World of Tanks Console Update 3.3 “Typhoon”

Good day everyone. Some news from the console side of the world, the recently announced Update 3.3 for World of Tanks Console!

New British Tier Xs:

First and foremost, WarGaming Chicago-Baltimore has announced the introduction of the Chieftain Mk.6 as a new British Tier X heavy. Surprisingly not replacing the old FV215b, so likely branching off from the Tier 9 Conqueror.

In addition, the FV4202 will be replaced by the Centurion Action X.

The following will transfer from FV4202 to Centurion Action X

-Crew and Tank XP

-Battle Stats and Marks of Excellence

– Equipment and Inscriptions and Camo

The FV4202 will now be a Tier 8 Premium tank. Anyone who owns the FV4202 at the time of the update will recieve the 4202 Premium for free as well as the Action X. Anyone who at one point owned the 4202 will recieve the premium, but must purchase the Action X with their own silver, though it will be researched already.

Armor and Component Viewer

A welcome addition to the console version, opening the ‘Details’ tab in the garage will bring up new tank stat ratings, as well as an armor viewer and component/module viewer (seen here with the Action X)

One caveat is that these will only be available for tanks already in your garage. A bit of a bummer for those who have few tanks and are looking to gather info on a particular opponent, but should help with those looking to know their own machines better.

New Maps

In addition to the new vehicles, we’re also getting two maps to the rotation. First up, Pacific Island- Typhoon

This will be an Extreme Weather Variant, so reduced visual spotting and radio range.


The second map will be a Random Battle variant of the upcoming ‘Trench Warfare’ map for our WW1 themed game mode, introducing Thiepval Ridge…

Set in WW1 era France, the map will be 1.2km×1.2km.

Consumable Stacking

Console players will now be able to equip certain consumables twice, though they will still be limited to 3 consumable slots. Compatable consumables include:

Regular Consumables

-Small Repair Kit

-Small First Aid Kit

-Small Fire Extinguisher

-Lend Lease Oil (bonuses stack)

-Quality Oil (Bonuses stack)

Premium Consumables (Note: Bonuses DO NOT Stack)

-Large Repair Kit

-Large First Aid Kit

-Large Fire Extinguisher (in the event of fire, only one extinguisher will activate)


While most of us probably wont be going to crazy with our consumable loadouts, it might be fun to mess around with a Locust and stacked oil consumables!


Notable New Features

Vehicle Changes

-KanonenIagdpanzer penetration buffed from 212 to 238mm. Aim time decreased from 2.0 to 1.8 seconds.

-T-50-2: Chassis travers increased from 38 to 45, and terrain resistance reduced.

Updated Maps

-Abby: New terrain layout

-Sacred Valley- War!: Updated to latest version

-Prokhorovka: New terrain layout for balance


As mentioned here:

A post from WoT Console Creative Director TJ Wagner aka PainGod, adds that grass and other environment features will no longer impede vision while in sniper view. The effect will be what they call a ‘screendoor’, and should be similar to this:



Along with a host of other changes and bug fixes.

Download Sizes

Xbox 360- 923 MB

Xbox One- 2.5 GB

Playstation 4- 2.4 GB

Xbox and PS4 Servers will be down on Thursday, September 15th starting at 08:00 UTC for the update. Downtime expected to be around 4 hours.

The additions of the armor and component viewer are a step in the right direction, as they had long been requested by the console community. Automatically granting the FV4202 Premium to owners is also a nice gesture (though it may be lost in the host of other Tier 8 premiums that have been up for offer these past months), and the addition of the Mk. 6 Chieftain is a pleasant surprise.

I’ll be sure to keep an ear out for any additional features that sneek there way in.

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World of Tanks Console Update 3.3 “Typhoon”

51 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console Update 3.3 “Typhoon”

    1. Glenn A says:

      Yeah well console versions are developed by an american company so they’re actually going to listen to their fanbase as opposed to WoT PC developed by what is essentially an inexperienced Russian developer who only cares about listening to its RU audience and occasionally the audience of a certain country with enough tanks for a new tech tree to make them money.

