World of Tanks Console: Japanese Heavies and New Maps

WarGaming West has announced that the Japanese heavy line will be loosed upon the console populace on Thursday, October 6th, along with two new maps.


As on PC, the new line will stat with the Tier 3 Type 91 and stretch to the Tier X Type 5 Heavy.


The first of the new maps is a German based one, Heilbronn. Featuring hilly terrain to the east and a small urban area to the west, with a river splitting it.


Karelia now gets an variant. Despite the wording on the portal, this will be a aesthetic variant. View ranges and radio ranges will remain unaffected.


The devs will be hosting a livestream on Thursday, October 6th at 17:00 ET to show off the new line and maps. Catch it here

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World of Tanks Console: Japanese Heavies and New Maps

14 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console: Japanese Heavies and New Maps

  1. im so happy that wg console is worried more about making more of their shit maps, importing tanks, and making premiums out tech tree tanks, thank god we have those instead of game balance, oh and the Gorynych Kv-5 sees tier 10’s

  2. GU7 says:

    Why… does this look so much better than the PC variant? I mean seriously, what are people using for PC’s that prevent them from doing the same thing?! Are they using Toasters?!!

      1. Sadly most Russians don’t have a lot of money and play WoT on potatoes which limits what they can do for us guys with great gaming rigs. They always have to keep in mind the large portion of the playerbase that has poopcomputers. I though I read somewhere (must be a year ago or something) that somewhere between 30-50% of WoT population plays WoT on a pc that is below the minimum requirements.

    1. pixywing says:

      Consoles like the Xbox and Playstation are far far better than the average Russian toaster. I don’t mind the graphics aspects of World of Tanks, but taking 18 months to nerf the KV-1S and over 2 years to remove the Waffle after saying it was a problem then calling the player-base that played said tank Retards didn’t help the cause.

      When it takes 1.5-2 years to fix one tank, I don’t even want to wait around for the decades that will be the arty re balance.

      1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        You think the exact same as I do, and likely many others, too. Russia will never become like the West. So it’s futile to ask Russia to modernize faster so the West can have their better graphic tanks. (To be quite honest, Russia’s useless. They don’t contribute much to the global economy except crude oil. Even their population isn’t that intelligent, either.) But they can definitely fix their ineptness and unwillingness to accept errors and finish projects in a relatively timely manner.

    2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      You realize that the Xbox One/PS4 are the most powerful consoles on the market, right? Unlike computers, these consoles are built to a consistent standard. Computers are more versatile so people have different models, specs, builds, etc. Much of the Russian playerbase uses very old machines, some even as old as 5 years. WG can’t make it look ultra nice because it only caters to the wealthier western nations. By toning graphics down, it can be played by both the lower and higher end machines. If you want WG to make their PC version look as nice as console, they only have two options: (1) leave the poorer Slavs in the dust and only cater to the West or (2) push Russia to make better paying jobs.

    3. they are playing on vodka dispensers.fuck it when are the paying pc players will have features like weather,havok, hd maps,effects.they even haven’t done the hd remodelling for two years now.really disheartening to see my rig have lesser graphics than console which is preposterous.

    4. Thomas A. says:

      PC: Bigworld engine
      Console: Havok engine

      PC: complete crew training
      Console: just train your commander with all skill and perks plus extra ones for various playstyles (ex: Green thumb perk for sniping)

  3. Tommy_Gun says:

    Graphics does not mean a lot today. What I mean is you don’t play WoT for graphics. There are far better looking games out there.
    The only real advantage of WoT consoles version (and also mobile version; WoT:Blitz) from gameplay perspective is lack of mods aka cheats.

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