World of Tanks Console Update 3.3 “Typhoon”

Good day everyone. Some news from the console side of the world, the recently announced Update 3.3 for World of Tanks Console!

New British Tier Xs:

First and foremost, WarGaming Chicago-Baltimore has announced the introduction of the Chieftain Mk.6 as a new British Tier X heavy. Surprisingly not replacing the old FV215b, so likely branching off from the Tier 9 Conqueror.

In addition, the FV4202 will be replaced by the Centurion Action X.

The following will transfer from FV4202 to Centurion Action X

-Crew and Tank XP

-Battle Stats and Marks of Excellence

– Equipment and Inscriptions and Camo

The FV4202 will now be a Tier 8 Premium tank. Anyone who owns the FV4202 at the time of the update will recieve the 4202 Premium for free as well as the Action X. Anyone who at one point owned the 4202 will recieve the premium, but must purchase the Action X with their own silver, though it will be researched already.

Armor and Component Viewer

A welcome addition to the console version, opening the ‘Details’ tab in the garage will bring up new tank stat ratings, as well as an armor viewer and component/module viewer (seen here with the Action X)

One caveat is that these will only be available for tanks already in your garage. A bit of a bummer for those who have few tanks and are looking to gather info on a particular opponent, but should help with those looking to know their own machines better.

New Maps

In addition to the new vehicles, we’re also getting two maps to the rotation. First up, Pacific Island- Typhoon

This will be an Extreme Weather Variant, so reduced visual spotting and radio range.


The second map will be a Random Battle variant of the upcoming ‘Trench Warfare’ map for our WW1 themed game mode, introducing Thiepval Ridge…

Set in WW1 era France, the map will be 1.2km×1.2km.

Consumable Stacking

Console players will now be able to equip certain consumables twice, though they will still be limited to 3 consumable slots. Compatable consumables include:

Regular Consumables

-Small Repair Kit

-Small First Aid Kit

-Small Fire Extinguisher

-Lend Lease Oil (bonuses stack)

-Quality Oil (Bonuses stack)

Premium Consumables (Note: Bonuses DO NOT Stack)

-Large Repair Kit

-Large First Aid Kit

-Large Fire Extinguisher (in the event of fire, only one extinguisher will activate)


While most of us probably wont be going to crazy with our consumable loadouts, it might be fun to mess around with a Locust and stacked oil consumables!


Notable New Features

Vehicle Changes

-KanonenIagdpanzer penetration buffed from 212 to 238mm. Aim time decreased from 2.0 to 1.8 seconds.

-T-50-2: Chassis travers increased from 38 to 45, and terrain resistance reduced.

Updated Maps

-Abby: New terrain layout

-Sacred Valley- War!: Updated to latest version

-Prokhorovka: New terrain layout for balance


As mentioned here:

A post from WoT Console Creative Director TJ Wagner aka PainGod, adds that grass and other environment features will no longer impede vision while in sniper view. The effect will be what they call a ‘screendoor’, and should be similar to this:



Along with a host of other changes and bug fixes.

Download Sizes

Xbox 360- 923 MB

Xbox One- 2.5 GB

Playstation 4- 2.4 GB

Xbox and PS4 Servers will be down on Thursday, September 15th starting at 08:00 UTC for the update. Downtime expected to be around 4 hours.

The additions of the armor and component viewer are a step in the right direction, as they had long been requested by the console community. Automatically granting the FV4202 Premium to owners is also a nice gesture (though it may be lost in the host of other Tier 8 premiums that have been up for offer these past months), and the addition of the Mk. 6 Chieftain is a pleasant surprise.

I’ll be sure to keep an ear out for any additional features that sneek there way in.

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