World of Tanks Console- Captured KV-1 Elite

Interesting (not depressing) bit of news from the console side,

A few players from the consile community spotted this little gem in the online Microsoft Store, a captured KV-1 with a 57mm.


The bundle comes with 30 days of Premium Account time, equipment, and can train Soviet and German crews. Players who have purchased the tank say they can see it in the their garage but aren’t able to take it into battle yet. Since this hasn’t shown up on the Xbox Live stores or the in-game shop, it’s safe to say this was a bit premature (more or less confirmed by WG staff here).

Have to wonder why that didn’t go with an existing KV-1 with a German 75mm gun though.

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World of Tanks Console- Captured KV-1 Elite

15 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console- Captured KV-1 Elite

  1. Ioruba - NA server says:

    humm and I’m still waiting for over 5 years now for the German captured KV2…. the said back in 2011 they will do it as a premium tank… and still nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gaylords !

  2. Znieh says:

    Really? I’ve wanted them to come out with more Beutepanzers like forever, but no. Why are they so dumb on the PC! I would buy this shit in a heartbeat.

  3. They didn’t go with the 75mm because the gun is garbage, and if you wanted a KV with a weak 75 you would buy the KV-220-2 to make up for it… this way its at least a little competitive…

    1. I don’t really think it is about it being competitive, personally i’d rather have the captured Kv-1 with the german 75 just because it is not a downright clone of the russian kv-1. While it may be shit at least it is not just a reskin.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you look on a Facebook page called World of Tank Xbox English, someone’s got one in the garage and put all the stats and details up.

  5. Teknokraatti says:

    A DPM monster KV-1 with the ability to train both German AND Russian heavy crews? I’d be pretty interested should it come to PC as well. Assuming, of course, that it is otherwise similar to the normal KV-1 with the 57.

    Can’t really say I like the skin though, but still better than the Liberte or Patriot

      1. Anonymous says:

        With the console you only have to train the commander so you don’t have anything to do with the rest of the crew.

  6. seanpwnery says:

    Pretty annoying that a “Captured KV” – one of the oldest tanks on the WoT trees from release, has yet to make it to the PC version in *any* iteration.

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