World of Tanks Console: Black Friday Tank Update

Good day everyone,

Yesterday the announcment of the Black Edition tanks for WoT Console was met with fairly negative reception (from the community, and your guys’ votes here). Complaints ranging from these being yet another series of reskins to prices being increased from there original announcments.

Well, at least part of those complaints have been adressed by Console Creative Director TJ Wagner, aka. PAINGod:

Dear Paulie P (you knucklehead you),

When I left you in charge of the Ironclad lot so I could supervise the production of these once in a lifetime “Black Edition” tanks, I thought to myself “There’s no way he could screw this up!” Things were actually looking pretty good. Discounts were a bit stingy on the daily deals but they sold surprisingly well. Pretty good staff you got working for you there.

Then, I wake up this morning to an inbox full of complaints all about the “Black Edition” tanks that I’ve been working so hard on. You call those deals?! Did you fail out of kindergarten math? On top of it all, it’s Black Friday and supposed to be the biggest sales of the year!

I got thousands of these Black tanks on the way to the lot right now — THOUSANDS! You and the team need to get to fixing this, NOW. So, here’s what you’re going to do, increase the discounts!

  • Back in Black Mega Bundle: 35% Off
  • Back in Black Ultimate Bundle: 30% Off
  • Back in Black Duo (I, II, III) Bundles: 20% Off
  • Individual Black Edition Tank Bundles: 15% Off

You and the team need to get the word out. And before you ask, I don’t care if some of them are better deals than the normal tanks. Don’t forget to mention these Black Edition tanks earn 75% more Tank XP per battle.


The Big Boss,



While a nice gesture, a few of the console community have pointed out that some of the bundles are still more expensive than there original announcment prices (ex.STA-2 Black Edition: Originally 7,400 gold, went up to 8,700 gold, now 7,800 gold).

The original prices were admitted to be an error on WarGamings part, but thats little consolation to players who already spent massive amounts of money to buy these, only to find out its still not enough.

What do you guys think? Is the gesture by WG Chicago a good enough gesture? Or should they have dockedcthe prices down to their original announcment prices?

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World of Tanks Console: Black Friday Tank Update

22 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console: Black Friday Tank Update

  1. 75% more tank xp? Is that usual on the console? If not, that could at least partially explain a slightly higher price.

    Still, this doesn’t seem to look even remotely like anything Black Friday related…

    1. Renzo says:

      No it is not usual. The only tanks that had a XP boost before these black tanks were the AMX Chaffee and the T-34-88. And those only had a 50% XP boost

  2. Necro says:

    Where the French toast is WG PC when they overprice crap?! The devs don’t seem to give a shim about us.

    Take for example here in the NA server, the generic Pz.IV Hydrostat is being sold for $100 USD!!!??? Community cries about it and WG ignores it.

  3. Just Call Me Zo says:

    Classic PR move. If you’re in upper level, blame and chastise someone below you publicly for a ‘grievous mistake,’ make yourself look good, give a “meh” discount and brush it under the rug. It accomplishes 3 things: gives a little good PR, strokes said honcho’s ego, and it stops bad publicity to a large degree. Nothing surprising or confidence inspiring here.

  4. Why not sell the a limited edition black camo for less then the cost of standard camo for the aformentioned black edition tanks? I feel its a bit unjust to force people that own the tank to pay for a new tank. And people can buy the black edition if they dont already have the tank and it comes with the black camo permanently unlocked like with the AC tanks on PC where it gave a special camo to equip

    You would think that it would be simple to understand this logic.

  5. CelticArchangel says:

    I don’t play console WoT.. but that entire “reply” article pissed me off eight ways from Sunday.

    Drop the BS line of “Black tanks on the way to the lot right now — THOUSANDS! You and the team need to get to fixing this, NOW. So, here’s what you’re going to do, increase the discounts!” …it’s seriously pulled from cheesy car commercial you’d hear on the radio.

    True colors shown, I’m sorry. They may work hard and have to put up with a lot… but this PR stunt is sloppy. You advertise for a price, you sell for that price, period.

    1. pixywing says:

      Them overcharging what they said was going to be the price, then cutting the price so it is still more than the price they said it was going to be and calling it listening to the community is absolutely disgusting. Stuff like this makes me so glad I stopped spending money on the game in February 2015.

  6. Homer_J says:

    Looks like every black Friday deal I’ve seen. Put the prices up just before, then reduce them again and claim it’s a bargain. Biggest sale of the year? More like biggest scam (or scamola).

    P.S. someone needs to work on their there. 😉

  7. SerB's Rasp of Nerf says:

    That sounds like the classic double glazing/car salesman trick of “ringing the boss” to get a “discount”
    Pretty meh but hey I don’t play console so it doesn’t bother me.

  8. Honcho says:

    Whats with the people that already have those tanks in “standard ptemium” editon? Will they have to buy them again? I would hate to see one of my premiums to be resold in a different color with 75% more XP per battle… i would certainly be mad.

    1. pixywing says:

      Wait till next year when they have another colored version and they have 100% more XP per battle. They have screwed EVERY player who has ever bought a premium and acting like they are listening to the community. Just disgusting.

  9. If WG made this mistake in EU, then the Cyprus HQ has broken EU trading laws and is likely to be prosecuted. See for reference; the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD: Directive 2005/29/EC). Schedule 1 para 6 reads “6. Making an invitation to purchase products at a specified price and then—

    (a)refusing to show the advertised item to consumers, ”

    So either they sell the items at the advertised price, or the EU regulator will be after them.

  10. pixywing says:

    I love how they say they are listening to the player base, yet still have re-enabled the forum posts that go with each announcement so people can discuss each announcement easily. Guess they got sick of being told what they were doing wrong and instead of fixing it just ignored it as Clan Wars on the NA server died and most of the player base left with it. Fridays on the NA server usually had 55k players and now its hard to break 25k. Don’t even mention what a Tuesday morning looks like.

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