World of Tanks – Development: Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1

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World of Tanks – Development: Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1

20 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Development: Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1

    1. heinz says:

      1. IS-7 is faster than most mediums and has a good/very good gun
      2. IS-4 is not a good tank but it is balanced. Russian tanks dont have to necessarily be the best in the game, you know?

      1. pecae says:

        Germany have super havy tank, Japan have super havy tank, GB have super havy tank andr russia not and is a most older nation in game…IS 7 is a super medium tank not havy and whit is a IS4 not medium not havey what is… noting….

  1. Nocomment says:

    They do come out with some s**t.

    On light tanks…we listened to feedback from players and added more fire power?!?

    No pretty much every Light tank player was screaming about view range and their favourite class being converted into second rate mediums. So We got slightly less second rate mediums as a response…

    The video does contain some good stuff but this sort of crap ruins its credability.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Screw you wg I am out! Gave you enough chances but that’s it. I grind to the damn bulldog you ll remove the autoloader, I grind to the at7 you remove the fv 183 . Sorry but I have some expectations from a company and I am not a moron. Wg deliberately removes tier 10s so anyone that wants them must either play all day ( hard to do when you work ) or just buy gold and premiums to convert. Sorry but I will not be part of your system! Come on thumb me the hell down cause I don’t lick wgs butt.

    1. Anonymous says:

      why thumbs down when you speak the truth? it is quite unfair to see those who are grinding a vehicle with reputation and suddenly its nerfed/removed, I do agree on bulldog having a magazine clip, but for FV215, It is a mix of words, I can say its broken, it infuriates the people who play/play against it for I didn’t expect FV215’s outcome of playing it, I regret buying it, but at the same time just waited that something would come, luckily came FV205, what I wished to replace FV215, classic casemate style and presuming high/highest DPM, Foch like-ish armour, improved mobility, you have some time during October or November till its replaced, better start grinding hard, but in meantime for me, I’m just going to wait patiently for Super Tortoise or Tortoise 2.0 or properly, FV205

  3. Blackswordsmen says:

    Dont remove the fv215b 183… just dont. If you want to implement another td sure go ahead… but if you take away the 183 you will get A LOT OF HATE. Take my advice.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I aggree,a lot of people will hate this change but I don’t think wg cares! The money they will get from people that don’t have time to grind the line in time and must pay gold to convert is more important to them than the satisfaction of the customer. They won’t even compensate the players that are in the middle of the grind. For them money count far more than our opinion.

    2. Anonymous says:

      they’re not removing FV215(183) they’re replacing it for a appropriate vehicle, FV215 will still be in game but as a special vehicle, before I got FV, I banged out the tortoise line from AT-2, AT-7(skipped AT-8 because it was hell, AT-2 is able to kill AT-8), AT-15 had beast armour and ricochet JG E 100’s rounds, Tortoise stock grind was hell, but 120mm was satisfying to kill a pinned full health conventional tank, and FV215 hell most part, but it was so satisfying to get 1,300 damage, rarely spend HESH, I really hope this replacement candidate (FV205) will meet good expectations

      I don’t mind it could become a alternative vehicle, but I would prefer a ripped tortoise with somewhat a improved gun by the looks in the video & decent armour.

  4. Jacek Zurek says:

    Lights are shit anyway, don’t own none of the tier 10
    Bad spotting and low hit points make them irrelevant in games.
    Stuck on obj 260 light missions, love the game but WG is killing it
    Some requirements in personal missions are simply retarded

  5. Anonymous says:

    I do have to agree that there are many players that are willing to grind to this FUN TANK, but not necessarily if they replace it, and not allow players to get to grind to it in the future.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I see it as if they want to replace a tank with another, then the tank being replaced should just be removed. It is a slap in the face of those that got screwed out of their lower tier tanks that put a lot of effort in to grind them. Then they decide to nerf them to death without proper compensation. It is why I am no longer paying any money to WG.

  6. SunShangXiang says:

    removing the fv 183 was a surprise to me… never saw anything about that before any idea what is replacing it?

    if i did miss an article on it please post a link in response ty

  7. Hahaha they are balancing premium tanks to be on par with researchable tanks (like the Defender is on par with the IS-3 seriously) , here’s a better idea make researchable tanks on par with premium tanks

  8. Tim says:

    Could have saved a time by just saying, we are buffing these vehicles because folks aren’t playing them, we will worry about balance later.

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