      Hell EA could buy out wargaming and they couldn’t do worse than what Wargaming has already done.

  1. Matt says:

    Alright well looks like I’m going to console. Been waiting 2 years for the chieftain and the PC devs are nowhere close to releasing the Chieftain for PC. Haha.

    1. Probably gonna be a few-days-only premium shop package to make people spend a lot, or a CW/IM reward (hopefuly not IM. The tank looks good but doesnt seem that powerful, when you compare it to Obj260)

      1. Anonymous says:

        well, if they release it like it should be on pc this thing is rather op i think somce 270pem for a heavy is tier x medium pen and the dpm is also tier 10 medium kinda style.

        i think the real bad part is the hull but with 10 deg gun depression you don’t have to worry that much

    1. ThE_MarD says:

      Heyyo, the console devs are the WarGaming Seattle, which consists of bought out Gas Powered Games… the folks who made Supreme Commander series, Dungeon Siege series, Age of Empires Online and Demigod… so they were primarily a PC Game and Game Engine creator… they ported their Despair Engine to console to make the WoT Console version, hence it has always been known to be a game engine that is well multithreaded and takes advantage of Dx11 capabilities… For the PC version did WG end up just taking the Despair Engine? Nope. They’re still making a completely separate game engine for PC, BigWorld 3.0 engine… but meh, I’m no game developer, but to me it would have made more sense to use the already good Despair Engine for clients and keep using the same game engine for both PC and console versions the same thus it could be properly optimized for both at the same time… :\

      But yeah, historically if you looked at Gas Powered Games? You’d never see anyone complain about poor performance unless they were running really old hardware.

      1. I don’t know about the rest, but I can tell you that the WoT Console devs are WarGaming Chicago-Baltimore. The Chicago office was formally Day 1 Studios, where they developed F.E.A.R. and the MechAssault series before being bought by WarGaming.

  2. whitesample says:

    Do we have useless devs? No.
    Do we have very bad game developers on PC who postpone changes, have bias towards russian tanks (softstats and snapshoting IS6s and KV2s), release bad content and are usually very slowly implementing things which should be on the game years ago? Yes uwu

  3. Not that proud says:

    Just to make the PC players a little more jealous: for our 100 years event, we get to drive the Mark I tank, not just escort it, and it has a frickin’ flamethrower.

    1. 1 MK1 per battle. Expect long queues, because people will want it and not the little cars.

      Historical Battles showed us what happens when yiu give players the choice between a big tank and a small one : 10Min queue time and very short and empty battles, then nobody playing the mode and it getting removed.

      1. ^so you’re gonna have battles with 15 MK.I per team ?
        Also by mm I meant the event one, as in : you wont be able to play the event because everyone will be queueing in the MK.I and nobody will be driving the armored cars. So unless they do 15vs15 MK.I the queue will never end. And eventualy people will stop waiting anf go back to random battles, so nobody to fight against in the fun modes.

        That’s what happened with HB : people had a choice between a jagdtiger and a hellcat, so everyone waited in the JT and no battle ever started and in the end there was like 3 people at the time waiting for HB while over 40k connected on the server.

  4. fahrenheit2751 says:

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. console is getting the cheitain first. Guess im not going to be giving WG any more money.

  5. Arrrbol says:

    That’s what happens when a game can be made which doesn’t have to work on 20 year old Siberian PCs powered by an Intel Pentiums and Voodoo 5 GPUs.

    1. I wouldn’t say that. The console devs have gone on record saying that the WTE-100 (with 430m view range, and still has 6 shots in our version) is one of the most balanced TDs in the game.

      Nothings perfect, and I think both developers have their positives and negatives 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        Let’s be fair here, while the WT is still a rather broken tank, console players, specially in NA, play far differently then on PC. More shooting on the move, using the detection system mechanic, and rushing other tanks more often then on PC.

        While the WT still gets monster games at times it’s balance is severely different then PC. On average it was dealing less damage then 2 or 3 other TDs. Thus why the console devs haven’t touched it, yet.

