World of Tanks Blitz Steam Test

Good day everyone,

Just a brief bit of news, from now until Monday, October 24th, World of Tanks Blitz is letting Steam users test the game out before its full release, which is currently set for sometime in November.


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World of Tanks Blitz Steam Test

23 thoughts on “World of Tanks Blitz Steam Test

    1. Probably would become an option for people whose computers are not good enough to run the PC edition of World of Tanks…but if the multiplayer means that I can play against iPad players…I’ll be able to have an easy time xD I’ve heard quite a lot of stories on the incompetence of players in Blitz. Controlling the outcome of every match will become a lot easier for me now.

      1. Experiences from the Windows Store version of Blitz for Windows say you won’t be able to play against iPads – there are separate queues for touchscreen players and mouse+keyboard players.

    2. If I understand correctly, the Steam release means Blitz is gonna come to Win7 and 8, which is pretty great news. Also, Blitz has many innovations that didn’t get to the “big” game, which make grinding generally friendlier – for example, sixth sense doesn’t require crew training, it’s available on every tank by default.

      1. whitesample says:

        And the VK 28.01 has this gun:
        7,5cm K.w.K 40 L/48
        AP: Avg. Pen: 110mm Avg. Dmg 160
        APCR: Avg. Pen: 158mm Avg. Dmg: 160
        HE: Avg. Pen: 38mm Avg. Dmg: 200
        Accuracy: .39
        Aiming Time: 1.7s

        They were the first to increase the short 8.8 pen from 132 to 145 too…
        So yeah, they are more competent that current PC devs.

    3. InGameName(wotblitz): Life_Defying says:

      If you release the game on steam it will allow players who decided not to update to Windows 10. So players from windows 7, 8, and 8.1, or even for the players that don’t have capable smart phones, it gives them access to wot blitz for the PC and generates for potential sales as they increase the platform “scope”. So it is a logical decision for War gaming to release wot blitz on Steam.

  1. Personally, I still think it’s a very bad idea to let non-mobile users play on Blitz. Not only will it split the playerbase even more, it will also give other players a huge advantage. I played Blitz on my Shield with the controller and it plays much better compared to other mobile devices. Imagine the advantage computer users will have. Unless they use different servers which by itself is just another bad idea…

      1. Asghaad says:

        and what will happen when people start to use bluretooth mouse an keyboard to control the game ? if bluetooth gamepad can be mapped externally to translate into touch controls so can m+kb …

      2. Ah so they are in a separate cluster. Well, at least that’s a good thing, but that still begs the question why even bother at all? They kept WoT development back so much to keep it running on old russian potatoes, so better performance can’t be it. The only reason I can think of is the lack of artillery. But is that enough for people to start the same game all over again?

      3. RM Hampel says:

        Sorry, that’s old news. I play Blitz on my Mac and tablet. The queues were merged recently. So now PC/Mac players are on the same queue as tablets.

  2. svalsbard says:

    Finally, WG will stop having to hear people whine about artillery. If you don’t like it, you can play Blitz which doesn’t have it. Blitz also has anime and ahistorical tanks all over the place (like the double barrelled Helsig just released) so people that want fantasy tanks can go there too.

    Only thing left would be to unify gold between the two games.

    1. whitesample says:

      If you dont like being on Siria with the war go away.
      Yeah, that why Europe has a ton of refugees coming almost everyday.

      Since I am weeaboo I would love to see some anime tanks. Oh yeah, you can with mods.
      Also my brother has better ping playing Blitz. (Yeah, WG, your pc servers suck.)
      Problem with artillery will not be fixed. (Thats the concclusion ive realized after 3 years playing)
      They cant even unify gold from WOWS. What did you expect?

  3. anon says:

    To get this straight:
    they throw an app port…. – the 5ths row quality… onto a service like steam, which has a million better games…
    instead of using their main horse and give it to an even bigger audience?

    Shoot me. For real.

  4. SMGJohn says:

    LOL graphics somehow manage to be worse than the closed beta version of World of Tanks…
    Oh well it was fun on the phone with a controller, let us see how it plays out on the PC, would be cool if they released it for Linux too so the Linux players can have fun with us.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve played Blitz on the PC quite a lot – it’s not the same game. It’s like WoT in slow motion. The graphics, while being very crisp, colourful & looking detailed (grass effects, etc), also look very artificial and generic, with no real sharp edges in the terrain.

    It didn’t hold my attention very long.

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