World of Tanks Cobi Nano Models

Good day everyone,

Not much in terms of news today, but theres always something new to empty your wallet. In collaboration with WG, Cobi released a new series of miniature models.


The series so far consists of SU-85, T-34, Cromwell, Tiger I, Panther, and Leopard 1.

Each of the tiny buggers is around 72 pieces and comes with a code for an auto fire extinguisher and food consumable. You can check out the series and Cobi’s larger scale models here.

All I can think of is that these things would hurt like hell to accidently step on!

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World of Tanks Cobi Nano Models

11 thoughts on “World of Tanks Cobi Nano Models

  1. Nevermind says:

    FK me mate… slow news day? I there there was a kitten stuck in a tree down the street, or maybe a game that the MM really stacked one side….

  2. I like how the cromwell and SU-85 are the largest of these mini tanks.

    How about talk about the world of tanks scavenger hunt and how it’s impossible to get a code unless you search for it at 6 am in the morning instead of going to work?

  3. VladCelTroll says:

    My mum would throw me off the window along with the tanks had I bought any of them. Don’t dare asking what happened to my superb 1:35 scale Lego KT. Please, don’t do it 🙁

  4. sturmi0545 says:

    I don’t know. If you like decent tank models without having to do hours of nerdy glueing and painting, I still prefer these:
    They got goodlooking stuff (yes, it’s a tabletop game), that’s easily assembled and painted quickly.
    I hate that WG and business friends try to sell us every brick with a pointy stick in it as tank. People got so enthusiastic about tanks (which is a good thing), but they forgot everything they’ve learned about quality and the price/cost of things. What a careless, money-throwing bunch we’ve become.

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