World of Tanks Console Update 3.8 News

Good day, just a quick update on World of Tanks Console’s update 3.8 after some last minute info came up:

  • First off, the 36GB update on the PS4 and Xbox versions will replace the old file on your console’s hard drive, so a reduction in space taken up by the game which is currently at 51.4 GB
  • Secondly, the Lowe will no longer be receiving its front plate buff of 130mm to 150mm. All other updates to the tank seem to still be coming.


A bit of concerning news regarding the Lowe, as the STA-2, which received all of it’s equivalent updates from PC with the additions of PMM, will now be getting a mobility buff. All while one of the oldest premiums in the game is having certain, and very needed, updates held back.

Of course with the amount of typos in the original 3.8 announcement it is very possible that this is an error on behalf of WG marketing. Will update when answer comes.


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World of Tanks Console Update 3.8 News

2 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console Update 3.8 News

  1. Tiger says:

    So that console version of the STA-2 gets preferential Match Making (PMM)?

    If this is true then I hope this feature gets transferred to PC version too, thoroughly mediocre tank as of now.

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