World of Tanks Console November Q&A Roundup

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Here is a quick collection taken from the weekly Battle Heroes segments of the World of Tanks Console site:

Will we be getting a driver/gunner view for replays?

Yes, we’re adding first person view to the observer cam in Team Training and Replays.

Some of us have racked up a large number of Premium tanks over the years, any thoughts on a trade-in event like in PC?

Interesting, we’ll have to ask the PC team how it went.


What’s the daily player count on each console (Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4)?

It varies depending on the day of the week and what promotions we’re running. The break down is basically 40/20/40 percent respectively for daily active users.

Thank you for fixing the progress for the Mastery Badges and Marks of Excellence. Will you be implementing the same system with fixes, or will you keep the “previous version” we have right now?

The current fix was inelegant We plan to restore it to the previous system, with fixes, which should bring things back to what everyone is used to.

Why is there so much secrecy when discussing World of Tanks Console?

Our representatives in the forums and social media are not allowed to speak of future plans, even if they’re aware of them. We’re pretty open as developers though, and recently posted most of the plans for the rest of 2017 and early 2018 (Blog Post #22), and we regularly do streams and these weekly Q&As. There are some things, like major product launches, that we need to stay mum about, so Marketing and PR can do their jobs.

When will the T-34-88 be available for purchase?

Roughly around the end of November.

On Xbox One X, are all tanks and map textures rendered in 4K?

The November 2 update enables 4K resolution for the game plus full HDR support, running at 30fps. All tanks and maps have HD textures and high-poly models.

Any plans to replace the T110E4 or add a third tier X US tank destroyer?

No current plans like that, though we’re always open to suggestions!

How long do I have to wait until the regular LeKpz M 41 90mm version is sold?

How about less than four weeks from today? (DN: Originally published Nov. 14th, so we got two weeks on this one.)

Why do you not show the Crew XP awarded in the PBRS detailed report? Everything else is shown there, why not the Crew XP awarded?

There’s a whole lot more information players have requested to add to the PBRS stats. We’re currently doing a complete redesign of those screens so we can add that all in.

Why do we lose Premium Time we paid for when we are not logged in?

Premium time is basically as subscription for X number of days and can be used as much as you want during those days on any tank. For shorter, non timed based multipliers there are Premium tanks and Boost Ops.

Can we have a permanent bounty?

I’m not really happy with the current bounty feature and how it’s represented. I want to go back to the drawing board on that, make it more of an infection mode, so both teams can participate and improve the look first.

Will there be more purchasable Premium/Hero Crews in the future?

Absolutely, they’ve been a big hit and I need to get my two dogs in there somehow.

Is there going to be smoke screens that you can launch from the tanks?

Smoke grenades are high on the wish list but work has not started on them as of yet.


And that’s it for now. These types are usually short, however there is a full developer Q&A planned for December 5th, and that can be viewed on WarGaming’s Twitch Channel. Of course we’ll have a transcription here as well.



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World of Tanks Console November Q&A Roundup

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      The hall of fame has the frequent player count (played 100 battles or more in the last 30 days) at 94k for Xbox and 72k for PS4. So if the Xbox One is the same as PS4 % wise then there’s only 72k on the Xbox One too.

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