World of Tanks-Developer Diaries Pt.II

We yesterday linked This Video . But since then some easter eggs have been found, one of a low tier Medium and one of possibly a high tier Heavy.

But the most interesting is what looks like an auto reloading Leopard 1.


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World of Tanks-Developer Diaries Pt.II

21 thoughts on “World of Tanks-Developer Diaries Pt.II

    1. Anonymous says:

      But Leopard 2 had autoloader gun maybe they will give it autoloader gun because of weak armom, if they can make fake russian tanks they can also make fake german tanks

      1. Robopon says:

        What fake russian tanks? WG has enough archive materials and actual prototypes for a few more soviet tank lines, they don’t need to make stuff up.

    2. OrigamiChik3n says:

      My impression from the video was that the branch will start with LTs, transit to MTs for mid tiers and end with heavies, just like the Swedish one. LT->MT->HT->MT progression would be too awkward IMO.

      1. naught to worry, its an italian modification of the leopard, not a part of the polish tree they were discussing in the vid. my guess is this may part of a separate italian medium line, b/c its too high tier of a vehicle to be a premium, unless they implemented WoWS’s “free xp tier 9 premium vehicle” thing that they did with the missouri and the musashi

      2. OrigamiChik3n says:

        My bad, i totally mixed the screenshot and the narrative up – “of course he was talking about Italian tech tree”. Not even on drugs. My brain is an amazing place.

  1. StevoMS says:

    Can we buff the Leo 1 in its current state, before adding a autoloading gun, we already have the 25t and the skoda as high mobility, low armour med tanks with auto guns, last thing we need is another slightly different auto loading medium. Seriously whats the point of playing the leo 1 at the moment when its selling point used to be a high accuracy 105 gun and verry good mobility, the cent ax is pretty much just as accurate, has better handling and does not have paper for armour, mobility is ofc worse but its still very good.

    TLDR: Dont make another autoloading clone and rant about how leo bad rn

  2. Yanez says:

    Didnt they say polish top tier tanks gonna be heavies?
    Didnt they construct and play the new Italian tank in the video?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah but no body here believes the truth. They prefer to ignore facts and just to their own wild conclusions and rant. It’s the European way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Community: wg dont play their own game because otherwise they would do a better job balencing it!

    Wg: Us wg members do play our own game and are experienced at the playstyle of the game and its tanks.

    bottom right screenshot:

      1. Anonymous says:

        Granted a didn’t look at the which base was green and which was red nor am i an expert on leo 1 playstyle nevertheless i dont think a med should of been camping that far

  4. blockhaj says:

    Well maybe they got their shit together and want to replace the prototype B? Also even though they are fake, im sort of looking forward to the polish tanks.

  5. lol says:

    leo 1 is literally the worst tier 10 tank right now (not counting the reward campaign American shitbox e6 whatever its called). but if they give it something, like say camo, it will be sooo good it will break the game.

    WG claims. they don’t play their own game. never have. and never will.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The Leo 1 has the best medium tank gun in the game. Hell its one of the best guns in the game. If u can’t figure out how to use it then u’re just a shitty player. Don’t blame the game for ur lack of ability. U just gotta get gud

      1. Nocomment says:

        Well if you ignore the horrific bloom when doing anything that negates the aim time. Then yes it does have a good gun.

      2. Anonymous says:

        ….right…..t-62a, m48a1, worse gun technically but soft stats makes it better compared to the leo plus they have decent armor. And the 268 v4…*shudders

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