World of Tanks Console Upcoming Premiums

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A few WoT Console players looked through the game sites Tankopedia and found these two tanks that may be potentially added soon. Heres what we got:

Tiger 131


A really interesting one here, the famous Tiger 131. If the image on the Tankopedia is anything to go by, it’ll be based specifically on its appearance in the movie Fury, with cloth and branch camo.

The Hidden StuG III

A StuG III variant that if the Tankopedia URL is anything to go by will likely be tied into the World of Tanks “Roll Out!” comic by Dark Horse.

(Note: I wanted to include an image, but WG seems to have hidden the Tankopedia page for the time being. Will update if it comes back up.)


Both machines are listed as having premium matchmaking (though Tiger 131 is a Tier 7, so matchmaking will be harsher compaired to PCs similar Heavy Tank No.6). The exact details of how these can be obtained aren’t available yet, though the recent accouncment of a comic book inspired mode for console seems like a likely time for the StuG.


Personally, while I’m not particularly excited for yet more reskins based on existing tech tree tanks, I am glad that WarGaming Chicago is at least going for historical tanks or asthetics based on history over the garish flag-inspired tanks as seen last year. What do you guys think?



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World of Tanks Console Upcoming Premiums

36 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console Upcoming Premiums

  1. Paul0903 says:

    I wish WoT design department spent half the time the console devs are making the tanks look pretty.. I don’t want a clown tank with flags all over it, I want a tank with lots of depth and detail! That was a big selling point for me to get the Cromwell b ..

    1. Just to point out, it was the Console team that started the clown/flag tanks back in 2014 with the Freedom Super Pershing.

      Sorry, its just I know some Console staff look at the comments here and take the (sometimes undeserved) praise from PC players as justification for their terrible decisions.

      1. paul0903 says:

        Cheers Deconoir,
        I havent followed the console developments that closely but to say that praising them for making good looking models is undeserved makes me a little sad. Could you explain the part about their terrible decisions though?

      2. Xavier says:

        Terrible decisions….

        Like having lots of diverse maps? (Instead of the maybe 10 maps we have that are all basically a russian field/factory)
        Like having better graphics?
        Like having weather effects?

        I haven’t played WoT console much, but it at least looks like a game from this decade, and has a dev team that actually add new content other than premiums instead of WoT PC devs who:
        – constantly remove maps with claims that they will be fixed/replaced yet only release 1 new map per year (that 1 map usually sucks like Overlord and Pilsen)
        – refuse to balance premium tanks because they are afraid that people will get mad
        – refuse to upgrade the graphics because of toasters
        – are making the VK 72.01 (K), which has twice its historical armor and weight a main tree vehicle
        – etc.

      3. Anonymous says:

        i wish the console team would sort out the console game play as it takes the piss from game to game in the same tank on weather you can pen them or not and no you dont need more skill to pen ,you would need the enermy tank to stick ass in air and part his cheeks then its only a 50/50 chance of penin them,can you not see you have lost so many good players because of this and im sure the rest are shortly to follow leaving mainly the idiots and im sure it will not be long before they have had enough

    1. Mataroa says:

      Der Verstechen “The Hidden” is on the side of the cupola there. It does seem in line with how Dark Horse names its main tanks.

    1. I like the Scorpion G, It has a “real” camo imo. But the Patriot and Liberté is terrible.. I would buy them if they sold them in a “clean” version (or maybe in a black version).

  2. I wonder if some of the proceeds from the sales of Tiger 131 will go to the Tank Museum, as a gesture of goodwill, to help keep it preserved (if I recall it’s the only functioning Tiger 1 in the world), and for using its likeness. Could be a good marketing stunt for WG as well.

      1. Xavier says:

        I hope Aberdeen gives all its vehicles, or at least the rare ones, away to Ft. Benning and Bovington. Aberdeen just leaves the vehicles out in a field to rust.

  3. Bit of a shame that 131 is just a Fury cash in, rather than a proper historical prem.

    Also disappointing that it’s a tier VII, and doesn’t seem to have dual nation training with the British.

      1. Homer_J says:

        It doesn’t have big lumps of what appears to be modelling clay stuck on it at Bovington.

        Both these models look like plastic kits, badly modified by a 12 year old.

      2. No, it is not. It’s dressed up as the tank looks in Fury (not that it’s even called 131 in Fury), nor does it have any of the distinguishing marks and damage that the actual tank has.
        It is the Tiger from Fury, not the tank sitting in the museum.

  4. x says:

    If the japanese tech tree got a historic Tiger at t6 that was never actually japanese, we want our fucking t6 prem Tiger in the german tree FFS! And without a retarded fixed camo!

  5. it would be nice if you could just buy a skin for an existing tank or a loot crate for a micro transaction like in Overwatch rather than have to fork out the full bung for a whole tank.

  6. Regenmeister says:

    The Feifel filters were removed from Tiger 131 prior to filming for obvious historical reasons… Ergo, If this tank is to be based on the Tiger 1 in Fury it’s going to need a remodel. Just saying…

  7. bbmoose says:

    They should make every skin as an option. I would love to have te option to paint regular camo (even for gold) over clowntanks, such as the Liberté, Patriot, Mutz and Skorpion G.

    I know it’s an arcade game, but I give about history and clowntanks aren’t part of that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree, The re-skinned tanks are pretty rubbish, at least these have additional modelling to them. Hope the PC takes a similar direction, although I am certainly looking forward to the Major Graphics overhaul.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      i’m more looking forward to an update that increases optimization. i miss those times where i can go full on max settings 80fps. now i’m struggling to pull a 60 with high + night mods (they help a lot in not having to light the entire map+tanks, and it’s easier on your eyes)

  9. Brodie_ says:

    Will the Bricks fall off or rattle around?
    It may look good on a diarama.
    I would rather they added stuff that the crew would add as extra, though maybe ineffective armour.
    Not permenently glued on flotsam.
    Though this is way & above the abominable dogs dinner that they made of the Patroit & the French mess.
    If people pay for something.
    At least give them the option to change to a normal cammo scheme, even if they have to pay gold to do it.
    Getting stuck with those two hideous creations is something that would be an itch i could not scratch!

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