World of Tanks Console: Monster Hunt Operations

Good day all,

WarGaming West has announced a Halloween themed operation for October with the chance to win one of three monster themed tanks: Kaiju O-I, Lycan T71, or Revenant Kraft’s Panther from the World of Tanks: Roll Out! comic series. Complete details of the op will be released later.

You can only earn one of the three for free using the operation, however you can purchase all of them in a mega bundle along with a Gorynych themed KV-5.



During the event (Oct.3-31), themed tanks purchased from the store will recieve loot drops for victories. These include:

-2000 silver

-Small or large First Aid

-Small or large Repair Kits

-3× Experience

-5× Crew Experience

-1 Day of Premium

Kraft’s Exclusive Panther Skill

Purchasing the Revenant Panther from the in-game store will grant an exclusive crew skill: Supply Conservation, grants yourcommander the ability to conserve a consumable used in battle.


Each of these tanks (save Gorynych) will be available in various bundles from Oct.3 7:01 UTC to Nov. 1 6:59 UTC


A “Monster Mash” event is also planned for late October were these tanks will be granted special abilities and a possible reappearance of the special T-34-85 Specter event. More details to be released later.


Gotta say, considering some of the paint jobs we get on console, I’m glad these are as restrained as they are, while still looking useable!

Though I am a bit concerned about another exclusive skill thats only able to be bought. While this one has little effect in battle, the previous comic tank came with a Crew Skill that reduced oberall gun dispersion. Hopefully WG Chicago took note of player concerns and will restrict any further buyable crew skills/perks to things that won’t affect crew or tank performance.


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