World of Tanks – Developer Diaries

Rebalance of Vehicles in Update 9.20

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World of Tanks – Developer Diaries

8 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Developer Diaries

  1. Pang Zhu says:

    Of course… The Details should play distinctively – let’s buff the turret armor of all tier x medium tanks, so they will be more similar… Erm… Distinct from one another…

  2. HUN_Sector says:

    GIve 201 pen finally for the highly underpowered type 59. Every tank laughs on it. Its slow, has a paper hull, bad dpm, bad penetration, highly flammable, bad camo, inaccurate gun… something has to be done already.

    Tried to ask back my money, wg rejected with an sample reply.

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