World of Tanks Console Holiday Modes

Just in time for the holidays, World of Tanks Console players are getting a few new modes to fit the season.

Toy Tank Return


The child-friendly Toy Tank mode returns from last year, this time with random power-ups being dropped as tanks are destroyed, anything from increased horsepower to HP replenishment!

Krampus’s Last Stand

New this year will be two PvE missions: “Present Stealer” and “The Coal Bringer”. Both individual missions will reward 10,000 credits and completion of both will reward a “Don’t Fear the Krampus” medal. The monstrosity being hunted? This…


Well, that certainly wasn’t expected!

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World of Tanks Console Holiday Modes

12 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console Holiday Modes

    1. Glenn A says:

      what the guy above me meant to say was “I’m an entitled little shit who is blind to the awesome Holiday OPs event”

      seriously the Holiday Ops event is better than any on track event and its a month long thing.

      1. RedX says:

        A little shit indeed. God damn those fun and adorable. I’d love playing them on PC. But we’ll never get that mode as its for console.

        I wonder if their going to do anything on PC?

    1. wolvenworks says:

      hey at least the Skorpion was on sale. best investment ever i did in WoT since i bought the T34 in EU server 3 years back

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