World of Tanks Console Upcoming Premiums

Good day,

A few WoT Console players looked through the game sites Tankopedia and found these two tanks that may be potentially added soon. Heres what we got:

Tiger 131


A really interesting one here, the famous Tiger 131. If the image on the Tankopedia is anything to go by, it’ll be based specifically on its appearance in the movie Fury, with cloth and branch camo.

The Hidden StuG III

A StuG III variant that if the Tankopedia URL is anything to go by will likely be tied into the World of Tanks “Roll Out!” comic by Dark Horse.

(Note: I wanted to include an image, but WG seems to have hidden the Tankopedia page for the time being. Will update if it comes back up.)


Both machines are listed as having premium matchmaking (though Tiger 131 is a Tier 7, so matchmaking will be harsher compaired to PCs similar Heavy Tank No.6). The exact details of how these can be obtained aren’t available yet, though the recent accouncment of a comic book inspired mode for console seems like a likely time for the StuG.


Personally, while I’m not particularly excited for yet more reskins based on existing tech tree tanks, I am glad that WarGaming Chicago is at least going for historical tanks or asthetics based on history over the garish flag-inspired tanks as seen last year. What do you guys think?



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