World of Tanks – Developer Diaries

Grand Battle

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World of Tanks – Developer Diaries

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Developer Diaries

  1. MrMorten says:

    The original front line game mode was so much fun and such a nice change from the usual PVP game mode, such a shame WG shelved it as the new grand battles, however fun, is nothing more than scaled up random battles

    1. Erling says:

      Couldn’t quite hear it in the video, couldn’t play it with too much sound atm, but from what I gathered it’s still in the works, they just figured it would be too far away from the current game so to speak for players to understand it right away. I might be wrong there though

  2. Erling says:

    So when are they bringing out a really large desert map? And when are they bringing it to lower tiers? That’s what I’m looking forward to finding out =P

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