  6. Kinda a shame that the fake215b isn’t being removed and not even getting a name change, but hey who cares Chieftain aaaaaw hell yeah! The armour viewer and grass fadeout are great features too. Good time to be a console player.

  7. Anonymous says:

    They said they would be bringing the Chieftain into the game before they even released WoT console, and now they’re getting it first. Every single patch that is brought out on PC, and every single patch that the console brings out and smashes it down with just leaves me scratching my head over what exactly the PC dev team are doing. For crying out loud they have the Chieftain modeled and tested on the PC and still they don’t bring it out

  8. Jerry says:

    Remember, it’s easier to develop for the consoles since it’s a unified platform, there aren’t a million crappy PC variants that they have to make things work on, so the devs can churn stuff out faster. Plus, the console is centralized, so there’s less issues with business or opinion differences across various servers. All of this means a faster idea->code->deploy cycle.

    In terms of the Chieftain – it’s popped up on the Chinese server, so it makes me wonder if there’s some weird directive from Minsk that’s keeping them from releasing the tank on the PC side, but they’re letting the independent departments (Xbox / PS4 / PC China) do whatever the hell they want. In other words, they want to launch that rumoured 2nd heavy British line, or they’ve co-opted it into WoT 2.0, or there’s something else they’re planning.

    Or maybe they’re just trolling people – like, yeah, I want to play the Chieftain, but it’s just another tank. It’s going to be balanced against all the other tanks, it’s not going to be some wonder weapon.

    Also, something else I’ve wondered is if they just balance the console versions differently than the PC versions. I’ve spent most of my time on the PC side, but playing the PS 4 version – the maps are smaller, the teams are smaller, aiming is different, the mobility ‘feels’ different – has anybody actually done direct stat comparisons, tank by tank?

    1. renzo says:

      teams are not smaller on xbox one/ps4 and the maps are just as big as the pc map, at some point wot on the ps4 had a map that was 1500 by 1500 meter

  9. WOTconsoleplayer says:

    The funny thing is that the unicums on the console side constantly day in and day out whine about the console developers and how PC devs are so much better. It’s nice to come here and see the opposite once in a while when the Console Potato Revolution rises up against the master PC race. 🙂

  10. Xavier says:

    WoT console: Doing everything right that WoT PC fails at. Examples:

    – Adding Chieftain as a branch off from the Conqueror and THEN replacing the FV215b with something else

    – Armor and module inspector now available without sketchy ass tank inspector

    – Maps that look great and have terrain variation, as well as location variation. I like to feel like WoT is about global conflict, not just battles over Russian fields.

    1. Asghaad says:

      except Chieftain will fail HARD as heavy tank, because it has ZERO armor agaisnt T10 HEAT rounds and can be reliably penned by even T10 AP rounds – and no im not talking about lower glacis, im talking about upper glacis and turret ..

      1. HaliBURD says:

        The turret is comparable to the current FV215b except better in raw thickness. It has weakspots that can be penned of course, like every tank should *Cough*Except the E5*Cough* but even against premium rounds the turret can hold up pretty nicely. The hull is bad, but it also can pull some troll bounces.

        The main selling point of the Chieftain is the gun performance, it`s the FV215bs gun on crack. DPM that wipes away the competition, gun dispersion stats that make the FV215b jealous, a best in class aim time and shell velocity that beats tier 10 mediums APCR standard ammo.

        The chieftain won`t be a traditional heavy, it`ll have more of an emphasis on ranged more support-ish engagements where it can put the excellent gun to use. And in those regards it will excel.

  11. Timo says:

    I switched to wot ps4 the time it was released. And I must say: no cheats, better graphics + developers who care about their customers = win ^^

  12. Daz the looney says:

    Console devs added a lot of new tanks yes, but if you actually play the Xbox version you’d know they have only fixed two maybe three tanks and have left shitloads unpatched, so yes Xbox is getting the mk6 but it’s probably the beta test for pc to chill my keyboard using friends 🙂

  13. Ryan says:

    Also want to throw out we have no t55a no clan wars the afermentioned debut 6 round wt ds with 275 pen hesh all the other reward tanks for missions it’s not all roses on console lol

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