World of Tanks Console- Heilbronn

A brief bit of news from our fellow console players on the Russian side of the world: A new map in testing called Heilbronn.


Thats all for the time being. Going off only a screen shot, its nice to see WG C-B moving away from the three-lane corridor map style. Looks to be roughly the standard 1km×1km (judging by the auto-detection circle around the player).

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World of Tanks Console- Heilbronn

11 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console- Heilbronn

  1. Nya-chan Production says:

    “Going off only a screen shot, its nice to see WG C-B moving away from the three-lane corridor map style.”

    First lane – city
    Second lane – middle of the map, roughly along the road that goes base to base
    Third lane – Southern corner, around the hill.

    All maps have only 3 – 4 lanes, because of their size. City maps, open maps… all maps.

    1. I get your meaning, I was more refering to the more obvios maps such as Abby, Lakeville, or Great Wall that effectivly cut the team off from each other, making it harder for one side to support to other.

      But yes, even the most open map is going to have lanes.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Steppes is a good example I think. There are a few “paths”, but it is easy to support the other sides w/o straying too far from your “line.” From the looks of it, the 8-0 lines has some nice hills that watch over nearly the entire map (except the 1-2 lines and portions of line 3)

        What’s funny is that I like the Console version more in comparison to the PC (except the whole “Package” idea. Why not have individual components and these preset “Packages”)

      2. @Wheeledtank: There is a risk to having hills like that covering the whole map (or most of it). Just look at Prokhorovka. Guys on the hill sniping the rest of the map so players are too scared to move forward. Yet you can’t rush the hill, because you get shot from the middle. All in all one big stand-of and most often, the campers win.

      3. There is a risk to maps with a hill covering most of the map. Just look at Prokhorovka. You have people camping the hill, sniping the rest of the map scaring off players into camping. And you can’t effectively rush the hill to take it, because you’ll be sniped from the middle. It usually ends up with the camping side winning, simply because it was easier for them to do damage…

  2. I was stationed in Heilbronn in the 70’s, Lived at Wharton Barracks on the hill, used to find old WWII items buried there, including a fully functional Teller anti-tank mine buried behind barracks.

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