World of Tanks Console Halloween Events

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From October 28th to November 1st World of Tanks Console will feature themed events for both the recently released “Monster” premium tanks and the return of the T-34-85 Spectre.


Monster Mash

During the event, any purchased or earned Monster themed premiums will have a special matchmaking queue and be placed into an event where they will have new abilities.

T71 Lycan


-Improvements to speed, accuracy, and handling while at a full clip.

-Invulnerable to fall damage.

-Will return to its normal form when the clip is empty.


Gorynych KV-5


– Spits high damaging explosive fireballs.

-Firebreath will ignite nearby enemies.

-Slowely regenerates HP.


Revenant Kraft’s Panther


-Reduced damage from shots, except the turret (aim for the head!)

-Doesn’t reveal position when spotted.

-Moves slower than usual, but near impossible to track.


Kaiju O-I


-Shoots lightning bolts.

-Repairs damaged modules quickly.

-Immune to fire breath.

-Fires atomic breath that damages nearby enemies.


PvE Modes: “Beware the Full Moon” and “Hunt the Revenants”

“Beware the Full Moon” will be set on Himmelsdorf- Night where the players will be tasked with destroying a swarm of T71 Lycans. “Hunt the Revenants” will see a group of T-34 Spectres fighting off undead Revenant Panthers on Thiepval Ridge.


While I’m not the biggest fan of seeing crazy “themed” tanks running around in random battles, I love it when WarGaming Chicago-Baltimore goes all out for holiday events, and being a big fan of the season, this gets a thumbs up from me.


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World of Tanks Console Halloween Events

31 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console Halloween Events

      1. That would just be epic, would probably scare the crap out of people you sneak up on…well if it is possible to sneak up on another tank with the huge monster that tank is.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do I feel that (almost) everything that need fixed / desired in WoT PC, they are already done in WoT Console / Blitz ?

      1. Uggala says:

        Why is always someone bitching about this useless shitcan when this comes up? It kills one or two lemmings that would have died anyway, and then its dead or a one hit to everything else. I really wonder how much the likes of you will howl, cry and wail when you finally get the Grille 15….

    1. pixywing says:

      That’s because the console team is competent and the PC team is run by Russians which means it will be over budget, underperforming, and several months/years after the deadline.

      1. pixywing says:

        Everytime I look at WoT PC I just feel disgusted seeing the incompetence that has ruined a good game, although the console version is far superior despite 2 years development to the PC’s 6 although that’s what happens when you have Russians develop a game.

  2. PC wargaming must learn from console! Console already has the chieftain and now this sick event??? I gotta buy me an X-Box haha

    The panther looks super freaky, wished the weak points were just the eyes and not the entire head

    1. Console stuff, says in the post, and to be fair, PC did have the 100 years of tanks event with the convoy mode, better than console’s mark 1 mode which got bland fast, maybe this is payback? or maybe console is learning a thing or two of wacky paint jobs from world of tanks blitz

      1. Nighty says:

        The convoi mode for PC was total panic/chaos and started to get boring after 2-3 rounds. I wish i could have driven the Mark like in the console special…

  3. Anonymous says:

    You really don’t want the Console Devs, they actually think the Waffle E100 is balanced and tier 10 TD’s should keep the 850 alpha.

  4. Dunbar1 says:

    Why are you all complaining. The PC version has these specials everyday. Ghost shells, disappearing tanks, tanks suddenly manifesting in front of you with no warning. PC players are blessed.Oh, 1 more. WG makes tanks that never existed from the dead parts of other frakentanks for us!

    1. pixywing says:

      I had my M5 Stuart die from ramming a arty that never appeared until 3 seconds after I was dead. This is the same computer I run League of Legends on Ultra with 300 fps and 8 ms ping.

      1. first of all, your computer is strong enough to manage a space mission to the moon and back, second, that kind of computer exists? third, you must live practically next door to the league of legend servers to get that low ping and at the same time, the world of tanks servers must live next door to the league of legend servers which would explain the steady stream of new liars in world of tanks.

    1. Renzo says:

      The WZ-111 is already spotted once in random battles and there is already a screenshot of the next premium comic book firefly

  5. wolvenworks says:

    WoT Console: because if they put it in PC, the Wehraboos are gonna break into their rendition of “German Neo-Nazi whining”

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