pong was in the arcades. I have never played so many hours of any game since before WoT, in fact I doubt I’ve spent so many hours on my computer in many years. WoT has faults & many of them, but it does the job – it keeps me entertained.

  5. Major Rager says:

    Still uninstalled 14 months
    23k players at peak hours on NA now.
    Still streamers raging at same crappy formula
    Several Youtubers completely gave up/abandon the game.
    Added two new games thinning the herd even more
    Cannot find game balance undone over the years due to battle at headquarters with balance vs profit.
    Still feeding the remaining players Bread and Circus with pretty/new tanks and guns that sound like restaurant freezer door slamming.
    6 years and it only took less than 2 to destroy it, Improved?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Uninstalled for 14 months, yet you check how many players are still online at peak hours, spend time keeping informed on the game, on youtubers who play or played the game… and keep complaining about the game as a whole it seems… Maybe you need to let the game really go instead of paying lipservice to it.

      Also to your list of complaints I’d like to add another one: Still a largely toxic community which wraps itself in complaint after complaint, never happy, always blaming, never looking in the mirror.

      IF there’s one thing I’d hope WG would address it’s the endless cursing and abuse hurtled at people often of the same team and often before the battle has even started. That’s what gets people in a negative spiral and it never does any good.

    2. Robert Adamson says:

      Why bother posting or reading the blog then ? Your comment seems a bit redundent, specially when you havent played in 14 months.

  6. SMGJohn says:

    6 years and then they ruined it by making gold available for silver and made every tank more accurate.
    I will cherish the older times when the game was actually fun to play.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, despite the problems the game has it is the only game that I have played for over 5 years. At the end of the day, you are not getting artied, bush sniped, ammo racked, or set on fire all day.

    I hope the game continue to develop and attract players so NA can get a larger player base. Fix the issue of arty and nonplayable turretless TDs and certainly reward tanks

  8. Anonymous says:

    LOL at people taking time to read game blog, complain about balance. Balance is better than 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago…

    I recall fearing a tier X T30 in a top tier tier 8 MT, or playing in a tier 6 against it. Balance is nothing to complain about anymore, lol.

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