World of Tanks Console: Monster Hunt Operations

Good day all,

WarGaming West has announced a Halloween themed operation for October with the chance to win one of three monster themed tanks: Kaiju O-I, Lycan T71, or Revenant Kraft’s Panther from the World of Tanks: Roll Out! comic series. Complete details of the op will be released later.

You can only earn one of the three for free using the operation, however you can purchase all of them in a mega bundle along with a Gorynych themed KV-5.



During the event (Oct.3-31), themed tanks purchased from the store will recieve loot drops for victories. These include:

-2000 silver

-Small or large First Aid

-Small or large Repair Kits

-3× Experience

-5× Crew Experience

-1 Day of Premium

Kraft’s Exclusive Panther Skill

Purchasing the Revenant Panther from the in-game store will grant an exclusive crew skill: Supply Conservation, grants yourcommander the ability to conserve a consumable used in battle.


Each of these tanks (save Gorynych) will be available in various bundles from Oct.3 7:01 UTC to Nov. 1 6:59 UTC


A “Monster Mash” event is also planned for late October were these tanks will be granted special abilities and a possible reappearance of the special T-34-85 Specter event. More details to be released later.


Gotta say, considering some of the paint jobs we get on console, I’m glad these are as restrained as they are, while still looking useable!

Though I am a bit concerned about another exclusive skill thats only able to be bought. While this one has little effect in battle, the previous comic tank came with a Crew Skill that reduced oberall gun dispersion. Hopefully WG Chicago took note of player concerns and will restrict any further buyable crew skills/perks to things that won’t affect crew or tank performance.


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World of Tanks Console: Monster Hunt Operations

28 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console: Monster Hunt Operations

    1. Anonymous says:

      its a good thing the console is ass backwards about their priorities, “free” tanks which in reality the bundle to get them all will cost you about $138

  1. Console premium shop looks more balanced. They dont sell overpriced overpowered premium tanks that will never be sold in gamer to people with tons of spare gold and are only time limited offers so if you cant buy it now you’ll maybe not get another chance (unless the tank is collector and exclusive, in which case they’ll do the exact opposite and sell it again 3 months later).

    PC prems would be fine if they were available at any time in the premium shop in game, and not just for a week in overpriced bundles on the premium store only.

    Console only sells exclusive skins, not exclusive tanks, so that’s better. But I guess on PC we can get reskins for free with mods so we’re gonna keep drowning uder the flow of premium clones made in WG’s “priority is rebalance” department.

    1. Don’t see how an O-I as a premium tank is balanced lol, would I buy one yes if I played console. Would I consider it more balanced than a premium bought on the pc, very much no.

      1. Uggala says:

        Instead we have Grille 15 that can race scouts in a straight line and can peak-a-boom like no one else with it’s 750 alpha and ultrashort aim-time. I would gladly make the trade – The WTF100 was far less of a pain in the ass. Heck, i’ve even hunted the damn things in my E50 back in the day when they were new for fun, and they only got me when i got too greedy.

  2. wolvenworks says:

    remember guys, the reason why PC guys never get the cool stuff is due to those whiny assholes who scream at anything not “historical”, and are basically fun-hating accountant bio-robots

    1. GU-7 says:

      That and Wargaming is full of shit when it comes to their marketing campaign, regarding to World of Tanks, and honestly, I’m starting to see the same crap on World of Warships too… Guess they just like beating a dead horse. Would be nice if they stop just thinking about their wallets, and start thinking about the community *PC* for once…

      1. wolvenworks says:

        WOWS? honestly Japan is one of their biggest markets, so it makes sense for them to collab with animes like Arpeggio (i’m still salty they didn’t collab with kancolle they’re the reason why everyone wants Kongou/Fubuki)

    2. Morgenstern says:

      To be fair, I play on console, and a lot of the people on our forums bitch about historical inaccuracy too, it’s just WGC doesn’t seem to take that as much into consideration as the PC devs do.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        oh wait the console noobs can whine too? amusing.

        yeah IMHO all teams but the WOT PC team are very active in promotions. PC team seems to be really burdened by the ever-increasing demand for new content, the really big mountain of bugfixes, and the desire to avoid another Rubicon. i think they should focus on smaller patches like WOWS, though that would suck for mods since Aslain would have to update it ever so regularly D=

  3. Chris L. says:

    Sooo… I bought the bundle with the Gorynych as a birthday present to me and well… the Gorynych for some reason DOES NOT have pmm and statistically it is the exact same as the regular KV-5. So yeah… a huge waste of money unless that is a mistake on Wargaming’s side, which I really hope it is otherwise the people who do buy it will be sorely disappointed and incredibly pissed off.

  4. TOG II* says:

    thay all got problems

    O-I gets outplayed easily in 1v1 aginst a TOG II* {im more of an experieced tog player than most noobs nowdays} IF TOG SOAKS O-I HIT AND TAKES ADVANTAGE OF RELOAD/t71 isnt that agile as you cant turn while moving fast so you act like a stock chaffee/krafts panther needs either more speed or armor/GORYNYCH KV5 is essentialy stock KV4
    their great tanks but have MASSIVE weaknesses
    but SPECTRE is always alot of fun

  5. […] While there had always been some disagreements about the direction of the game, and its content, it was in June 2016 that we really began to see WG take a new direction with the console game with the Motherland earnable tank event. It was pretty simple, grind a certain amount of XP in Soviet tanks and you earned a T-54 mod.1 with a permanent camo scheme (and not a terrible one at that). It was quite well received, though criticised somewhat for being a bit too easy, easily allowing inexperienced players access to high tier battles they’d have no chance of doing well in. Other than that though, it was seen as a nice gesture. Then it was repeated in July with the AMX CDC. Then in August with a clone of the tech tree Tiger 1. Then in September with the “Centennial”, a reskinned T95/Chieftain. October saw three tech tree reskins with premium versions of the T71, O-I, and Panther, as well as a reskinned KV-5. […]

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